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We’re very honoured to announce our very own @1LOVETO contributing photographer @SoTeeOh is hosting his first solo exhibition at Project Gallery as part of this years CONTACT Photography Festival. The exhibition entitled ‘6: STREET’ runs from May 1-13, 2015, with an opening reception on Friday May 1st from 7-11pm at the gallery (1109 Queen St East).

This contemporary exhibition explores a current digital street photography movement from a uniquely Toronto perspective. A blend of design, architecture, urban grit, cityscapes, and street fashion – SoTeeOh employs an urban guerrilla approach to photography to create staged compositions in dynamic environments. Significant post digital processing is also a component of this style and aesthetic, producing images that are rooted in the urban scape but also feel slightly surreal.

We got the chance to ask @SoTeeOh a few key questions, please read below.


What makes this show different?
This is my first solo exhibition, so it’s way more comprehensive than anything I’ve done before. So many people are talking about how Toronto is on the rise, how there is a different energy in the city right now and I really aimed to capture that visually. I wanted to create a cohesive collection of imagery that would really speak to what is happening in Toronto right at the moment. All the artwork is also hand mounted and finished by me. I used wood panels and reclaimed window frames. It’s really organic; from Toronto, by Toronto, for Toronto.

If you could only shoot one type of photo, what would it be? Landscape, Street, Portraits? And why?
Street is definitely my favourite. I never get bored of what happens on the street. The streets are so eclectic too, you can incorporate anything into a street photograph; fashion, portraits, cars, architecture. As long as it’s spontaneous, it’s street and that’s what I love.

Toronto photography has exploded over the past few years with instagram playing a major role. How has it affected your career?
I think the trend is actually global. Toronto photography has exploded, but the same style has blown up in lots of other cities all over the world and it is a style that is kind of unique to instagram. I was fortunate to get into it early, so I’ve kind of found myself in a position where a lot of people look to me as one of the main representatives of this style for Toronto. It’s definitely opened up a lot of doors for me and connected me to a lot of other amazing artists. But I really want to see this scene continue to grow because there are so many amazing photographers in this city and I think collectively it’s having a positive impact on the perception of this city.

Looking forward, what else do you want to accomplish as a photographer?
I’m always learning, so that’s number one on my list, just to continue to grow as an artist. I think the next phase for me will be about finding a natural connection to some of my other interests. So far my work has centred entirely on the city. I think my next move will be to expand and find a way to remain true to the city, but to speak to other ideas and deliver other messages that extend beyond.

Any advice you’d give to new shooters?
Shoot every day and shoot every day and… oh yeah, shoot every day. If you’re an artist and you practice your art form every day, growth is inevitable and growth is what creativity is all about.

For additional event info CLICK HERE.

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Two of our favourite Toronto photographers and @1LOVETO affiliates @SoTeeOh & @TahaPhoto had the pleasure of shooting the city with the help of the new Samsung Galaxy S6. Both photographers got the chance to explore the city with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 before it was available to the public. We’ve included some of their best pics, but feel free to search #SamSungBoYYZ on instagram to get the entire collection.


“As artists we always have to keep it moving. We like to explore, be spontaneous and create things on the fly. The Galaxy S6 is such a powerful creative tool because it can do some many things but it still fits right in your pocket so its perfect for a creative lifestyle. Both of us focus on street photography so we need equipment that’s quick and versatile to catch the constantly changing scenes in a city like Toronto. Most phones still don’t cut it but the S6 has been amazing in every situation we’ve tried it in. We’ve always loved exploring Toronto so when Samsung asked us to take the new GalaxyS6 out for a spin there was no hesitation. As much as we’ve explored Toronto over the last few years, there’s still so much more to see. Sharing the soul of our city through the lens of the S6 has injected a renewed passion to document the beauty of T.O.” – @SoTeeOh @TahaPhoto #samsungboYYZ






Samsung just launched their new Samsung Galaxy S6 at Sound Academy with a surprise special guest performance from English indie rock band Alt-J. Needless to say, Alt-J rocked the crowd before heading off to their much anticipated set at Coachella! If you missed out, check out some of the photos below.





For more info visit: samsung.com/ca/

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Zack Mirza is an up-and-coming Toronto street magician and television star – his new show, ‘Illusions of Grandeur’ airs Tuesday nights at 9:30 ET/PT on OLN.

A few years ago, 1 LOVE T.O. introduced the world to Toronto’s very own “mystifier,” up-and-coming street magician Zack Mirza. Zack has come a long way since then, when all he had was a dream and self-funded demo reel, having landed a starring role on a new OLN series, ‘Illusions Of Grandeur.’

His journey has taken him across North America, to over 12 major cities including New York, Chicago, Las Vegas and L.A. The show documents Zack’s “magic pilgrimage” – a quest to become one of the greats, the next David Blaine or Copperfield. On the show, he seeks to learn the history of the art form, and follows in the footsteps of some of the greatest magicians of the past and present, facing fears and overcoming challenges as he goes.

Zack was born in the UK but was raised and currently lives in Toronto. We caught up with Zack after the premiere of his new series to talk about his love for the city, favourite spots and where to find the magician after dark.


Tell us a bit about your hood

Zack Mirza: I live in Liberty Village – it’s got it’s own little community which is cool… it’s close to everything that I need, so I find that I don’t have to go far to get things done. It’s filled with young, healthy professionals, so the vibe matches my lifestyle.

What are some of your favourite coffee shops in the city?

Zack Mirza: When I’m looking for a quiet spot to get some work done, I usually like to leave my hood – Liberty can sometimes become a bubble so I do my best to get out as much as I can. You can find me on Queen Street West at a couple of my favourite coffee shops like Dark Horse, or RSquared.

So, when it’s time to eat, where does a magician like you go to fuel up?

Zack Mirza: I cook most of the time, but I’ll normally hit up Saving Grace or The Drake for breakfast, and if I’m feeling a little fancy, Le Select Bistro – the brunch there is bomb. A couple of my favourite lunch spots would have to be The Fish Store up on college, that place is healthy and also just straight up delicious. I also really like Fresh, for those days where I feel like going the vegetarian route. For dinner I normally go to the Soho House. You can find me there most of the time. It’s a great atmosphere to get work done, and also network with people.

You’re a fashionable guy – what are some of your go-to Toronto shops?

Zack Mirza: I normally do all my shopping online… but my favourite place in the city to shop would have to be Nomad. They’re like family – been shopping there for years and they’ve always taken really good care of me to make sure I’m looking fresh.

When it comes to doing the thing you do best – what would you say are the best spots to do magic?

Zack Mirza: The best place to go out and do some magic would have to be Kensington Market for its wide variety of people, especially during Pedestrian Sundays. I also love doing magic over at Yonge and Dundas because of the amount of traffic there is — I’ve had a lot of success performing over there for its touristy vibe. I’m always doing magic at the Soho House for people I meet too. It’s the perfect environment for me to do my thing.

And last but not least, who are some Toronto people that you look up to and respect – who are your local heroes?

Zack Mirza: One of my local heroes would have to be Drake. The amount the guy has done for our city is incredible. He reps Toronto hard everywhere he goes, and has definitely put us on the map. I’d like to be able to make an impact on the magic industry, just like he has for the music industry. I’ve had the opportunity to travel quite a bit over the last year, and out of all the places I’ve been, Toronto is still my favourite.

Posted by Michelle Pinchev (from CityByHeart)

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Toronto’s own Jazz Cartier just released his latest project entitled “Marauding In Paradise”. By now, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Jazz. He’s been making a name for himself over the past couple of years, and this project lives up to the hype. Marauding In Paradise is the first full-length project since 2013, featuring 16 new records, produced entirely by Jazz and Lantz. His eclectic approach to music can be attributed to the fact that he’s lived everywhere from New England to Kuwait before calling Toronto home.

“Marauding in Paradise is the sound of Downtown, Toronto”, says Jazz Cartier.

For more music check out: soundcloud.com/jazzcartier

Previously: Jazz Cartier – “Count On Me” (Official Video)

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If you aren’t already aware, Thursday’s are the new Friday’s, and if you weren’t at The Fitting Room Toronto’s event alongside the Handsome Brut, you most certainly missed out. It was an outstanding, intimate, networking evening filled with sparkling wine, savoury food pairings courtesy of Luther’s Chicken, and great conversations. Owned by Bryan Brock and Brian Cafua, this cut and culture shop knows how to get the conversations going. With the power of social media, a contest rollout was the initiative to a successful night:

“Enter for your chance to win an exclusive VIP experience at The Fitting Room with Handsome Brut on Thursday, March 19th from 8-10PM. Post a photo of your latest haircut on Instagram tagging @fittingroomtoronto and include the hash tag ‪#‎AreYouHandsome‬.”‬

Dim lights and mellow groovy tunes accompanied the relaxed ambiance of the lounge-like gentlemen’s grooming shop. The atmosphere was undeniably attractive. As the crowd mixed, mingled, sipped on some bubbly, and enjoyed h’orderves, Levi of the Handsome Brut, gave the crowd an informative insight on the creation process of the sparkling wine.


“The Niagara region is really bang on for Sparkling wine,” he said. “The climate, the soil type, the seasons — It’s perfect for it.”

The Handsome Brut is said to do things old school by believing in quality, tradition, and doing things right.

“The problem with bubbles is any little mistake you make with it, it’s going to show up in the wine; it’s a science.”

It takes longer and requires more work but the end results are worth it.

“I love making sparkling wine because it’s the hardest one to make. Reds and whites are a walk in the park,” Levi said as he threw his hands up.

The key to a successful sparkling wine is in patience and moderation with alcohol content and fermentations.


“With sparkling, you don’t want too much alcohol to begin with. You want to start off nice and low with under 10 per cent of alcohol because it’s going to go through two fermentation processes,” he said. “If you rush the process and go too high with the alcohol percentage, it’s going to kill the yeast and you’ll be left with too much residual sugar, which can lead to bacterial infections later on.”

The Handsome Brut is a true traditionalist. Their wines are handmade in the traditional method from 100 per cent Ontario Chardonnay and undergoes two fermentations in the bottle, where it also spends two years aging on average.

“The traditional method is putting the wine back into the bottle, putting the yeast with the sugar, and that’s what produces the bubbles in the bottle,” Levi explained. “We add to it what we call a dosage, a secret herb and spices — it’s the wine making secret. It take about 18 months to eight years.”

Much like The Fitting Room, the Handsome Brut loves great company. Bryan Brock had mentioned the importance of the evening’s event was to gather not only their loyal clients and supporters, but also some of Toronto’s creative influencers for a night of networking, building, and sharing. We all have hectic work and personal schedules and Brock found it fitting (pun intended) to host an intimate event where memories, experiences, relationships and conversations are guaranteed to be created.



Featuring the Handsome Brut tasting in Toronto’s newly opened lounge-like men’s barbershop was a no-brainer. Combining the culture and style of the city that’s conveniently located in the heart of Dundas West, it was only appropriate to also include local Luther’s Chicken in the mix for food pairings.

According to the beliefs of the Handsome Brut, “Bubbles are key to enjoying many foods, so, if it’s something you’d serve beer or soda pop with, you can serve Handsome Brut with.”

“I’d give it a go with all types of foods… You’d be surprised with that you’ll stumble across,” Levi said. “I think it would compliment a variation of dishes and spices and make the simplest dish fancy in flavour.”


Naturally, the Handsome Brut is said to be a great solo act that can go from posh parties to game-day hangouts. Either way, Handsome Brut classes up pretty much any occasion and it certainly outdid itself at The Fitting Room’s event!

As an added bonus, mucking around with sparkling wine and having fun with different flavours is highly encouraged, according to Levi.

“Maybe some Brandy, maybe some Cognac, maybe a little but of Port; just something to give it some complexity, and that’s the secret. It’s incredible how something so small can change the wine.”

In regard to the men of The Fitting Room, mixing more alcohol with alcohol shouldn’t be a problem. They aren’t groomed to be handsome brut’s for nothing!

For more info visit: fittingroomtoronto.com

Posted by Christina Cheng

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Young Wolf Hatchlings are the latest Toronto-based dj/producers making a name for themselves. They had their first Billboard number one record in January with the production of Fall Out Boys “Uma Thurman”. Recently, they released a dubbed rework of Thomas D’Arcy’s record “You Lovely You”, along with an official music video (watch below). Keep an eye and ear out for these guys!

Listen to more of their music here: soundcloud.com/youngwolfhatchlings

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The One Eighty Experience


On April 7, The One Eighty hosted an event to showcase the re-established 51st Floor of the Manulife Centre building, previously known as Panorama. Renowned for its spectacular, panoramic north and south views of the city of Toronto, and romantic atmosphere, The One Eighty introduces a unique LA-inspired dining experience.

The name refers not only to the 180-degree-view of the city, but also reflects the approach to the new food menu, spearheaded between Sebastien Centner, President and CEO of Eatertainment and Executive Chef, Christopher Matthews.

“We are introducing a new culinary experience unlike any other in Canada, and bringing the dining experience to a whole new level,” said Sebastien Centner, President and CEO of Eatertainment.

The One Eighty’s unique interior design and overall menu concept is inspired by Centner’s life changing travels around the globe. He mentions taking chances, creating experiences, and finding interesting ways to make situations enjoyable. For instance, the “Brussels Sprout Cesar” on the menu originated from his hate for Brussels sprouts until he ordered it during his travels.

“I saw it on a menu when I was travelling and I hate brussels sprouts but I ordered it because I want to try it and it turned out that I liked it,” he said. “So I thought, if there’s a way one can make brussels sprouts in a way that I like it, then we have to create it on the menu and find an interesting way to do it — so we did our own version!”


Introducing a fun, luxe takes on interactive tableside service to charm guests, servers visit tables between courses, offering exclusive gastronomic items and specialty cocktails from stylish bar-carts. Their tasty tapas dishes range from $6 – $9 and they are the perfect, sharable, snacks to tease the taste buds between meals.

“We had a lot of fun with the menu and the idea behind it is, it’s going to change seasonally but we have the flexibility of doing that more often if we wanted to. The moment we’re not inspired by something on it, we’ll just change that dish.” Centner said. “With the cart, we’re going to do it differently; every night will be different. Whatever the chef comes up with that he thinks is great, we’ll add.”

Select house cocktails are served bottled for a pop-art touch. Executive Chef of Eatertainment, Christopher Matthews, whose culinary inventions are inspired by great art and architectural designs, inspired this idea.

“The idea behind the cocktails is, there’s five ounces of liquid in that bottle and two ounces of it is alcohol,” Centner explained. “It’s suppose to look sweeter than it actually taste. It’s suppose to taste less strong than it actually is, and it’s an all-around tribute to classic cocktails with a twist.”

The Coconut Lavender Lemonade and Blood Orange Sangria are both vodka based with sweet and tart elements, making them ideal for the upcoming patio season, while the Rosemary Maple Bourbon Sour will warm up even the coldest of Toronto days.


The 2,500 sq. ft. interior reflects a unique juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary luxury. Centner says despite that all, the real focus was on creating an outstanding menu that pushes the boundaries of innovation while remaining highly accessible.

“This was by far, the most collaborative menu that we’ve ever done,” he said. “We had my executive chef at catering, sous chef at catering, corporate chef, three other chefs involved, plus myself.”
The menu features fresh new takes on recognizable comfort dishes from culinary cultures around the world.

Appetizers and salads will include duck confit hash with rapini; and lobster gratin with kettle chips and lemony pea shoots. Mains include buttermilk fried chicken and waffles with chipotle honey and lemon; rosemary spatchcock Cornish hen with zucchini tagliatelle; green pea risotto with edamame and pickled beets; and house made white pizza flatbread with prosciutto and smoked provolone. For dessert, guests can choose from among the tempting molten chocolate macaron with vanilla ice cream; the decadent chocolate peanut butter tart; or the refreshing creamsicle panna cotta. The unique daily snack-cart offerings, not found on the everyday menu, will also offer a wide range of sweets!

Harmonizing the relationship between great taste, perfect texture and bold colour, each dish is founded by quality ingredients.




The One Eighty is open Sunday to Wednesday from 5pm – 1am and Thursday to Saturday 5pm – 2am. For more information, please visit the51stfloor.com.

Posted by Christina Cheng

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The Remix Project has teamed up with Samsung to produce a multi-media exhibit featuring photos, videos, and audio projects created exclusively on Samsung mobile devices. CONTENT features the works of 10 alumni from The Remix Project’s Academy of Creative Arts. Each artist was provided with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Samsung Tab S and challenged to use their devices to create art showcasing how mobile technology allows them to get closer to what they love.

You’re invited to join the creative community for the launch of CONTENT on Thursday, April 23rd from 8pm – 12am at Neubacher Shor Contemporary Gallery (5 Brock Ave). This event is free and open to the public. The exhibit will remain open from 12-5pm on April 24th and 25th.

We’ll see you there!

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Fresh off an incredible debut Coachella performance, Toronto-based “Trap Band” Keys N Krates team up with Serato to perform an in-studio version of “Understand Why”. Keep an eye on keyboard frontman Matisse who’s rocking his @1LOVETO “Toronto” Tee! If you’re in Toronto this weekend, make sure you stop by Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas St East) this Saturday, April 18th between 12-7pm to pick up your very own Toronto Tee!


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The guys over at Community 54 teamed up with Toronto Raptors very own Patrick Patterson in a collaborative effort to create an exclusive capsule collection entitled “Team 54″. The collection, made entirely with classic Champion cotton and fleece is now available, just in time for playoffs!





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Project Gallery Presents 15 Painters


15 Toronto-based emerging contemporary painters will be participating in Project Gallery’s pop-up preview exhibition from April 16-22nd, 2015. Each featured artist has an upcoming solo or duo exhibition at Project Gallery (1109 Queen Street East) sometime later in 2015/16. These artists are committed and incredibly talented contemporary artists who each work with paint in a different way to create imaginative, precise, and evocative results. Navigating diverse subjects, themes, and styles – this exhibition promises to be be a dynamic showcase that reflects bold explorations in the contemporary aesthetics of paint through their works.

Participating Artists Include: Richard Determann, Kevin Colombus, Jerry Campbell, Christina Mazzulla, Alex Buchanan, Lisa Johnson, Sara Pearson, Ted Zourntos, Brian Harvey, Colin Davis, Dominique Fung, Callen Schaub and more.

Alex Sheriff (Showing Aug 13 – 26th, 2015)

Tessar Lo (Showing Sept 10 – 30th, 2015)

Erin Loree (Showing Oct 1 – 14th, 2015)

For more info visit: projectgallerytoronto.com

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