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6IX x 6 Toronto Instagram Exhibit Returns!


We’re excited to announce the return of the MNFSTO x 1LOVETO co-curated “6IX x 6″ photography exhibit at Steam Whistle Brewing Gallery next month! Taking place between February 3rd – 29th, this multi-layered exhibit features the work of some of Toronto’s top Instagram photographers, including official @1LOVETO photographers @soteeoh & @ellenaturel along side @bora.vs.bora, @mr.jobeezy, @jayscale, and @tahaphoto.

Join us for the opening reception on February 3rd, and get more information HERE


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Last week we got the chance to experience hockey in Canada like never before – 32 stories above downtown Toronto. As part of its #AnythingForHockey campaign, Molson Canadian built a hockey rink on the rooftop of 120 Adelaide Street in the Financial District. Contest winners along with a select few media personalities and photographers were given access to the rink to skate, shoot around, and even play a game of shinny with the Toronto skyline as their backdrop. The rink is half the size of an official NHL sized-sheet, which makes perfect for a three-on-three game.


“Molson Canadian is passionate about hockey and sharing the love for the game with our fans,” says Chris Blackburn, Director of Marketing, Molson Canadian. “Through our #anythingforhockey campaign, we are offering unforgettable experiences that will quite literally elevate the game to new heights and we look forward to sharing our winners’ experience with the world in February.”




For more information, please visit: molsoncanadian.ca/anythingforhockey

Photography by @SoTeeOh

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On February 14, the eyes of the basketball world will be on Toronto as the city host’s the NBA All Star Game. As a proud partner of the NBA, Mountain Dew worked with designer Naturel, to create this limited edition DEW can to celebrate this big event. You can find the can at most major convenience stores and gas stations across the country for a limited time.

We’ve teamed up with Mountain Dew to help celebrate the All Star Game with ‘6 Reasons Why We’re Excited The NBA All Star Game Is In The 6ix’.

For the first (and possibly) only time in the history of the NBA, Canada is hosting the NBA All-Star game here in Toronto! Basketball fans, both young and old, will be able to enjoy this historic moment for years to come. If that’s not exciting, we don’t know what is.

This is our time to showcase what makes Toronto so special. We are a world-class city and we can’t wait to showcase our diverse sense of culture and community. We have so much to offer North of the border! Toronto really is the ‘world in 1 city.’

What a way to celebrate Basketball’s 125th anniversary! We take great pride in knowing the game of Basketball was invented by a Canadian – Dr James Naismith, in 1891. The love for the game in Canada, specifically Toronto, has grown considerably thanks to our very own Toronto Raptors. They’ve created a new wave of enthusiasm towards Basketball that we’ve never seen before. #WeTheNorth

Local businesses will win big. Tourism will be at an all-time high, with restaurants, hotels, bars, and our favourite ‘mom & pop’ shops playing host to many new customers, from not only south of the border, but from around the globe.

In good humour, we can’t wait to see the friendly off-court instagram battle between Drake and Kevin Hart become an on-court reality. They’ll be facing off as opposing Coaches at this year’s Celebrity All Star Game.

You never know who you’ll see in the 6ix! From your favourite NBA All Stars, Hall of Famer’s, On-Air Commentators, to Celebrities, Actors, Artists, Musicians, the opportunities are endless. There’s going to be athlete meet-and-greets, countless after-parties, community initiatives, youth programming and more. Don’t miss out on your chance to rub shoulders with the best of the best.


Photography by @SoTeeOh

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Andy Warhol: Stars of the Silver Screen


The fascination with fame seems to only get stronger with time. With the developments of social platforms like Instagram and YouTube, these days it seems like everyone is fighting for their 15 minutes. The man who fore-shadowed this phenomena and one of the most notable figures who was obsessed with celebrity culture, was American artist Andy Warhol.


Andy was born in the 20’s to a poor but close family in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. At a young age he began collecting images of glamorous celebrities from magazines his mother would give him. Slowly but surely, he be-came enraptured in this ‘other world’. In school, he excelled in art and eventually earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He moved to NYC in 1949 where he found success as a commercial artist but not before receiving a string of rejection letters from various galleries and industry bigwigs. Today, he is celebrated world-wide among the ordinary and elite, for introducing the Pop Art movement to the 20th century.


TIFF Bell Lightbox is continuing the celebration by bringing their largest exhibit to date: Andy Warhol – Stars of the Silver Screen, to Toronto in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Museum. The 800+ piece exhibit takes you through the journey of a sickly, starstruck kid to star-maker through his personal collection of photos, earliest works and some his most famous pieces. You have to see the exhibit to truly appreciate the gravity of this multi-faceted artist but we want to tell you about our favourite aspects:

1. Everyone is familiar with the famous silkscreen series of he did of Marilyn Monroe. You get the see the actual image of Marilyn he tore out of a magazine (given by his mom) and framed her face with paint. This particular image would become iconic throughout the world.

2. They’ve re-created a room to depict the famous Silver Factory where Warhol created his work and where countless stars hung out and partied. Attendees are welcomed to go in and back in time.

3. Personal letters, notes and mailgrams sent to Andy including some from Elizabeth Taylor.

4. The Screen Test Machine. You can take your own Warhol-style 3 minute silent film.

The exhibit surrounds you with his work and propels you into his world. You encounter mirrored panels throughout which creates a truly immersive experience, like you are a part of the art. Loops of his video work accent the exhibit and offers a look at themes Andy is known for: sexuality, consumerism, luxury, and more.


In addition to the exhibit, TIFF has curated specific cinematic programming to honour the artist; Nothing Special: Andy Warhol’s Star System, a retrospective of his films and Liz & Marilyn: Black and White in Colour. Liz & Marilyn, a favourite fascination Andy had with the two icons, is a curation of some of their most famous films including The Seven Year Itch (1955) and Cleopatra (1963).

The exhibit runs until January 24th 2016. For more programming details visit: tiff.net

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Steve Paikin from TVO’s Current Affairs program “The Agenda”, sat down with 1LOVETO co-founder Bryan Brock to discuss why Toronto is ‘so cool’. The topics included in the discussion range from The Remix Project, 1LOVETO, Drake, Toronto Blue Jays and Raptors, and much more. Watch the interview and let us know why you think Toronto has become the new cultural ‘cool’?!

For more info visit: tvo.org

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Toronto-based rapper Jazz Cartier had an impressive 2015, from Pigeons and Planes including his mixtape in their influential “25 of the best free rap releases from the past five years” alongside ASAP Rocky and Chance The Rapper, to being named one of MTV’s 50 Artists to Watch in 2016.

Jazz drops his first official offering of 2016 with “Opera” off his forthcoming mixtape project, scheduled to be out early this year. If you’re already a Jazz fan, than you know what to expect, but for those new listeners, you’re about to be surprised by this young talent.

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PIQUEd has officially launched! It’s a documentary series produced by PIQUE which focuses on 10 Toronto creatives. From music to fashion to art, the participants all embody a singular characteristic: dedication. Starting this week, they’ll be releasing one documentary every friday for 10 weeks. We talked to all the participants and got some insight into their world.


Taha M, Taha Photo
#streetsoul came to life after studying my images over time. I’d look at my visuals and could sense the consistent tone and mood. That’s obviously a reflection of me, my personality, and the way I see things through my lens. At that time in my life, I used to shoot a lot on my own… in the rain, on gloomy days, and in some rarely visited places in the city. #streetsoul felt like it summed up what I captured, the stories I was seeing and wanting to share. It captured the honesty, the heartbeat, the harsh reality but ultimately the beauty, found on the streets and in the every day. It started with Toronto as a backdrop and all its nooks and crannies, but #streetsoul is universal and can be applied anywhere in the world.

Photography by Patrick Leung

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Previously: PIQUE: Saam (Music)

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The one and only Mr. Kardinal is back with his latest offering “No Reason”, off his new album ‘Kardi Gras’ Volume One: The Clash. The overall album taps into Kardinal’s cross genre appeal and influences (reggae/dancehall, hip hop, electronic, soul, trap, orchestral, pop) and Stephen Marley, Glenn Lewis, Supa Dups, and many more.

“It was very fun yet difficult to write, record and live with this song. It literally splits me in half between what I feel is right and wrong, for several different reasons. I think the most difficult songs that make you anxious and feel everything with every bone in your body are the ones worth releasing. My fans of all races and persuasions have said this is one of their favorite songs on the album, and the video reminds me of the energy that I grew up with, a mix of Wu Tang Clan, Public Enemy, NWA and a little KRS One.”

Album is available now available on iTunes.

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PIQUEd has officially launched! It’s a documentary series produced by PIQUE which focuses on 10 Toronto creatives. From music to fashion to art, the participants all embody a singular characteristic: dedication. Starting this week, they’ll be releasing one documentary every friday for 10 weeks. We talked to all the participants and got some insight into their world.


Saam Music
I think what ultimately makes you a legend in any industry is your ability to evoke change. That’s the kind of music that transcends time. As much as it doesn’t really matter once you’re dead, I feel like you’ve reached your full potential in life when you’ve created something that out lives you.

As of right now my music is a lot like my diary. It’s very open, honest and extremely personal. There’s absolutely no sugarcoating. You really get the good, the bad, and the ugly with me. I guess what I hope to have resonate with people is how openly flawed I am. Especially with my upcoming EP “Pysch Eval”, I want people to feel like they know me once they’ve heard it. If people have a love-hate relationship with me after hearing it, then I’ll feel like I did my job.

Photography by Patrick Leung

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Previously: PIQUE: Curtis C (c.h.s.e. Works Leather Goods)

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PIQUEd has officially launched! It’s a documentary series produced by PIQUE which focuses on 10 Toronto creatives. From music to fashion to art, the participants all embody a singular characteristic: dedication. Starting this week, they’ll be releasing one documentary every friday for 10 weeks. We talked to all the participants and got some insight into their world.


Curtis C., chseWorks L.G.
Machines have a tendency to distance us from our natural senses. I love making every product by hand because it really keeps me connected with the craft and my passion for it.

My passion for the artisanal goods came from wanting high quality products, and being let down with other products. So I started studying aspects of leatherwork to make for myself, what I felt I needed and deserved. And the joy I got from making it for myself spurred me on the do the same for others. That’s where c.h.s.e came from. From other people realizing their value and self worth.

The first critical step I took was investing in my ability not only as a designer, but as a hands on crafts man. An artisan.

Photography by Patrick Leung

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1 LOVE T.O. kicks off Harbourfront Centre’s ‘DJ Skate Nights’ with our 6th Annual Holiday Ice Skating Party on Saturday, December 19th, from 8-11pm at The Harbourfront Centre (235 Queens Quay West). We’ve got our official 1 LOVE T.O. DJ DLUX plus our very own T-rexxx playing host for the night.

If you’ve got your own skates, bring ‘em! If not, don’t worry, we’ve got skate rentals available, but arrive early, they sell out quickly. If it gets too cold, don’t worry, you can keep warm with hot chocolate, food and other drinks inside the lounge!

We’ll see you on the ice!


For more info: harbourfrontcentre.com/djskatenights

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