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Rotman Lens Rendezvous 2015


The Rotman Lens Rendezvous 2015 event is happening this Thursday, March 26th inside the Fleck Atrium (Rotman School of Management) from 5:30-7:00pm, and 1 LOVE T.O. is inviting you to join us and support both the Toronto-based photographers, as well as local arts & cultural incubator – The Remix Project. All proceeds from the silent auction will be donated to The Remix Project’s Academy of Creative Arts. Top submissions from the Lens photo competition along with professional photographers works will be displayed, including submissions from some of our cities finest: Jalani Morgan, Taha Muharuma, Rajeshta Julatum, Joshua Telfer, and J R Bernstein.

Taha Photo

Rajeshta Julatum

J R Bernstein

For more information and to get tickets, CLICK HERE.

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Toronto-based singer Alexandria releases her debut single and video for “Stay”, a song about love, drug abuse and addiction. Heavy topics for a first release, but take in her lyrics and her sound and feel what she feels.


“This single involved a lot of emotions, I had the option to create a video that was typical – a man and woman’s relationship – but I wanted to do it another way and highlight a relationship within a family”, says Alexandria. “The visuals lift the song and vice versa, they both work really well together, through this song I wanted to evoke emotion in my audience and get them intact with their feelings and I believe it does just that.”

Listen to more music here: theonlyalexandria.com

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Roots Canada and Huck Magazine have collaborated on a radical Spring/Summer collection that’s scheduled to drop in May 2015. Staying true to Huck’s vision of celebrating people and movements that ‘paddle against the flow,’ Roots aimed to focus on that mantra with quality apparel and leather goods to represent the quality of living life unconditionally.

Made locally in Canada for a world of possibilities, this collaborated collection is honoured in celebration of Huck’s Paddle Against the Flow book release with insight on cultural influencers, living creative lives. Catering and relating to its lifestyle beliefs, Roots has built an inspiring premium collection from local quality materials meant to withstand any adventure one’s creative mind may paddle them to.


Originated in 1973, Roots has always been a supporter of the independent, organic spirit, which ties well with Huck’s Paddle Against the Flow philosophy as its principles are rooted (pun intended) in celebrating people and roaming the globe to document and unfold grassroots counterculture.

Seeking out freethinkers who are wellspring of new thoughts and ideas, such as the rebellious heritage of surfers and skaters, Roots Canada and Huck have creative an ideal lifestyle collection, which caters to both male and female within the community.



Huck has always been inspired by DIY principles and Roots chimed in with their classic design aesthetics. The “Paddle Against the Flow Exclusive Awards Jacket” mimics Roots’ classic varsity bomber with leather and wool detailing. In addition, it’s tees, long sleeves, and three-quarter shirts are made with Roost’s choice of 100% organic cotton; and its “Vagabond” long sleeve and “Maker” full-zip hoody are made with French Terry cloth. A timeless “Paddle Against the Flow Exclusive Student Pack” stays true to Roots’ classic leather backpack aesthetic. The entire collaborated collection has all the ideal pieces needed to withstand any adventure forthcoming this spring and summer seasons, including the “Paddle Against the Flow Hardcover Huck Magazine”. This will certainly come in handy for stimulating creative reading material when road tripping.


Be on a lookout for the entire collection come May 2015.

Posted by Christina Cheng

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The Cloud 10 Travel Experience


If you like to travel as much as we do, we’ve got some exciting news from our partners at American Express. Amex is launching a new benefit as part of their Cloud 10 program at Toronto Pearson Airport. If you’ve ever been to Pearson and used any of the Cloud 10 benefits you know they have something for every type of traveller.

When we travel, we like to travel in style with the full VIP experience. Our travel routine starts with followed by security line bypass (hands down the best thing ever), complimentary Wi-Fi (for Instagram purposes), plus access to the premium lounge with complimentary food and drinks.



One thing we can all agree on is that we can’t to get to our destination… but with #Cloud10 waiting got a whole lot better! Amex along with HarperCollins Canada & Sony Music Canada have launched Entertainment on Cloud 10 offering free e-books and music downloads to all passengers travelling through Toronto Pearson airport.


So next time you’re at Pearson waiting to take off, keep yourself entertained and check out amexcloud10.ca for e-book or free music downloads.

1LOVETO Suggestions:
eBooks – The Great Gatsby
Music – Bruno Mars or Calvin Harris

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To some hot dog’s are just hot dog’s, whereas to others hot dogs are a blank canvas, a delicatessen to be moulded, crafted and cooked with infinite possibilities. The “others” I am referring to in the last sentence are Christa, Julie and Simon. You’ve probably seen their wiener logo around. “Let’s Be Frank” humbly began a couple of years ago as a food truck, making its rounds within the city. In today’s highly saturated food truck marketplace their dogs eclipsed the competition pretty much everywhere they set up shop. Their mobile hot dog hut was a hit and the decision was made this year to setup a more permanent location at 460 Spadina. We were fortunate enough to get an invite to celebrate their opening this past Friday.

First things first, we were very well take care of. Having a light snack before we went was completely unnecessary. The variety and creativity in the array of concoctions we taste tested was ridiculously wide ranging. The Katsu dog was a banger, the Ketchup on the corn dog was spectacular and the dogfather was covered is Christa’s Nonna’s pasta sauce. If you love hot dogs you’ll love this place and if you’re on the fence about hot dogs Let’s be Frank will help give you a boost over the fence to the hot dog loving side.



Beyond the food, the culture championed by “Let’s Be Frank” is one that you will easily find yourself embracing. The three owners are awesome, that’s a given, but it’s the people they have surrounded themselves with, their employees are great ambassadors to the overall positive environment they’ve created. A couple of things, there is only 1 method utilized to play music @ “Let’s Be Frank.” You guessed it, vinyl. You can bring and play your own records on Tuesday’s (although I bet they would let you play mix master any day of the week), whether you’re an S Club 7, Megadeath or Buju Banton fan.

They also serve beer and assorted spirits. It seems pretty outlandish to be chowing down on a sausage sans adult refreshment so “Let’s Be Frank” ensured this travesty would not occur.


Finally, we got a chance to meet up with Dre, one of 1LOVETO’s original photographers, who now runs the kitchen operation. “Let’s be Frank”, If Dre’s on the payroll, these guys get our unapologetic co-sign. To learn more about “Let’s Be Frank”, visit them online at lets-be-frank.ca

Posted by Jesse Ingalls

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The Dirty Bird offers Southern Grub, the Northern Way!

TORONTO — New to Toronto’s eclectic Kensington Market area is yet another snack-dive grub spot. Don’t fret, it’s not another taco joint, it’s one your mother, your mother’s mother, your mother’s mother’s mother (you get the point) have been longing for. Welcome “The Dirty Bird,” home to Northern Fried Chicken and Waffles! Why the “Northern Fried Chicken” you ask? Well, chefs Adrian Forte and Brian Butler use their secret “Maple Dust” seasoning and other Canadian maple syrup derivatives to their chicken and waffle blends.

Rustic yet welcoming, “The Dirty Bird” gives you a raw wood and steal vibe, preparing you for serious business when getting down and dirty.

Far from playing dirty, “The Dirty Bird” team believes in inclusiveness and community as all their produce are locally sourced from St. Andrew Poultry in Kensington, and provide gluten-free options for all to enjoy.

“We believe in supporting other markets and keeping a community alive so it means a lot to us to keep our produce local and close to home,” said Flo King, media and marketing manager. Besides, it’s safe to say that the “Northern Chicken” wouldn’t be entirely Northern without the support of the Northern community.

On Monday evening, The Dirty Bird hosted an exclusive media night where those in attendance were treated to their entire Signatures and Desserts menu. Feasting like a true soul food Sunday dinner at grandma’s, the media gathered intimately around the rustic centre table where they shared: The ODB, The Clucker, The Up North Trip, The Dirty Bird’ger, and The Dirty Club.


‘The ODB’ offers a Boneless Thigh and Leg, accompanied by a Waffle, Buttered Maple, Dirty Sauce and your choice of Coleslaw or ‘Tato salad for $15. ‘The Clucker’ includes Wings (Buffalo, Honey Garlic or Dry & Dirty) with a Waffle, Buttered Maple, and your choice of Coleslaw or ‘Tato salad for $12. ‘The Up North Trip’ is definitely a trip with its 3PC Bone-in combo with a Waffle, Buttered Maple, and your choice of Coleslaw or ‘Tato salad for $13. ‘The Dirty Club’ is made with a Brioche Bun, Boneless Thigh, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Red Onion, Dirty Sauce, and Maple Aioli for $7. Last but not least, ‘The Dirty Club’ is a triple stacked club with a combination of Waffles, Boneless Thigh & Leg, Beef Bacon, Tomato, Lettuce, and Maple Aioli for $14. Another staple fact about The Dirty Bird is that all their produce are pork-free and their creamy ‘Tato Salad is special to chef Brian Butler as he uses his grandmother’s recipe. “My grandmother would never give her recipe to anyone but I begged her for it and I’m the only one who got it,” he said.

When it comes to the desserts, The Dirty Bird doesn’t play with their sweet and savoury selections for just $6 each. Their ice cream also comes locally sourced from Ed’s Real Scoop. ‘The PB&G’ offers a nostalgic taste with their miniature Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich, combined with Sweet Cream ice cream, Grape Jelly, and Peanut Butter. ‘The Swalty’ was made for the sweet and salty tooth which includes their signature mini Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich with Salted Caramel ice cream, Beef Bacon, and Rock Salt. Lastly, their ‘Sweet Nuttin’s’ dessert is exclusive to The Dirty Bird as their signature Sweet Potato ice cream with Candied Pecans was made especially for them, courtesy of Ed’s Real Sccop. As an added bonus, it tastes like a Thanksgiving party in your mouth!


An authentic Chicken + Waffles joint is long overdue in the Toronto scene and alas, it is here. Congratulations to chef Adrian Forte, chef Brian Butler, and the entire team! The grand opening for The Dirty Bird is on Wednesday, March 4th from 11 am- 8pm. Enjoy and bring an appetite!

For further Northern support, chef Adrian Forte will be on Chopped Canada on March 28 at 9 p.m. (EST). Tune in on the Food Network!

Posted by Christina Cheng

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CONTEST: Win Tickets To The Artist Project


The Artist Project kicks off tonight with its annual Opening Night Party, followed by an exciting 3-day art fair that offers attendees the unique opportunity to meet and buy art directly from over 250 emerging and mid-career artists. We’ve been the last 2 years in a row and it’s an incredible experience, whether you’re a seasoned art buyer or a first-time buyer who’s just looking for something interesting for their condo, this is the place to be!

We’ve partnered with The Artist Project to give you the chance to win a pair of tickets to enjoy the show this weekend taking place inside the Better Living Centre at Exhibition Place.


Tweet @1LOVETO & @ArtistProjectTO #WinTix for your chance to win a pair of tickets to attend Toronto’s contemporary art fair this weekend.


For more info visit: theartistproject.com

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Peter Harris “Night Watch” Exhibition


Toronto-based artist Peter Harris is at it again with his latest solo show “Night Watch” kicking off this weekend at the Mira Godard Gallery (22 Hazelton Ave). The exhibition runs from Feb 21 – March 14th.

Artist Statement
My recent paintings focus on the defining elements of a contemporary urban landscape that surround us all as city dwellers. I’ve chosen to paint these ubiquitous subjects at night, using the darkness like a stage curtain, creating spaces that highlight my subjects with almost reverential illumination while isolating them from the background. The objects of the urban landscape, the restaurants, gas stations, municipal buildings, streetcars, buses and parking lots that take centre stage in my paintings form a distilled and concentrated version of urbanity. The world I paint is cleaned up and pared down, a small oasis of solitude and order to contrast the realities of daily life in the city.




To see more of Peters work, visit: peterharris.ca

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WILDE – “Love Me Like You Do”


Toronto-based band WILDE just released 3 new records, leading off with “Love Me Like You Do”. If you’re unfamiliar with their music, this group signed to Last Gang Records and released their first single “Hanging Tree (Are You)?” in late December of 2014. Take in their music and let us know what you think?

BONUS: Take Me To Church/Temple

For more info, visit their official website: wearewilde.ca

Previously: WILDE – “Hanging Tree (Are You)?”

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In celebration of Black History Month, @1LOVETO, had the honour of attending the Royal Ontario Museum’s (ROM) new Kitchen Conversations series courtesy of Palattes of Africa with New York based chef, Pierre Thiam. Now in its fourth installation, Palattes of Africa is a unique culinary event spearheaded by fashion designer/curator, Chinedu Ukabam in collaboration with a rotating cast of burgeoning and established chefs and occasionally artists. Equal parts history and culinary art, Palattes aims to delight the senses while engaging the intellect. In addition, this installation is a joint collaboration with the ROM’s new C5 Restaurant & Lounge space.


This month’s Kitchen Conversations series is neatly dovetailing in celebration of Carnival season, where Palattes of Africa will explore West African roots and interpretations of traditional South America and the Caribbean cuisines. Chef Pierre Thiam created a menu that connects the culinary dots between various food traditions from both sides of the Atlantic and in between. For instance, the menu consists of traditional dishes, flavours and spices such as: Jerk Chicken, Black Eye Peas steamed in Banana Leaves with Jamaican Slaw (Moin Moin), Brazilian Coconut and Fish Stew, and Haitian inspired Coconut Rice Pudding and Roasted Mango.


The Palattes of Africa experience excites our taste buds by drawing cultural inspirations from Jamaica to Nigeria and from Senegal to Trinidad, Brazil and Haiti. This Urban Contemporary African Diasporic Cuisine experience ties well with North America’s ever-growing diverse demographic.
New York based, Pierre Thiam, is a Senegalese born chef and cookbook author who has been one of the main proponents of African cuisine in the world for the past 20 years through his two Brooklyn-based restaurants and catering company.


After a successful six-course meal and a few glasses of wine, the celebrations continued with the ROM’s Friday Night Live (FNL) carnival themed event where guests jumped up, waved their flags and wined their waists to the mixes of Dr. Jay de Soca Prince DJ. Rocking your masquerade costumes was also optional.
For more information on the ROM’s Kitchen Conversations series in collaboration with Palattes of Africa, check out their Activities and Programs here, and for a full list of FNL carnival-inspired events for the remainder of Black History Month, click on their Events Calendar here.

Posted by Christina Cheng

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PKG – Distinguished Digital Carry Goods


Andy and Mike Priestman don’t believe in fashion over function. They think we deserve both and we agree! The brothers are the brains behind the beautiful brand known as, PKG, which caters to the urban commuter.

“We focus on versatility, functionality and timelessness.” With that in mind, they’ve managed to create something that can endure, “the 9-5 grind with your laptop, as well as for a Sunday in the city, a visit to the gym or an overnight trip.” The light-weight, weather resistant fabrics heighten the functionality; perfect for the person always on the move.

“It’s not necessarily about inventing something brand new, but it’s utilizing existing elements in a way that hasn’t been done before to create a product with new meaning and value to the end-user.” The brothers say the experience is very rewarding explaining, “At the end of the day, you’re building something with the people closest to you, so it makes all the small successes along the way, that much more fulfilling.”

Check out their gear and let us know what you think!





For more info: nice-pkg.com

Posted by Samira Zia Rehman

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