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Summer is officially here, and when we think of summer we can’t help but think of Caribana! In the spirit of Caribana and the idea of representing our diverse city and culture, we are excited to release our 1 LOVE T.O. Island Flag T-shirt.
You don’t have to be from one of the islands to show some love. It’s a great way to represent a part of the world that makes up this great city… “The World In 1 City”.
It’s important to us that everybody gets the t-shirt they want, but we’ve decided to start this collection with 4 of the most popular designs being Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana and Barbados.
All t-shirts will be $30 and are only available in white. Please email your pre-order to info@1loveto.com with the following information:
– Subject title: Caribana T-Shirt
– Your full name
– T-shirt size: Men’s S-XXL, Women’s S-L
– Pick a flag: Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana, or Barbados
Orders must be in by Friday July 8th.

T-shirts will be ready for pick-up Friday July 22nd.


Starry Nights Gala

This past Sunday evening Brock and I attended the @starrynightsTO Gala. There were a number of awards given out to people for things like outstanding contributions to Ve’ahavta initiatives in places like Guyana and Haiti and also awards given to people working hard to better their personal life. The Tikun Olam awards also recognized the medical, educational, and humanitarian efforts. The Ve’ahavta mission is similar to ours at 1 LOVE T.O. believing in and fighting for equal rights and justice for all. Ve’ahavta’s roots are in the Jewish community in Toronto but its efforts are not limited to that. Its focus is 1 LOVE, ready to help out in Jane ‘n Finch or Narobi, Kenya if need be. The event was absolutely encouraging and the speeches from this years award winners both touching and moving. David Shore creator of hit TV show House was a great M.C. he was the flow , by adding in his hilarious tidbits throughout the night.

The key note speaker Sir Bob Geldof, internationally acclaimed humanitarian activist was so motivational, I wanted to personally thank him for sharing. Hearing him speak reminded me of something my old basketball coach said to me, push yourself and push each other, there is always more that we can all do.

Click HERE for more info on Ve’ahavta and how you can buy a ‘Kinder Kit’

Photos by Oreon Mounter.


Timeless From Toronto – Part 9

The words vintage, retro, and throwback have all been poorly used and exhausted, when used to describe music. Most throwbacks actually should be thrown back to wherever they were.

Then there are some songs that no matter when they came out, what hairstyle you were rocking at that time, or what grade you were in. When you hear that song it has a way of evoking the same emotion. The type of song that you memorize the videos and sing the ad-libs, these songs are defined as Timeless.

From time to time Brock and I will submit an entry for the 1loveto.com Timeless From Toronto vault, if you have any suggestions please leave a comment. Once the song is posted on the blog it is up to our readers to decide if it is indeed Timeless from Toronto.

time⋅less  [tahym-lis] – By our definition are the classic songs that have the same impact every single time.

throw⋅back  [throh-bak] – By our definition are old songs, yes just an old song that is not a classic just because it’s old.

So for this edition of Timeless From Toronto I wanted to go the R&B rout and I’m so glad I did a little research and found this. Dj Agile informed this morning that our beloved Deborah Cox is actually not only from Toronto but Scarborough specifically and Malvern to be exact.

Shout out to the Borough, he also told me to add that she along with some other famous, successful, and talented Torontonians are of Guyanese descent. Hope you enjoy!

Let me know, is it Timeless or merely a Throwback, WHICH ONE?

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The World In 1 City


A number of good comments and really cool conversations inspired this post.

We asked a few Torontonians 1 question… What’s your background?

Now we’re asking you…