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Toronto-based singer/songwriter Aria Zenua just released her music video for “Trippin”, a new single off her latest EP. If you’re unfamiliar with Aria, her music is a fusion of everything from soul, reggae, blues, and pop. Take a few minutes to check out her music and let us know what you think?

Listen to one of our favourite songs by Aria – “Pushing Me Away”

For more info: facebook.com/ariazenuamusic

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UforChange: Family Reunion

UforChange is an arts-based educational program for young people living in Regent Park, St. James Town, and across the GTA. They just posted a recap video from their “Family Reunion”, where over 70 of their closest friends and allies came together to celebrate the partnership between Prince’s Charities Canada, UforChange and the Wellesley Institute. Watch the video to see what UforChange is all about!

For more info: uforchange.org

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Subway Thoughts


Toronto-based cartoonist Kurtis Scott has turned his daily commute on the TTC to a web series of hilarious, but very true commentaries entitled, “Subway Thoughts”. We’ve included a few of our favourite episodes that we know you can relate to…





For more info: kurttoons.com

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The Generator Hostel Berlin Mitte in Germany, has been created by Ester Bruzkus, WAF Architects and the Toronto-based Design Agency. You may already be familiar with The Design Agency’s work without even knowing it. They’re responsible for venues like Brasaii, Momofuko, Soho House Toronto and the flagship Generator Hostel in Spain. Take a look at what they’ve done in Germany!








Photos by Nikolas Koenig

via Contemporist

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Recently, the “F-You: The Forgiveness Project” was featured on MTV with a mini-doc style 7 minute piece featuring founder Tara Muldoon. She’s a Toronto-based entrepreneur who’s brought together thousands of people through her F-You project, helping others to heal through forgiveness.

Aside from her successful speaker series events, she released a book last year entitled, “F-You: The Forgiveness Project: Memoirs of Violence & Compassion”, with plans to release a second book in the near future.

Take a few minutes and watch this powerful video to learn about Tara’s story and the incredible work she’s doing!

For more info: whatisfyou.wordpress.com

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The Toronto Fringe


If you’re an aspiring artist in music, theatre, dance film etc., or know someone who is, you’re going to want to hear the latest news out of The Toronto Fringe.

It takes money to make money, right? And let’s face it, money is always an issue. Well, The Toronto Fringe just launched a national crowd-funding campaign for indie artists called, Fund What You Can or FWYC. It’s different from other crowd-funding platforms because it’s specifically designed for indie artists and claims to offer a more targeted reach to campaigners.

Executive Director of Toronto Fringe, Kelly Straughan says, “FWYC is a natural extension of what we do at the Fringe and a part of our overall mission to give back to artists. We are thrilled to partner with the Metcalf Foundation and Hivewire to bring this vital source to Canadian artists.”

The initiative will work in conjunction with the three existing programs at The Toronto Fringe: Fringe Festival, Next Stage and Creation Lab. The Creation Lab is a subsidised studio space which you can rent for as low as $6/hr for seminars to rehearsals to classes. Next Stage is a theatre event which showcases upcoming talent looking for wider exposure while also providing useful resources. Lastly, the crowning event is The Fringe Festival. It’s Toronto’s largest theatre and performance festival which sees more than 90,000 people each year. Over the course of 12 days, more than 150 productions are enjoyed at over 25 venues across the west end.

Since ’89, The Fringe has helped launch thousands of careers in the arts and returned nearly $5,000,000 to their artists.

For more info visit: fringetoronto.com

Posted by Samira Zia Rehman

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Garrison Point Community


We’re used to seeing condo’s pop up all over the city, but it’s rare you actually see the construction of a “master planned community”. That’s how Jeff Clark, VP of Baker Real Estate Incorporated, describes the exciting new development called Garrison Point.


It’s “like an oasis” he says, because it’s more than just propping up a building; it’s actually five luxury condominiums and the cultivation of a community. It was designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects with interiors by Munge Leung; landscape architect, Claude Cormier. Jeff explained that a lot of young families are looking to Garrison Point because of its family friendly features like, a kid’s lounge, pool, rooftop terrace, a retail component and lots more. The suites are, on average, bigger than downtown, on the “cutting edge of architecture” and boast a beautiful view into the city.


Garrison Point developers have gone a step further to foster the sense of community by partnering up with Toronto’s Benchmark Group to create Movement Haus. There, you’ll have everything from, yoga, pilates, massage therapy, organic food delivery and lots more to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Another awesome plus is the connectivity to all the surrounding parks: Coronation, Fort York, Stanley, Trinity Bellwoods and the Martin Goodman Trail. Green space was an important aspect in the creation of Garrison Point to make it a place people genuinely want to be and enjoy. You get the quaint culture of Liberty Village with the class of innovative urban design.

For more info: garrisonpoint.ca

Posted by Samira Zia Rehman

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Toronto-based four-piece rock band Hands & Teeth recently premiered their latest music video for “Easy” off their album “Before The Light”, on Much Music/MTV. Since their inception in 2010, the band has released one EP (Enjoy Your Lifestyle), one LP (Hunting Season, ranking in the top 200 of 2012 in Canadian college radio), plus they’ve played a variety of shows and festivals across North America (including NXNE, SXSW, Halifax Pop Explosion).


For more info: handsandteeth.com

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