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NXNE Interactive & Sennheiser Canada present October’s Very Own Creative Director and Drake’s co-manager Mr. Oliver El-Khatib on Saturday, June 21st, 3pm, at the Hyatt Regency. With the help of moderator Gavin Sheppard (The Remix Project), Oliver will be discussing everything from the creation of a global brand (OVO), working in the music industry, and his influences in art, culture, music and more. Don’t miss out on your chance to see a rare appearance by Oliver!

Photo by Zach Gold

For more info: nxne.com

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Digest Digest


Digest Digest is a day of making, tasting, and good conversation celebrating the past, present and future of food. Programmed as a series of talks, interviews, workshops, and tastings, culminating in a dinner infused with narrative and theatre – Digest Digest examines the ways we create, consume and interpret food.


The next instalment will be held on Thursday, June 26th at The Theatre Centre (1115 Queen St West) with the following schedule:

2-4pm: Raw Food & Bev Lab Workshop
4-6pm: Future of Food Speaker Series with Ken Waagner, Rob Bolton, and Scott Friedmann
6-9pm: The Centre for Genomic Gastronomy Performance
10pm: DANCING! Natural Animal DJ Set

For more info & tickets visit: digest-digest.com

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MiO is set to launch their app at tomorrow’s free concert at Yonge and Dundas Square as part of their “Make it Original” campaign with the North by Northeast Festival (NXNE). The MiO POV app gives YOU the power to live-stream video from your mobile phone directly to the concert’s main stage screens in real time! This new technology is going to change how we experience live shows. We’re no longer just a fan in the crowd, now we have the ability to be a part of the show, from our perspective. (Side Note: This is going to change the selfie game forever, lol)

Download the app (available on both android & iOS platforms) and meet us at Yonge & Dundas Square tomorrow for what promises to be a very unique and original NXNE experience!


Here are a few shots from the concert, including (of course) a selfie!




For more info: miopov.com



We partnered up with one of our favourite initiatives in the city, Cosmopolis Toronto, to curate a special exhibit called, “Torontonian.”

Torontonian launched last Thursday eveing at the Moniker Gallery with over 400 guests in attendance. The new exhibit, curated by Vanessa Tamburro, explores Toronto as a ‘home’ and features select portraits by Photographer, Colin Boyd Shafer. Alongside the incredible photography, was a spectacular performance by our friend and very talented violinist, Yosvani Castañeda, plus a poignant reading by Toronto Book Award winner, Kamal Al-Solaylee and award-winning author, Martha Batiz.

It was amazing to see almost every age and race show up from young high school kids to Colin’s grandmother! A perfect snapshot of what The 6 is all about and how it connects us all.

The exhibit runs until June 25th from Tuesday – Sunday, with gallery hours open from 12-6PM.









To see more of Cosmopolis Toronto visit: CosmopolisToronto.com

Photos by Anil H

Previously: Cosmopolis Toronto & 1 LOVE T.O. Present The “Torontoian” Photo Exhibit

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We’d like to introduce you to WyattBQuiet, a Toronto-based Electronic Dance Music Producer and DJ working out of the ‘Diamond Factory’, where he records, mixes and masters his music. He’s been producing for years, but most recently fell in love with EDM and has shifted his sound with influences from some of his fave artists like Tiesto, Dada Life and Showtek. Listen to the WBQ exclusive premiere for his latest track, “Latch”, originally by Disclosure featuring Same Smith, which features a smooth mix of soul and progressive house. This song just sounds like summer! #TurnUp

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Toronto’s music scene is not only gaining popularity across Canada, but it’s making a major impact around the world. For that very reason, we’ve been posting cover songs in our series entitled “Covered”, which highlights and showcases other artists (not necessarily from Toronto) who have been inspired by our cities sound.

This time we’ve selected Tinashe featuring Schoolboy Q for their version of “2 On” (Wax Motif remix) which happens to be a dance cover of OB Obrien & Drake’s version. So far the feedback on this has been great, but let us know what you think?

Previously: Covered: “Worst Behavior” (Punjab Edition)

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OBEY – Spring/Summer 2014


Over the past two months I’ve been representing as an official OBEY Ambassador for Canada on behalf of @1LOVETO. I’ve had the opportunity to get outfitted this summer by OBEY, plus I got a sneak peek of the Fall/Winter line, and I’m working on some incredible OBEY related projects coming later this year (stay tuned, you DON’t want to miss out)! In the meantime, I wanted to get you familiar with the brand’s latest release for both Men’s and Women’s Spring/Summer 2014. I hope you like some of the pieces as much as I do?!






To see more from OBEY check out their online shop here: obeyclothing.ca

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Who out there is working a job they hate, barely making ends meet all while trying to pursue their dream? With the exploitation of unpaid internships and vast unemployment, the youth of Toronto are facing hurdles never before seen.

Many get discouraged and only dream of something better. Few will actually make moves and take hold of their own future. One of those very few is Andrew C. who is newly minted as a writer, film director and producer of the new web series based in Toronto, MILLIONS.

“I was born and raised in Toronto. I love Toronto with all my heart, and think it’s such a diverse and rich city, so I wanted to pull my personal experiences in Toronto into the story…reality television, pop culture figures like the Kardashians, social media, and the advent of young people striking it rich in the tech industry (a la Mark Zuckerberg), have profoundly affected our generation’s beliefs about what they think they can and should become, forgetting what actually matters in their lives and what makes them genuinely happy. I wanted to reflect on all of these things in MILLIONS.”

Andrew told us, “I was in my mid-twenties and was going through a bit of a life crisis – or a quarter-life crisis as they call it. I had previously gotten a business degree at the Schulich School of Business in Toronto and worked at a bank for a couple of years. But I was miserable.”

Growing up in a traditional Chinese family, he went the “practical” route rather than chasing his dream of being a part of the film world. When the misery was too much, he bit the bullet and enrolled himself in film school. While there, he wrote the script for MILLIONS which was intended to be a full TV series but was passed up by networks. Still determined to get his message out there and create a platform for Asian actors, he produced it himself as a web series with an extremely tight budget and lots of persistence.

“We have a slew of very talented actors in our community yet the only roles being created for them were embarrassingly stereotypical. We’re in desperate need of change.” That change started with his cast.

Ben Brillantes who plays, “Jay” says, “ …the project became important to me because I saw how it important it was to him. I have my own goals in life and I dedicate time to them, but whenever I get the chance to provide a little help to those that want to chase their dreams, as cheesy as it may sound, I do it because I want to help them get there.”

Hubert Tran who plays “Brandon” says what he wants the audience to take away is quite simple, “A good story. That’s it. It just so happens that it features Asian North Americans.”


Posted by Samira Zia Rehman

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Pique Toronto


Warhol once said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” In Toronto, we only need 15 seconds.

Imad Elsheik is proving that with his brainchild, PIQUE. The PIQUE movement showcases the talents of 100 young Toronto artists, dancers, fashion designers, beatboxers and more, in just 15 seconds. You’ll be able to check out artists from all over T.O. including, Unity Charity, RISE Edutainment, The Remix Project, BeatBox Canada, CJ’s Skateboard Park and JoyRide 150.

“Social media has shortened our attention spans. We want to see more in a shorter period of time – I’m definitely one of those people…We enjoy watching teasers for a reason,” explains Imad. “The most important goal is to ‘pique’ the audience’s interest in an artist’s talent–to learn more about the artist, hit up their website, go to their shows and pay for their work. PIQUE’s purpose is to bridge that gap.”

The point of PIQUE is simple but it encompasses a greater vision. “I believe if this becomes an ongoing movement, it will not only help the artists but it will help the city as a whole. By presenting large volumes of Toronto-based content, we can raise the bar of talent collectively, as a city.”

Interestingly enough, though always interested, Imad never formally studied photography or videography. He actually went to York for Business but PIQUE gave him the perfect excuse to learn the art of it all first-hand. “However, the most valuable thing was how to better interact with people, work wisely, and react diplomatically…when you collaborate with 100 different people in such a short period of time, you can run into all sorts of problems which may or may not be in your control. When that happens you just need to find a way, a solution–there’s always at least one.”

Here’s a sneak peak of some of PIQUE’s contributing artists:

Nate Smith – Producer
“I started going to The Remix Project and another program called RISE (Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere). Going to RISE really showed me to new and amazing people. That’s how I met Imad. I eventually showed him my work and it was synergy from there.”

Noah Tynes – Skater (Photo by Will Jivcoff)
“Skateboarding is my craft, the creativity comes when you keep an open mind and eye.”

Osama Siddiqui – Spoken Word
“In my opinion, spoken word poetry has the ability to really connect with the audience in the way the writer intended. It intertwines writing and rhythm to achieve an emotional impact on the audience, one that cannot be attained through traditional, written poetry.”

For more info: piquetoronto.com

Posted by Samira Zia Rehman

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