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PIQUE: Clairmont The Second

PIQUEd has officially launched! It’s a documentary series produced by PIQUE which focuses on 10 Toronto creatives. From music to fashion to art, the participants all embody a singular characteristic: dedication. Starting this week, they’ll be releasing one documentary every friday for 10 weeks. We talked to all the participants and got some insight into their world.


Clairmont The Second
Being in the music industry, it can really mess your head up because of how corrupted it is but I have to stay grounded and know that God has me. I want to be financially stable, mentally stable, and have a stable fan base which can enable me to tour. I want my parents to stop working or at least do what they truly want to do in life. I want to be able to move out eventually and not worry about the costs of anything. Most importantly, I want to love what I’m doing and not have to feel like a sellout or anything along the lines of that. I want many strong relationships, from God, to people, to my work. I want the music to speak to many.

Photography by Patrick Leung

Posted by Samira

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Cavalcade of Lights (Time Lapse)

Well known Toronto photographer Matt Barnes switches things up from using his usual DSLR, to shoot a time lapse video of the “Cavalcade of Lights” with his new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. If you missed this year’s event, press play and check out the footage from Nathan Phillips Square!


PIQUE: Allie

PIQUEd has officially launched! It’s a documentary series produced by PIQUE which focuses on 10 Toronto creatives. From music to fashion to art, the participants all embody a singular characteristic: dedication. Starting this week, they’ll be releasing one documentary every friday for 10 weeks. We talked to all the participants and got some insight into their world.


For the sake of keeping it simple, I like to say my sound is “Future Soul”, but there’s a lot of different influences and styles I like to draw from. When people listen, I hope they dig deep and try to identify some of the more nuanced elements within the music. But my greatest hope is that when people listen it ignites some spark of creativity in them. I love how creativity is so contagious, how a painting can inspire a piece of music, and then that music can inspire a dancer, and the ripple effect goes on and on. That’s the beauty of art to me.

Posted by Samira

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Nike.com Live Launch In Toronto

On Thursday, November 19th, Nike.com Live woke Toronto up at the crack of dawn with its first high intensity Nike Training Club experience at 6:30am, hosted by Canada’s Nike Master Trainer, Eva Redpath, alongside surprise Nike Master Trainer from Los Angeles, Ryan Lauderdale. If they weren’t enough of a motivational wake-up call, Canadian Professional Tennis Star, Genie Bouchard was also in attendance.


“We’re here celebrating the fact that Nike.com now delivers to Canada,” said Eva.

The 45-minute high intensity live workout was located in the city’s entertainment district, outside of the custom-built Nike.com Live shipping crate at 229 Richmond Street West.


“These workouts were designed by all of the master trainers and all the great trainers from around the world who are apart of the Nike training network,” said Ryan. “It’s not specific for any male or female; high intensity is meant for everybody! It’s about getting out there and making your training a year ’round thing. I’m really impressed that so many people came out and worked so hard at 6:30 in the morning! It was a really great thing to see!”


The crate brought Nike.com products and services to life for everyone to see, touch and experience over three days in Toronto, from November 19 – 21. Nike.com Live was a destination for Torontonians to preview cold weather innovations, shop key looks, and to create a personalized shoe with a Nike designer in the onsite Nike iD studio.


In addition to the services, Toronto athletes were be able to register for 1-on-1 sessions happening on November 19, 20, and 21 at Nike.com Live with Trainers, Running Coaches and iD Designers.

For those who may have missed out, Nike is also hosting NTC classes and NRC runs for Torontonians to participate in, as they #GETOUTHERE with their cold weather training for the next four weeks!

Check out to Nike.com/Toronto to reserve a spot in the four-week #GETOUTHERE training series.

Posted by Christina Cheng

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PIQUE: Yanal (Peace Collective)

PIQUEd has officially launched! It’s a documentary series produced by PIQUE which focuses on 10 Toronto creatives. From music to fashion to art, the participants all embody a singular characteristic: dedication. Starting this week, they’ll be releasing one documentary every friday for 10 weeks. We talked to all the participants and got some insight into their world.


Peace Collective: Yanal D.
The biggest learning lesson I had in the first year of running Peace Collective would have to be the importance of finding and working with people who are as passionate about our mission as I am. When I first started out, it felt like launching my own clothing line with a charity aspect would be impossible and I often got discouraged. I was taking advice and listening to people who didn’t understand or believe in the vision that I had. Things changed really quickly when I started believing in what I was trying to accomplish and started seeking out individuals who have the same passion and vision as I do. At The Peace Collective, we have worked with great creative minds and artists all across the city to create something special for Toronto. If I hadn’t taken the time to meet people and connect with them on similar beliefs, none of it would have been possible.

A BIG thank you to The Drake Hotel for supporting PIQUEd by providing us awesome spaces to shoot some of these subjects!

Photo by Patrick Leung

Posted by Samira

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Ritual first opened in Toronto in 2002, by owners Maria Cristina Bruno and Bruna DiCecca, with a purpose in providing flawless, cutting-edge beauty services in a beautiful space. Originally located in the trendy core of King Street West, the two have recently decided to celebrate their 13th anniversary by expanding Ritual in the Bathurst and Wellington area. Encompassing all things beauty as an all-in-one destination for hair, skin, makeup and nails, Ritual’s expert team of industry professionals help transform everyday routines into meaningful rituals.

Upon entrance at Ritual, you’re immediately greeted with a warm smile and the option of either a cappuccino or water — sparkling or not. And if neither tickle your fancy, an array of alcoholic beverages are also an option: wine, bubbly, mimosa, beer and featured cocktails. Women everywhere are seen smiling, laughing, getting their nails done, their hair done, their makeup done; you name it! You walk in and everything goes slow motion while observing the atmosphere, at a moment in time, you’re bound to be convinced that this might be what heaven is like.


Favoured as Toronto’s go-to beauty oasis, Ritual prides itself in exceptional services and experiences, starting with their knowledgeable staff; from manis and pedis, waxing, massages to skin-deep facials. In addition, since Ritual is now licensed, offering your preferred cocktail and spirits makes for the perfect space to host bridal parties, corporate events or even just a pampering date with girlfriends.

A few Ritual client favourites include: Eyebrow Embroidering, ‘Just Eyes Makeup Ritual’, and Intraceuticals Opulence Treatment.

Eyebrow embroidering – This semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement takes the hassle out of penciling them in every day. A specially trained aesthetician uses a unique microblading technique that creates natural-looking, perfectly-defined eyebrows. The effects of embroidery are too natural to notice!


Just Eyes Makeup Ritual – Many people don’t know that Ritual offers a “Just Eyes” makeup application; so whether you’re short on time or don’t want a full face of makeup, it’s a great option to transform your look quickly and affordably.

Intraceuticals Opulence Treatment – Botanical brighteners and super concentrated Vitamin C combine with the signature hydrating serum to balance uneven skin pigmentation and leave skin radiant and luminous. Suitable for all skin types, the serum is delivered into the skin using oxygen.


Now that Ritual has exceeded its decade mark and flourishing more than ever, she says she’s able to be more creative and hands on with clients, projects and services.

Visit Ritual.ca for more information on products, services, media and parties.

In addition, don’t forget to tag @RitualToronto, followed by the hashtag, #BeautyByRitual!

Tell ‘em we sent ya!

Posted by Christina Cheng

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One Meth Creative Goods Toronto-based streetwear just released their Fall/Winter Lookbook for 2015. The collection has evolved from their initial tanks and tees, maturing with knits, custom cut and sew pieces along with a modern and minimalist design aesthetic.

They’re hosting a pop up shop this coming Wednesday, November 25th from 3-9pm inside the famous MethLab located at 445 King St W, Suite 201. Tell them that we sent you!






For more info: onemeth.com

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Virgin Mobile is showing some major love to their Members by launching a brand new ‘My Benefits App’ which lets Members redeem Benefits for shots at deals and VIP access on the go. If you’re into music, fashion, food, travel and entertainment, the ‘My Benefits App’ is going to be your instant hook up for everything VIP.

We’ve already made it one of our go-to ‘homies’ (an app you keep on your ‘home’ screen) because we know we’ll be using it non-stop. When we put an app on our home screen you know it’s real!

Typically, we only put the apps we love and use the most on our home screen. For example, we have music, photography, social and entertainment apps taking up most of our home screen. In a recent survey Virgin Mobile found that Canadian’s favourite downloads are social apps (44%), entertainment apps (42%), travel apps (19%) and music apps (34%). What type of apps do you like to download and put on your home screen?


No matter what type of ‘homie’ we download, there are always a few key things we look out for. For example, we want to know if you can customize things to be more personal. Can you connect with the people, places and things most important to you? Can you add push notifications so you never miss out on what’s happening? In this case, Virgin Mobile’s new ‘My Benefits App’ has got you covered with a fully customizable Spotlight Page that highlights the benefits that only YOU want to see.


Currently, Virgin Mobile has a ton of great Member Benefits available, like ‘Tix-For-Two’, which is a great VIP benefit if you’re heading to the movies with a friend or maybe a date. If you’re like us, you probably have a daily routine that consists of stopping at your local Starbucks for a morning beverage, well, why not get a $15 Gift Card for only $10?! The list of Member Benefits goes on and on, so we’d like to encourage all existing Virgin Mobile Members to DOWNLOAD the app (available on IOS or Android) for easy Benefit redemption.

If you’re currently not a Member, no problem, you can still check out the Member Benefits page here: virginmobile.ca

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Perfect Dark – “Submerged”


We don’t know much about the post-punk band named Perfect Dark, but we do know they’re Toronto-based and part of a larger collective called 2000 Sound. They just dropped their debut single “Submerged”. Listen below…

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