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All around the world, Hennessy artistry brings together some of the most talented artists on stage for an eclectic mix of music, ranging from hip hop to pop, rock or electronic music, which we like to call the #ArtofBlending.

We’re excited to announce the first edition of Hennessy artistry for 2014 with special guest DJ ?uestlove, featuring live performances by Toronto’s own Adria Kain, Yosvani and our official 1 LOVE T.O. DJ DLUX.

Join us this Thursday, April 17th at 9pm at Tattoo – 567 Queen St West. (Limited Capacity)

Tickets available here: http://tinyurl.com/muyv5bo

Check out our recap video from last year’s Hennessy artistry main event with DJ Premier & DJ Jazzy Jeff!

*Must be of legal drinking age to attend.

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Kardinal Offishall directs his latest video for “Tattoo”, shot in various locations in Jamaica. Recently, Kardi had the opportunity to visit the parish (Clonmel), where his grandparents originally came from. On the same day this video was shot, he managed to donate computers, sports uniforms, shoes, cleats, books, calculators, pencils and more to the local school children.

It’s always nice to see people giving back!

“Tattoo” Available on iTunes

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1 LOVE T.O. is excited to announced that we’ve partnered with Nike Canada to create our very own running team for this year’s Sporting Life 10k race. We’ve asked a few of our closest friends to run and help us fundraise for Camp Ooch.

Camp Ouchigeas “Ooch” is celebrating 30 years of providing magical camp experiences for children affected by cancer. It costs $3,500 for a 2-week stay at Camp Ouch with on–site care for the kids, so we need your help in sending as many kids to camp as possible! Please help us by making a donation to #Team1LOVETO by clicking the link below.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW: ooch.org/1loveto


Over the next month leading up to race day (Sunday, May 11th), we’ll be training with the help of the Nike+ Running App. The app recently added a ‘Coach’ feature, which specializes in training programs that are built around your needs. Our team has signed up for an intense training program to help get us in shape and race ready.

Follow our team members to track our progress and cheer us on!

Tyrone ‘Trex’ Edwards
Bryan Brock
Jay Tiancgo
Johnny Goldman
Adrian Fenty
David Matisse
Zark Fatah
Bryan Espiritu
Beat Merchant
Chris Powling
Laura Andres
Dwayne Delves

Big thanks to Nike Canada for outfitting our team with the latest Flyknit Lunar 2′s, Air Pegasus 30+ and dry-fit tees, tights and shorts. We may not be the fastest team, but we look good when we run!


For more info: sportinglife10k.ca


Fake Drake

This is hilarious! Drake appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in an episode of “I Witness News”, where he’s disguised and asking people on the street what they think about Drake.

Here are a few of the funniest comments below…

- “I’m an idiot. I’m a total idiot.”
- “I don’t like Drake, he’s an actor, not a real rapper”
- “Hey Drake I think you suck”

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Last month thoughtcatalog.com posted an article listing “25 Ways You Know You’re From Toronto”. Although we don’t entirely agree with the list, we’ve included a few of our favourites below. Tweet @1LOVETO your suggestions!

8. Despite people making fun of the price of food in the city, everyone you know eats healthier and puts more effort into their meals than your suburban counterparts. Try explaining what almond milk is to your relatives or if you want bonus points try to actually FIND some anywhere outside the city.

15. You know there is no such thing as relying on a streetcar to be on time. It is understood that you have to watch at least three pass in the direction you aren’t going before the one you need will show up.

25. Condos. Condos everywhere.


Previously: 50 Ways To Be A Daredevil

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1 LOVE T.O. is proud to present the “Jetlag” photo exhibit and album listening event hosted by Rhye’s lead singer, Milosh. If you’re unfamiliar with Rhye or Milosh, make sure you check out our exclusive interview HERE.

You’re invited!

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Moniker Gallery – 452 Richmond St. West (Just west of Spadina)

EVENTS@1LOVETO.COM (Subject: Milosh)
*Limited Capacity

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Sketching The Line


Sketching the Line is an international exhibition of 78 sketches drawn by 13 artists from around the globe, featuring brief impressions of fellow commuters that document place, time and movement while simultaneously revealing a myriad of personal moments. Sketching the Line is part of PATTISON’s ongoing Art in Transit program and includes: architects, artists, art instructors, character designers, curators, and illustrators. Canadian contributors are Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera of Imaginism Studios, and multimedia artist Nicole Little, all based in Toronto.

The exhibit runs until April 13 on PATTISON’s digital screens inside Toronto’s subway stations.




For more info: artintransit.ca

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Many of you may not know that the front-man for the popular music group Rhye is actually Mike Milosh. Milosh is also a successful solo artist and photographer who recently released his fourth project entitled “Jetlag”, which is currently available on iTunes.

Over the past month or so we’ve been working very closely with Milosh to help launch his Jetlag photo exhibit and album listening event in Toronto. The event will be hosted by Milosh on Thursday, April 17th, from 7-10pm at the Moniker Gallery (452 Richmond St. West, near Spadina) and will feature photos taken by Milosh & Alexa (his wife).

RSVP: EVENTS@1LOVETO.COM (Subject: Milosh) *limited capacity

If you’re unfamiliar with Milosh or even Rhye, check out our exclusive interview below…

1. What came first for you, music or art?

Music came at the same time as art for me. I started playing cello when I was 3 and was picking up pencils around the same time. I went to an art school for my childhood and into my high-school career where I was actually an art major and music minor. The two forms have been my outlets for as long as I really can remember having a personality. 

2. Who’s your favourite photographer?

I don’t have a favourite photographer per se, but I love artists like Ai weiwei, love his use of photography and I love artists like James Turrell and Olafur Eliasson. I guess what I am getting at is that as an artist I wouldn’t ever want to be relegated to just one particular form, art is an expression, you choose the form to suit what you are trying to express be it music, film, photography…

3. Film or Digital, and why?

I use both but I actually like Digital better. I just like what you can do with it, you aren’t confined to a particular stock, or pre existing look. I love the way film looks, and I admire what other photographers are doing with it but Digital just suits what I am doing. I love the mix of technology and art, I think there are a lot of similarities in electronic music, digital film and video.

4. I read somewhere that your wife Alexa actually came up with the music video concept for “Slow Down”. How involved is your wife in your overall creative process?

Actually she is very involved, it’s why I have her credited as my master producer. She not only inspires me to create and push things further but I view most of what I do as a collaboration with her. She was by my side during most of the recording of “Jetlag” throwing ideas in, helping with lyrics all the way to the mastering process, lending her ears on the final touches. She is such a brilliant actress, I love filming her and shooting her, this idea she came up with for slow down was just something we had to do once she thought it up. We actually kind of do everything together to be honest. All the posters for Rhye (the witch hunt series) are collabs between the two of us, the Milosh music videos… It’s fun times. We are working on another EP together as well.

5. I know you don’t agree, but a lot of your fans think you sound like a women when you sing.  Do you think the Rhye album cover may have added to the confusion?

Yeah It probably did. I didn’t realize people really thought I sounded like a woman on that record as it’s me, so, yeah… I thought people were saying that more as a joke at first. I also think because I didn’t release photos of myself people just ran with what they wanted to. It was kind of interesting to watch. 

6. Has the popularity of Rhye allowed you to grow as a solo artist?

I think, or I hope I am always growing from all the things that happen in my life, Rhye is just one of those things. 

7. Lastly, I don’t think very many people realize that you’re originally from Toronto. What type of influence, if any, did growing up in Toronto have on your style of music?

Hmmm, well in the 90’s there was a nice little electronic appreciation in Toronto so I think that helped, but I have always had a wanderlust, an interest in seeing as much of the world as possible and drawing influences from all there is. I think my specific group of friends in Toronto had a large influence on me. We were all super into music, listening to it, making it…  I don’t want to sound unappreciative, I think Toronto was the perfect place for me to grow up in a perfect time. The trees in Toronto are some of the most inspirational tress in the world, and how that relates to music well, then we need to discuss the Fibonacci sequence and how trees influence your creative spirit. Ravine city man, ravine city.

For more info: miloshphotography.tumblr.com

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Toronto-based comedian Trixx gave us a list of the “Top 5 Things People Do When They Think Spring Has Arrived” …but winter stays around like an ex who won’t take a hint!

1. People sometimes take their Jordan’s out early only to find out that had they just checked the weather before going outside, they would avoided the winter snow salt that destroys a perfectly good pair of number 4s.

2. Girls get a nice spring pedicure only to discover that 10cm of snow fell while they were asleep and now that lovely crappy palm tree design on their toenails that was done by an angry Korean chick that wasn’t tipped, will have to be covered by Nike socks and Uggs for another week!

3. People take their beautiful car they’ve been dying to show off at Tim Horton’s illustrious parking lot to the car wash, only to be hit with slushy ice pellets as they leave the car wash on the way Tim Hortons. By the time they get to the parking lot, it looks like Xzibit unpimped their car because the cheque bounce!

4. There’s that great feeling that comes over you when you’re in the mood to play some outdoor basketball. You call up a few guys and make the plan to go shoot hoops. But if one of you had just checked the weather channel or kept your TV on CP24, you would’ve known that 5 crappy CM of snow fell while u were playing NBA2K14, and it’s just another night of Game of Thrones re-runs!

5. Nothing makes me chuckle more than when a girl wants to show off her new summer body that she’s been working hard on all winter long. She celebrates this by getting her hair done and she’s ready to make some men drool. However, while she was underneath the dryer at LaKwanda’s Booyeah Get ‘Em Guurl Hair Salon, Mother Nature didn’t receive her child support cheque in time and gives the Jane and Wilson area an unnecessary blizzard, leaving that walk to the car from the salon the angriest walk ever, because it was sunny outside earlier and she didn’t walk with an umbrella!

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