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Sketching The Line


Sketching the Line is an international exhibition of 78 sketches drawn by 13 artists from around the globe, featuring brief impressions of fellow commuters that document place, time and movement while simultaneously revealing a myriad of personal moments. Sketching the Line is part of PATTISON’s ongoing Art in Transit program and includes: architects, artists, art instructors, character designers, curators, and illustrators. Canadian contributors are Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera of Imaginism Studios, and multimedia artist Nicole Little, all based in Toronto.

The exhibit runs until April 13 on PATTISON’s digital screens inside Toronto’s subway stations.




For more info: artintransit.ca

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50 Ways To Be A Daredevil


CNN recently listed “50 Ways To Be A Daredevil”, which included Toronto’s CN Tower Edge Walk at #7 on the list!

CN Tower Edge Walk (Canada)
The thrill of visiting Toronto’s CN Tower used to be the half-kilometer ride up the elevator. Now, adventurers can dangle from the outside of the roof of the tower’s restaurant, 356 meters above the ground. The Edge Walk lasts 90 minutes, with 20-30 minutes spent on the walk itself.

CLICK HERE to see the complete list.

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How Do You See Toronto?

A new video has surfaced featuring some of Mayor Rob Ford’s most notable quotes appearing around the city at familiar spots like Honest Ed’s, The ROM, Chinatow, and more. Leave a comment letting us know – how do you see Toronto?

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Cosmopolis Toronto


To see the city through the lens of a photographer can have you looking at the place you call home, in a way you’ve never envisioned before. What those photos would say, how they would make you feel, what questions it would evoke, make up the magic of photography.

Award-winning Photographer, Colin Boyd Shafer, is currently embarking on a photographic depiction of Toronto’s most famous asset: its people. He calls the project, “Cosmopolis Toronto”; a collection of portraits of Torontonians born in another country, but who now call Toronto home, at a place in the city they bond to, taking a second photo of them holding an object which connects them to their past and telling their story.

Colin, who is also a teacher, intends to examine migration and capture the unmatched variety of Toronto, saying, “I think we say ‘diversity’ quite often but rarely (maybe never) are there ‘real stories’ about the individuals involved. I guess the aim of the project is to visualize/capture the diversity of this great city and create an accurate picture of Toronto 2013.”


He also distinguishes “diversity within diversity” explaining that, “many people do not fit into the mould of what an average person of their ‘culture’, ‘religion’ or ‘country of birth’ is like.” He goes on to give examples such as, “my participant born in UAE is of Pakistani-background, my Syrian participant is training to be a Franciscan priest and my Canada-born participant is a black gentleman from Nova Scotia who is a fifth generation Canadian.”

“My grandparents migrated here and contributed as educators and artists. The participants I have met have their own incredible stories and are all adding to make Toronto an incredibly rich city. As I see Canada closing its doors (making migration nearly impossible for some people) I want us to not forget that most of us, are ourselves, the product of migration. Migration has made this city great.”


Cosmopolis Toronto will be showcased in two exhibitions early next year at the Toronto Centre for the Arts and CONTACT Photography Festival.

For more info: cosmopolistoronto.com

Posted by Samira Zia Rehman

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The Remix Project: Apply Now!!!

The Remix Project is now accepting applications for the following youth programs:

The Academy of Recording Arts (singers, rappers, poets, producers, engineers, and djs)
The Academy of Creative Arts (graphic/web designers, painters/illustrators, video/film and photography)
The Academy of Business Arts (entrepreneurs, public relations/events, sports, fashion, and music)


The Remix Project was created in order to help level the playing field for young people from disadvantaged, marginalized and under served communities. Our programs and services serve youth who are trying to enter into the creative industries or further their formal education; The REMIX Project provides top-notch alternative, creative, educational programs, facilitators and facilities. Our mission is to help refine the raw talents of young people from across the GTA in order to help them find success as participants define it and on their own terms.


For more info: theremixproject.ca

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Behind The Nuit With Julian Sleath


The contemporary art event was born in Paris, France in 2002 but when their people got in touch with our people about doing a Toronto chapter, we jumped at the opportunity. Toronto was the first North American city to fully reproduce the France version infused with our own interpretations. It has been running with massive success since its inception in 2006 and has only grown over the years.


We got a chance to speak with Programming Manager, Julian Sleath, who has worked tirelessly among an incredible team of staff, sponsors and volunteers to bring Nuit Blanche 2013 to fruition.

People come from all over to experience Nuit Blanche. What do you think makes the experience so magical?
This event is one of the great occasions in the year that everyone looks forward to. You mention the magic in your question – for me this magic is how many people enjoy being out and about on the streets of Toronto. This is a city with a vibrant life all times of the day and night and events like Nuit Blanche bring all of us together for this communal experience and interaction with the art projects.

Why do you think an event such as this is important to Toronto’s identity and culture?
I love this city a great deal. I have worked in many locations around the world on festivals and art events and to me Nuit Blanche ranks up very high in the importance of getting the message across that Toronto is a great place to live and work. There are many festival and events that take place in this city each year and yet we manage to make the Nuit Blanche experience very unique.

What’s the best part for you?
I look forward to all of it; however of special importance to me is see the realization of many months of planning into such a range of amazing art installations. Finally, we all get to see just what these arts projects can do to make us think again about how we view Toronto.




Posted by Samira Zia Rehman

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“Because We Can” Photography Exhibit


Creating To Survive: A Philosophy Through Photos

Self-taught photographers Moses Kofi and 1 LOVE T.O. contributing photographer SoTeeOh share personal philosophies and creative inspirations through a series of images. Their photography consists of street scenes and portraiture from Toronto to Trinidad and places in between depicting the artists’ unique perspectives on life and creativity. Both artists employ a variety of mediums to showcase their images working with glass, wood, metal and found objects. The show is an immersive visual documentation of both artists’ life experiences: personal philosophies expressed through the lens.


Opening Reception: October 3rd, 2013 @ 185 Augusta in Kensington Market.

For more info: 185Augusta.com

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Welcome To Rawluck


Gavin Sheppard most notably known as co-founder and CEO of the internationally award winning arts & cultural incubator, The Remix Project has brought to life a new vision for Toronto. As visionary, strategist, writer and executive producer, Gavin has assembled a young creative team which is proud to present RAWLUCK, a multi-media series. The idea is set in Toronto circa 2022, RAWLUCK draws equal inspiration from the great fables of Robin Hood and the very real stories of Mexico’s Zapatista Movement – Rawluck is at it’s core, a series about how citizens and loved ones navigate and rebel against a new world of state-sponsored oppression. Rawluck is also a cautionary glimpse into the not-so-distant future, exploring themes of community, immigration, justice and health care issues in a polarized Toronto.

Told across mediums, episodes of RAWLUCK come in the form of video, stop motion video, still photography and finally illustration. Welcome to the beautiful struggle.

Today marks the official release of the first 4 episodes – the series picks up again with a new episode the 15th of every month beginning October 15th.

Welcome to the struggle.



For more info: welcometorawluck.com

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Introducing NorBlack NorWhite


Toronto/Bombay fashion label NorBlack NorWhite, known for their signature love for colour, handmade textiles and storytelling through creation, are bringing their flavours to Toronto for their annual BOM x YYZ, 4-day popup shop. Make sure you check out their latest collection at OZ Studios located at 134 Ossington Ave from Sept 11-14th.


Founded in 2010 by Amrit Kumar and Mriga Kapadiya, NorBlack NorWhite creates by exploring and paying respect to India, designing and documenting through adventure. Raised in Toronto, the duo moved to Bombay in 2009 to explore their Indian roots. Traveling across the country and exposed to its many disappearing art forms, NorBlack NorWhite was born out of a desire to present these ancient practices of textile design, while making them stylistically relevant to their own wardrobes. Mashing up their love for Michael Jackson, the Cosby show and all things old and gold, with their love for classic Indian textiles, their line has retailed in Creatures of Comfort New York, Los Angeles, Bombay Electric, Anthropologie and boutiques in Japan, Portugal, San Francisco, Australia and more. Having been featured in Wallpaper*, Asos, Fashion Television and Vogue India, they were also selected by Frida Gianinni (Creative Director of Gucci) as her favourite young designers from India.


For more info: norblacknorwhite.com

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