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In less than a month Fashion Art Toronto, formerly known as |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week, returns for five spectacular nights, from April 12-16, with over 50+ runway shows and performances, photography exhibits, interdisciplinary art installations and a selection of curated fashion films.


Daniels Spectrum plays host to this years 11th annual Fashion Art Toronto, as the only festival of its kind in Canada, setting the stage for over 100 emerging and contemporary fashion designers, artists and stylists to unleash a stimulating and inspired showcase that creatively fuses fashion and art; providing a much needed platform and exposure for independent fashion and design.



For more info visit: fashionarttoronto.ca

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The Scotiabank Photography Award


Back in 2006 when Scotiabank hosted a photo exhibit for the CONTACT Photography Festival in Toronto, they witnessed first-hand “the powerful way photography helps connect people con-nect with a moment in time.” This, according to Barbara Mason, Group Head & Chief Human Resource Officer at Scotiabank. By 2010, they became the title sponsor for CONTACT, the largest photography festival in the world.

To deepen their commitment to the art of photography, Scotiabank developed the Scotiabank Photography Award. Barbara describes it as, “Canada’s largest and most prestigious annual peer-nominated and peer-reviewed award that acknowledges the outstanding contribution that our winners have made to contemporary art and photography. These are artists who strive to invent, influence and redefine the reception of art in ways that will endure.”

This year’s shortlist of nominated photographers include:

Suzy Lake, Toronto, Ontario

Pascal Grandmaison, Montréal, Québec

Jayce Salloum, Vancouver, British Colombia

Suzy Lake, who is from the Little Italy area, had this to say about her nomination:

“I am very grateful to be nominated in such an important competition among a broad range of notable photographers. I admire the full list of nominees…I am honoured that an esteemed jury has selected my work to become a finalist. It is overwhelming.”

The winner will go on to receive $50,000, a book publishing contract by internationally ac-claimed photographic art publisher, Gerhard Steidl and a feature exhibition at the Ryerson Im-age Centre in next year’s festival. Past winners have gone on to exhibit worldwide from Paris to Chicago to Jerusalem and continue to grow acclaim.

Barbara adds, “We believe we get more from the arts than we could ever give. The arts enrich the communities where we live and encourage us to develop new perspectives.” The winner of this year’s award will be announced on May 3, 2016.

For more info, visit: scotiabank.com

Posted by Samira

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Raahiem – “Fear”


Toronto’s Raahiem carries on with the ever evolving R&B sound that continues to permeate from the city, with his latest release entitled “Fear”. The track premiered on Noisey, and has quickly made it to playlists everywhere. Give it a listen and let us know what you think? Stay tuned for Raahiem’s upcoming debut project “Fear of The Unknown”

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Your favourite sneaker/clothing spot – Livestock, just opened it’s doors to a second (and much bigger) location in Roncesvalles. The shop will continue to specialize in limited edition sneaker releases, classic streetwear, and of course hard to find accessories that are mandatory when it comes to separating yourself in a very over saturated market.


The Vancouver-based company has been a part of the Toronto community for many years, holding their position on Spadina (China Town), as a leader in the Men’s fashion game. If you’re in the west make sure you check out their new digs at 406 Roncesvalles Ave. Tell ‘em that we sent ya!



For more info: deadstock.ca

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“The Youth Are Revolting” is the latest exhibition to take over the Gladstone Hotel. The show, which features a spirited collaboration between high-profile Canadian artists and students from the Oasis Skateboard Factory, runs from March 2 – 11th. All the art is produced directly on the skateboards, with this year’s theme focusing on teen stereotypes and rebellion.


The Oasis Skateboard Factory is an innovative TDSB alternative school program where students learn how to run a skateboard business through entrepreneurship and design all while obtaining a credit towards graduating.


If you’re free this week make sure you check out their closing party and silent auction on Friday from 7 – 10pm.

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Toronto-based artist Paul Andre just released his solo EP entitled “It All Makes Sense In The Dark”. Paul’s not a new name in the music industry, with previous releases as part of electro-band Beatface as well as The Pangea Project. Paul’s latest offering of music is dark, moody and full of synths. We recommend listening to this EP late at night. Enjoy…

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This marks the second year and forth season of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. TOM* gives exposure to emerging men’s wear designers.

As the result of trendy brands such as Paradis, Andre Coimbra, and DALLA, Men’s wear in Toronto has become a buzzword. Whether you’re into street wear, gothic layers or made to measure TOM shows a vast variety. One of my favourite part of TOM* is discovering new talent. Here is a break down of my favourite shows of the week.


This show was an absolute favourite of the week. Everything from the vibrant accessories, luxurious fabrics and pops of colour in suiting. Caffery Van Horne’s collection was his take on current trends like leather backpacks and winter boots. His suiting consisted of classic prints mixed with hints of street wear. The collection made faux pas’ like dress pants with snow boots look chic. Although the ready-to-wear was a crowd pleasure, the neon accessories really stole the show. The bags literally had the front row standing.


Hip and Bone was a classic street wear collection. This Montreal designer made warm look cool with his cozy bomber jackets and stylish sweats. The collection consisted of mostly black, other than his green camouflage print numbers. The printed jump suits were captivating and the sneakers helped highlight every look.


3 Paradis was one of the most anticipated shows of this TOM* season. The collection’s dark colors consisting of burnt orange, black, grey and hues of blue. The Canadian style had a militant vibe. The garments were more tailored and detailed than your typical street wear brand. One of my favourite looks was the grey shinny corduroy jacket. The coats in the collection gave the pieces had depth and structure.


Like 3 Paradis, Dalla was also one of the most anticipated shows of the season. The brand has recieved a lot of attention on the red carpet as its a favourite among celebrities. This season Dalla was serving all types of rock star with dark eye makeup and tight pants. The collection had a strong European influence with embroidered buttons and velvet printed blazers. The hounds tooth sweaters gave some looks a feminine edge.

For more info on TOM* visit: tomfw.com

Posted by Olivia Jordan Lewis

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You may be familiar with Corbin Portillo’s aka @Blkoutln work, but if not, this Hamilton/Toronto-based artist is set to catch your eyes. Corbs is a graphic designer and illustrator who studied at George Brown College, but his ‘career’ started long before hitting the books at post-secondary school. Corbs has been drawing and painting since he was a kid, always knowing that the creative industry was where he wanted to work. He’s worked in a print shop, marketing/branding studio and recently he’s been focusing more and more on his freelance work. His work on Instagram has become very popular with people like Drake, Jeff Staple, and Demar Derozan, re-posting his work. He’s also got a growing client list with work for the likes of TSN, DVBBS, King of the Dot, and many more.




To see more of Corbin’s work, check out: corbs.ca

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Staying In vs Going Out #StayDate

It’s easy to get stuck in your day-to-day routine, especially if you love to work as much as we do. Luckily, Molson Canadian sent us a kit full of their MC67 Session IPA and some helpful tips to help disrupt our daily grind. The idea behind the creative Molson Canadian kit was to help us guys plan a date night, without having to actually go out. Sounds too good to be true, but trust us, our #StayDate worked!


First, we opened the kit and discovered 4 cans of MC67 Session IPA, a gift card for Pizza Nova, a handful of cards with helpful date night tips, plus a games wheel full of fun #StayDate options.


We quickly shuffled through the tip cards and realized Tip #2 was quite possibly the most important – “Chill That Drink”, which read: Warm beer? No problem. Wrap a wet paper towel around your can and put it in the fridge for 20 minutes – a fast forwarded chill.


We also decided to make use of Tip #1 – “Quality Over Quantity”, which read: Maximize quality time on your #StayDate by ditching your devices and focusing your time on your better half.


Next up was finding some entertainment, which wasn’t that hard thanks to the games wheel. We spun the wheel and it landed on ‘Movie Night’, so we turned on the TV and watched the 88th Academy Awards (The Oscars).

20 minutes later, we cracked our cans of MC67 Session IPA and enjoyed a refreshing taste of fruit flavours with a hoppy sensation. Enjoying a refreshing beer together while filling our bellies with pizza and wings was definitely a highlight of our night. (Fella’s, so far this has been the easiest date night ever. Drinks, Food, Entertainment without leaving the comfort of your own home.)



All we had left to do was sit back, relax, and enjoy some time together.


The Oscars ended kind of late for a Sunday night, but we still weren’t tired, so we took Tip #4 and “Set The Mood”. Selecting a playlist with some of our favourite artists instantly changed the vibe, letting us enjoy each others company with our own custom soundtrack.


Hands down, one of the best and easiest nights we’ve spent together in awhile. Fella’s, we encourage you to pick a #StayDate next time your girl wants a date night. You’ll both love spending time together over a couple flavour-filled cold MC67 Session IPA ‘s. Thank us later…

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Body Thoughts Experience

From February 11-21, the city of Toronto opened its doors and its individual minds to a new type of art experience on King St. West, called #BodyThoughts. A real, raw and thought provoking art pop-up experience that creates a unique space for honest conversations about our bodies.

Co-founders, Alexa Mazzarello is a former photographer whose focus was on female models and brides, and Erica McDonald is a former international model. Together, they wanted to create a different conversation around body image. They designed the experience using their multidisciplinary backgrounds and personal experiences to create an immersive, multi-medium focus that invites guests to reflect and discuss the way they think about their bodies in a meditative way.


Mazzarello expressed her exhaustion with women in front of her camera lens asking her to Photoshop certain parts of their bodies, telling her to avoid their ‘bad side’ and criticizing photos of themselves in real-time by asking to view every photo directly after each shot. It was then that she turned the camera on herself — creating a series of six self-portraits featuring none other than herself in the nude, along with an intimate audio interview.

“As an opportunity to shift the conversation, I had to put myself in front of the camera. I had to take a stand for what I was talking about… I sat down with all of my beautiful belly rolls exposed and took a picture of it. And looking at those photographs to see myself as a form, so separate from me — I saw a beautiful girl, that’s all I saw.”



With a background in sociology and a masters in public health, Mazzarello felt the need to take responsibility and stand as a woman, artist and photographer to start a new conversation for women and their bodies.

“Stepping in front of my camera was an opportunity for me to reclaim my body and my voice in a very powerful way. It was a way to liberate myself from the concerns I had about my body and to speak about what is important to me,” she said.



The #BodyThoughts experience is personal and contemplative, allowing each guest to find insights in their own thoughts around how they experience the world through their body. How do you listen to your body? What are your body thoughts? There are no right or wrong answers or premeditated takeaways. On the one hand, the goal is to challenge conventional thoughts about the way we think about our bodies. It is also a call to action for content creators to become conscious about the content they put into the world.

Posted by Christina Cheng

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