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In celebration of 25 years in the music industry, Hennessy Canada & 1LOVETO sat down to reminisce with legendary Toronto DJ Starting From Scratch. For years, Mark Gagnon aka SFS has kept Toronto entertained behind two turntables, whether it be in the club, on the radio, on tour with Russell Peters or at a good old fashion house party. But, many of us only know Scratch from the music he plays, and for that reason we’ve put together this interview to highlight everything from what it was like carrying crates of records to play a party, to how he got his DJ name. Press Play!

Tonight’s the official kick off of the Hennessy Artistry series with DJ Starting From Scratch along with some of Toronto’s most notable artists performing live including: Kardianl Offishall, Melanie Fiona, Choclair, Glenn Lewis and many more. Join us tonight at Tattoo (567 Queen St West) at 7pm to witness history in the making.

For more info on Hennessy Artistry events happening this week in Toronto, CLICK HERE.

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Over the last 3-5 years, Toronto has become a unique hub for developing technologies, specifically app development. The latest app to launch from our own backyard is called Jiffy, a mobile and/or website based app that allows you to select a service you need done (plumbing, junk removal, furniture assembly, etc.) and input when and where it needs to be done. The job gets excepted within minutes (similar to Uber) and the homeowner gets a confirmation of a 1-hour ETA window along with a follow up call/text/email from the provider to double confirm all the details. Long gone are the days when you have to ask everyone and their Mom if they know a good plumber or electrician, Jiffy’s got you covered with their pre-vetted, top rated companies.

Every company within a given category follows an easy-to-understand rate card based on Toronto’s average rates (ex. Plumbing rates are $90/hour with a $135 job minimum), so you know you’re being charged a fair rate. After the job is complete, the homeowner’s credit card is billed and an invoice is emailed to them. The homeowner then rates the provider which helps to maintain great quality companies on the app.

Three partners, Paul Arlin along with Jaimie Grossman and Ryan Shupak started building Jiffy back in 2014 and never looked back. They are all relatively new homeowners and realized how outdated and old school the entire home services industry was.

“We thought it would be awesome if there were a dispatching tool that would instantly connect homeowners with available home service providers to deliver on demand appointments.” – Paul said.

For more info: jiffyondemand.com

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Toronto-based vocalist Allie just released her new single “Tundra”, produced by Soulection’s very own Da-P. Allie and Da-P met earlier this year at the famous Red Bull Sound Academy Bass Camp in Montreal. The two collaborated on Tundra, which happens to be Allie’s second single off her forthcoming EP “Moonlust”, due out this Wednesday, November 25th.

To hear more from Allie, visit her soundcloud page HERE.

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P. Reign – “Rich” (Official Video)

Toronto’s own P. Reign just dropped his brand new video for “Rich,” directed by Zac Facts and produced by MegaMan. The actual track premiered on OVO Sound Radio a couple months back leading up to this video launch and eventually P. Reign’s forthcoming project “Off The Books, which is set to drop early December.

For music from P. Reign CLICK HERE

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Yukon Blonde just dropped a brand new video for “I Wanna Be Your Man”, directed by Mac Boucher (the mastermind behind “Saturday Night” video).

Boucher says, the MuchFACT supported video “playfully makes fun of the male gaze and traditionalism. Satanic symbolism and the de-robing of religious uniform denounces the role of some patriarchal figurehead. The chopping of wood and digging of holes represents violent penetration compared to the rhythmic movements in the peach orchard… it’s supposed to be a video that looks beautiful, is edited with humour, and makes absolutely zero sense to the passive observer.”

Check these guys out on their Canadian tour stopping in Toronto on November 20th at Massey Hall.

Listen to more Yukon Blonde HERE.

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Roots Canada x Kyle Lowry Collection


On Monday evening a small group, ourselves included, made their way to Roots on Bloor Street West for the launch of their new, Toronto-centric collaboration with Kyle Lowry. Conversations about the Raptors great start and where it could lead us this season wafted through the Roots Bloor location, but the main topic was the collaboration. We all couldn’t wait to hear more about how it came to life.


Roots Creative lead and designer Adrian Aitcheson did a great job of introducing the line and it’s inspiration while hosting a group interview with Kyle. After playing for 4-years in the city, and developing relationships with the team at Roots, Kyle really felt like it would be a perfect manifestation of his love for the city he plays for and lives in.


We did have a few more questions of our own though.

How did the collaboration come to be? Did Roots approach you? Did you approach them?
Michael Budman, we have a mutual friend. We ended up traveling together and when I signed back he was like “Look, let’s do a collection”. I was like, “alright, whatever”…and it ended up working out. You know it’s something that ended up being major.

Adrian is a great guy to work with!
Ya! He points you in the right direction and makes you think you did something.

Why all black?
Clean. Clean-cut, simple. I think you can wear all black at any point, anytime. Winter time collection, it’s a little bit colder outside and you want to be warm. Black attracts the heat. And for me it’s about being clean-cut. You look at anybody in a tuxedo, black tuxedo is amazing.

Being an American, having been here for 4-years now, having a chance to represent the city and the country at the All Star Game last year, what does Roots mean to you?
What Roots really means to me, I mean you think about what Michael Budman and Don [Green] did. They started this company on their own. Home. They based it out of their home. And for me, home. All I care about is being home. Philly is home. Toronto is home. No other home. That’s it. That’s my home.

What are your favourite spots in the city, your newer home?
Honestly, Sotto Sotto. I like going to Liberty Village, Distillery District. I love the city. I like going to places that I can mix-in and blend-in and get in-and-out. Just to be able to experience the city. I like to be around the people and the culture.

What are you listening to on the plane, in the locker room and at shoot around?
Locker room, plane, shoot around, car…I’m Drake, Kanye, Weeknd, old 90’s Chi…I like all types of music. Whatever I’m in the mood for, I keep my playlist on shuffle.

Awesome. Thanks so much for letting us delay your workout tonight, best of luck in the season and congratulations on the collection.

To see the entire collection visit: roots.com

Photos by Ilich Mejia

Posted by Graham

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TIFF Cinematheque focuses the spotlight on some of the world’s most exceptional cinematic visionaries and is part of the daily programming at TIFF Bell Lightbox. Most recently they’ve highlighted the world-renowned works of one of Toronto’s own: Film Producer, Screenplay Writer and Director, Deepa Mehta.

Her Elements Trilogy (Fire, Earth and Water) is what the world knows her best for and feature some of the biggest names in Bollywood plus, garnered her a nod from The Academy Awards. But what people may not know, is a lot of her work happens right here.


When she immigrated to Canada and settled in Toronto, she made her feature film directorial debut with Sam & Me (1991) which tells the story of a young Indian boy and older Jewish gentleman, set in Parkdale. Her hit movie ‘Bollywood/Hollywood’, ‘Heaven on Earth’ and ‘The Republic of Love’ also take place on our streets and tell stories a lot of young adults struggling with cultural norms, can relate to.

Although her films have mass appeal, Deepa has faced serious backlash (even death threats) for exploring taboo subjects within the South Asian community such as same-sex relationships as well as domestic violence. Fearless and self-aware, Deepa tells the story her way regardless of who tries to silence her. For this, she has gained the respect and admiration of the international industry over and over.

Most recently, she wrote and directed the crime thriller, ‘Beeba Boys’ which premiered with outstanding reviews at TIFF this year. To salute her works and contribution to Toronto, TIFF has programmed a retrospect of her films until Nov 15.

For more info CLICK HERE

Posted by Samira

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We’re happy to share a Creator Class piece #SHOOTITYOURSELF, featuring our very own contributing photographer @SoTeeOh. As his name suggests, and his affiliation with 1LOVETO, @SoTeeOh is all about Toronto and the inspiration he finds in the city. His photography highlights everything the city has to offer, from portraiture and urban landscapes to creative shoots showcasing the art & culture that makes our city so unique.

In this short video, @SoTeeOh takes us on a quick journey through the city as he shoots with the new Canon EOS M3 Mirrorless camera.

Also, check out the new #SHOOTITYOURSELF teaser video featuring Toronto’s very own WILDE on the soundtrack.

For more info visit: thecreatorclass.com

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Hennessy Artistry has always been a platform that bridges the gaps between genres, sounds, instruments and artists to create the experience known as the ‘Art of Blending’. This year, Hennessy Artistry celebrates the 25th anniversary of legendary DJ Starting From Scratch. With 25 years of music industry experience, Starting From Scratch along with Hennessy Canada and 1LOVETO have co-curated two back-to-back special events happening this month.


Hennessy Artistry highlights some of Toronto’s greatest artists with live performances by Choclair, Glenn Lewis, Jully Black, K-OS, Kardinal Offishall, Saukrates, Melanie Fiona and many more.

RSVP: events@1loveto.com (Subject: The Show)

Tickets Available Here


Hennessy Artistry presents ‘The Party’ with an all-star DJ line-up including the world famous Kid Capri, Walshy Fire (Major Lazer/Black Chiney), world renowned comedian and DJ Russell Peters, along side the legendary DJ Cash Money and Hot 97’s own Cipha Sounds, plus many more.

RSVP: events@1loveto.com (Subject: The Party)

Tickets Available Here

*Limited Capacity
*Must be of legal drinking age to attend.

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Toronto-based artist and designer Hans Poppe is set to release a unique collection of work in his first ever solo art exhibition, entitled ‘Fabric of Tanzania.’ Hans’ motivation for this body of work comes from seeing Africans being misrepresented in the media. Hans, being a native to Tanzania (Dar es Salaam), but growing up in Canada has had the opportunity to see life in Africa from a very different perspective than the traditional media outlets highlight.



“In a city as diverse as ours, I rarely get to see the “African-Canadian” self being represented as well as I believe we can be.” says Hans. “Africa is not the hunger commercials, poverty and war stricken place painted in the media. It is a beautiful land with a rich cultural history and an evolved people and I aspire to reflect that version of African in my work.”

The paintings being displayed in this show are to reflect the “real” life of Tanzanians and/or Africans in general, the unapologetic day to day life.

If you’re interested in seeing Fabric of Tanzania, the opening reception is November 12th, 2015 and runs until January 24th, 2016 inside the 1st floor gallery at Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas St. E)


For more info visit hanspoppe.com and follow him on instagram @hanspoppe

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As we prepare for this years Hennessy Artistry: The Art Of Blending, we wanted to take a few minutes to look back and share what made last years main event so special. Hennessy Artistry is built upon the idea of fusing different sounds, genres, instruments and artists together to create a unique mix and blend of artistry. Last year, together with Hennessy we brought together legendary hip hop producer Just Blaze and Toronto trap/edm trio Keys N Krates.

Watch what happens during soundcheck when Just Blaze and Keys N Krates are in the same room!

This year Hennessy Artistry is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Toronto’s own DJ Starting from Scratch with two special events happening on Thursday, November 19th and Friday, November 20th. Stay tuned for details…

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Udaipur Tea Party By Mani Jassal


The last time we talked to Fashion Designer Mani Jassal, she was graduating from Ryerson’s Fashion Design program, presenting her self-titled brand at Mass Exodus 2013. We’re happy to know that since then, she’s been grinding it out and making some serious moves.

Fast-forward to today; she just finished presenting her solo runway show, Udaipur Tea Party, to a packed house at 99 Sudbury. Journalist, loyal client and MC-of-the-night, Veronica Chail opened the show to a crowd high on Bautista’s bat flip just moments earlier and excitedly anticipating what was to be a clever and badass take on Indian evening wear.


The collection was inspired by a recent trip to Udaipur, India. Mani says she was so taken by the palaces, mountains and lakes, she couldn’t help but start sketching. What developed was a sophisticated merger of east and west. She says, “Being an Canadian-Indian, I wanted to include both parts of my roots… I’m not going to say it’s for South Asians. I’m not going to say it’s for Indians. It’s for people who can appreciate my art and respect my clothes.”


The collection featured a mix of indian fabrics, traditional elements paired with a edgy, rebellious streak. Regal flowing golds and sparkling sequins with incorporated blues and greens evoked the beautiful serenity of Udaipur and tea time class. But those sheer fabrics, bold cut-outs and sultry silhouettes had jaws on the floor and praising hands in the air with BBHMM blasting in the background. Another cool element? Her designs can be mixed within collections and can also be worn with your everyday jeans, tees, blazers, etc.

Mani was able to quit her retail job and focus on her brand full-time. She now takes in orders from all over the world and is gaining a solid following of women of every size and ethnicity. Her game-changing designs are what grabs people’s attention but it’s her personalized approach to clients which has earned her a loyal fan base. When we asked her “What’s the dream?” she replied, “Stand alone boutique here in Toronto and then eventually growing to locations all over the world.”


Check out more from Mani Jassal at: manijassal.com

Photography by Suman Uppal

Posted by Samira

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