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Toronto’s own Kardinal Offishall aka Celebrity Face is set to drop his fifth album tomorrow! The hip hop icon released his first album “Eye & I” back in ’97, along with a collection of Canadian classics from over the past 15+ years, including; the Rascalz’s “Northern Touch”, “Money Jane”, “Bakardi Slang”, “Hustlin'”, and many more. In 2008, Kardi made history on the Billboard’s Hot 100 as the first Canadian rapper to place, peaking at number 5 on the charts with the world-famous “Dangerous” Feat Akon.

Fast forward to 2015, and we’re sitting in the studio with Kardi himself, accompanied by a close-knit group of music industry professionals, friends & family. Together, we spent a couple of hours taking in “Kardi Gras Volume 1: The Clash”, with notes from Kardinal about each track. Some of our favourites include in no particular order, “OG” Feat. Assassin, “One Dream Away” Feat. Stephen Marley, “No Reason”, “Insert Here” and for the Soca heads… “Always Carnival Time” Feat. KES The Band & Quinn Marie.

As a long-time supporter of @1LOVETO, Kardinal has always shown love and respect and we’re giving it right back! Make sure you support local and buy the album tomorrow.

For more music check out: soundcloud.com/kardinaloffishall

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Virgin Mobile RE*Generation invests in charitable programs that help at-risk and homeless youth develop the skills they need to secure meaningful jobs. A recent Virgin Mobile study found that 1 in 3 Canadians know someone who has been homeless. Currently, there are approximately 225,000 Canadian youth out of work or not in school, and more than 6,000 of them sleep on the streets on any given night. It’s comes as no surprise to us, as 1LOVETO has worked first-hand with many young at-risk and homeless youth in Toronto.

We’re excited to share the news of Virgin Mobile Canada and Samsung’s recent partnership. $5 from every sale of the new RE*Generation phone (Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime) and Universal Power Bank (charge your smartphone and tablet anytime, anywhere) will help connect at-risk and homeless youth with the training they need to emerge from the cycle of homelessness.

“By picking up the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime through Virgin Mobile, Canadians can make a real difference in the lives of at-risk and homeless youth.” said Paul Brannen, Senior VP, Enterprise and Mobile Solutions, Samsung Electronics Canada.


It’s rare to have the opportunity to make a difference in our own communities across Canada, by doing something we already do on the regular – purchase a phone. You can get the RE*Generation phone at Virgin Mobile retail and online locations and the Universal Power Bank ($24.99) is available in stores across Canada.

If you’re already an existing Virgin Mobile Member, you can help by adding “Change For A Dollar” to your monthly bill to donate $1/month to the program. For those of us who may not be a Member or don’t need a new phone, you can text the word REGEN to 30333 to donate $5 to the cause.

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Scouring the internet for new music has never been so easy, but yet hard at the same time. There’s some incredible talent out there, but sifting through the endless inventory of songs that take up space on the net seems to be a never ending job.

In our efforts to discover some home-grown talent, we came across local songstress and Remix Project participant Lemon, with her latest release (about 1 month ago), entitled “Your Friends” (Interlude). Press play below!

Listen to more music from Lemon HERE.

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INLAND Pop-Up Event

Coinciding with Toronto’s Fashion Week comes INLAND, a start-up founded in 2014 that provides a platform for Canada’s contemporary and next generation fashion designers to connect directly with consumers, retail buyers and press.

“Despite fashion week being really popular in the city, there’s still exclusivity that happens around the fashion scene in Canada, and I really want to make Canadian fashion and design accessible to the masses,” said Sarah Power, entrepreneur and Founder of INLAND.

INLAND aims to boost the economy of fashion in Canada by helping re-grow the community of independent designers through its two-day fashion retail events held each Spring and Fall at the Glass Factory, located at 99 Sudbury.

Mary Young is a young Canadian-based designer of her self-titled lifestyle clothing line, focusing on lingerie and loungewear. This is Young’s second season with INLAND and expresses a great deal of growth and support since her fall showcase. Young is without a doubt, one of INLAND’s success stories.

“A lot of bloggers have picked up on my brand,” she said. “INLAND is great because I sell mostly online and being at a pop-up like this gives me the opportunity to interact with consumers and see what they’re saying about the product, what designs they like or don’t like, and especially just hearing the feedback inspires me to keep going and doing what I do.”

Some of the biggest challenges for today’s Canadian fashion designers are customer awareness, support, and accessibility. Within the last decade, the number of people employed in the Canadian apparel industry has declined over 70% and Power aims to solve these challenges with INLAND.

“The designers are so amazing in this country and there’s a little bit of a lack of focus being put on the quality that’s happening here,” said Power. “It’s about the commerce being built around it; dollars need to be spent in order for the industry to be sustained and INLAND is about getting people down here and shopping!”

The two-day event connects clientele directly with the designers behind the labels, closing the gap between design and commerce in Canada.

“INLAND is extremely important because it gives a platform for Canadian designers and artists to express and showcase what they’re doing,” said Yanal Dhailieh, founder of Peace Collective. “This is our first time with INLAND and it’s been great so far. We’ve also created a great platform that allows Torontonians to get clothing and garments that help them rep and showcase the pride for their city.”

INLAND encourages consumers to not only shop local, but also discover and meet new designers, while learning about their stories and journeys into the Canadian apparel, accessories and jewelry industry.

“INLAND is one of the firsts that really putting attention back on Canada,” admitted Young. “We’re a very modest country and we don’t take pride in designers or really anything that we have. It’s just about supporting each other, building a community of designers that work well together, and putting money back into our economy is a really great thing. INLAND is definitely doing that and doing a good job at it too.”

Although approximately 50 independent Canadian designers showcased their collections at INLAND this season, a portion of them selflessly donated a percentage of proceeds to a good cause with each purchase. For instance, 10% of Mary Young’s pink items will be donated to Rethink Breast Cancer for the month of October. In addition, Peace Collective has partnered with “Breakfast For Learning” so that every garment sold provides a week of school meals to a child in need.

When asked about the future of INLAND, Power’s face lit up with an ambitious response, “It would be amazing to start a trade show in the Canadian marketplace that really focuses on Canadian labels and brands,” she said.

“The next step for INLAND might have to be taking it overseas. I think the next step is to take INLAND to New York, take it to Berlin, take it to Asia, and get people really excited about it from that perspective, and then things will start breeding internally.”

For more info: madeinland.ca

Posted by Christina Cheng

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One of Toronto’s most under-rated and unheard of bands is Unbuttoned. They continue to impress us with their music, visuals, and live shows. We’ve been blogging about them since 2013 and we can’t wait for the latest EP project “Minute Lasting” to drop. If you can spare 18 minutes, sit back, relax, turn down the lights and watch this short film accompanied by the sounds of Unbuttoned.

Directed by Victoria Long


Previously: Unbuttoned – “Shy Cry” (Official Video)

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Mormor – “Some Kind Of Luck”


Toronto-based singer/song-writer/producer Mormor (Seth Nyquist) is relatively new to the music scene, only releasing one single “Live For Nothing” prior to this song – “Some Kind Of Luck”. We’re really feeling this kids vibe, and we think you will too. Listen below and hit the link for more music. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE for more music.

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Make Love started about four years ago when James Reid started experimenting with a friend’s DSL camera and ended up shooting the first episode of his now popular short doc series. Make Love is a series of short documentary videos about independent artisans making a living doing what they love. To date, he’s released 3 previous videos highlighting; the Saloon Salon, located in Toronto, the McCamus family business, Toronto-based musician/producer Rob Higgins.

Today, we’re fortunate enough to present the 4th instalment of “Make Love”, featuring Graham Woodhouse of Toronto’s Woodhouse Brewing Co. With clever use of social media and solid branding with his blue tall cans, he’s grown his business from a couple bars, to being the go-to amber lager in Toronto’s restaurant and bar scene in just over a year.

To see more Make Love videos, visit: motioneer.ca/make-love-home/

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Are You Not Entertained?!


Amex Cardmember & Ambassador life doesn’t seem like it could get any better. Seriously, over the years we’ve had the pleasure of attending countless live shows, concerts, movie screenings, sporting events and even dinning out with Front Of The Line which is part of the overarching Amex Invites program. Well, believe it or not, things just got better! Front Of The Line has grown immensely over the years and we’re more than excited to share the news.

American Express Canada has partnered with Live Nation Canada for a new multi-year deal! So, what does that mean for Cardmembers? Amex is now offering even more access (as if that’s possible) to tickets and shows than ever before. As part of the Live Nation partnership, Amex will be able to provide even more advanced tickets to your favourite events.

Front Of The Line allows Cardmembers advanced ticket access to special events as well as incredible seats as part of their exclusive allotment of tickets. So the next time your friends miss out on tickets to their favourite show, you can be that friend that saves the day!

This unique opportunity is available to ALL Cardmembers, no matter which Card you may have. So next time you’re interested in going to a show, make sure you take advantage of the American Express and Live Nation partnership, and get yourself to the #FrontOfTheLine!

For more info visit: americanexpress.com/canada

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The Struggle is Real #MakeItHappen

Goodlife Fitness recently released a campaign highlighting how everyday people feel about going to the gym and how they #MakeItHappen. We’ve all been there before. It’s so easy to say “I’ll work out tomorrow”, or “I’m too tired”, but the reality is, your health is all you’ve got and they’re hoping to inspire you to be your best.

Goodlife asked Canadians including some incredible GoodLife members to tell their personal struggle on their own path to living a good life. The results are amazing and we encourage you to read up and even watch these stories here: goodlifefitness.com/make-it-happen/

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