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Previously featured on 1LOVETO.com as a “Walk-In-Closeter” — Daniel Eckler, is formally known as the founder of MIJLO — creator of simplistic solutions for small spaces. Mainly catering to home décor, supplies, fixtures and knick-knacks, MIJLO originally arose from a desire to build an essential collection of well-designed goods in which he launched: A Better Backpack collection via Kickstarter that’s made to last a lifetime. After a successful campaign that attracted nearly 2,000 backers, the MIJLO team decided to apply their core design values to another product: The Everyday Watch. After reaching their goal with just two days after launching their Kickstarter campaign, Eckler expressed, “When MIJLO designed The Everyday Watch, we did so with a clear purpose: To create an affordable watch with a quality design and a commitment to durability.” Here you have it, with just a week left on Kickstarter, Eckler and his creative team bring you a 10-in-1 timepiece collection with two faces and five diverse bands that are fit for every occasion. We chatted with MIJLO’s Daniel Eckler to get the ins and outs of his latest collection and a sneak peek at his upcoming projects scheduled to drop early 2015.


Since MIJLO specializes in small space solutions, how did you find it fitting to create The Everyday Watch? How does it play with your motto?

MIJLO’s goal is to help people in small spaces live simple and live well, with a collection of well-designed, quality goods. I believe deeply that living a simple life, in a simple home, with simple things, can dramatically increase people’s quality of life. A lot of people don’t agree with that, so it’s our job to show them why we think that way, and encourage them to give it a try.

A lot of people might even agree philosophically, but in practice it’s much more difficult. Downgrading your home from 2000 sq. feet to 1000, or 1000 to a micro-apartment is a big step for a lot of people. We’re encouraging people to start small. Start with your closet. Start with committing to a collection of essential pieces in your wardrobe, and see how that feels. And if it feels good, keep taking bigger steps. After an essentials closet, try an essentials bedroom, and then an essentials home.


I understand that MIJLO’s goal is to help live a simple and well lifestyle with a collection of well-designed, quality goods. How did the 10-in-1 Timepiece Watch idea come about?

Watches are the staple accessory for men, but most watches don’t suit every occasion, requiring men to buy several. We wanted to solve this problem, so we created a watch that a man can wear anywhere, anytime, by simply switching the watch-band, without the use of a tool.

Congratulations on reaching your goal with The Everyday Watch just two days after launching your Kickstarter campaign! Can you elaborate on your experience with Kickstarter? Why/how did you find it to be the best fitting outlet to showcase your new product?

One of MIJLOs core beliefs is accessibility – we want to ensure any product we develop is affordable enough that as many people as possible have access to it. Cutting costs means cutting out the middle-man; MIJLO products are not distributed at retail – we only sell them direct to consumer. Working with Kickstarter allowed us to tap into a great community of like-minded men who have a history of backing innovative products.

Where do you see The Everyday Watch going? What’s your end goal for your new product?

The Everyday Watch is a package of 2 faces and 5 bands that culminate in a 10-in-1 watch. Adding a face makes it a 15-in-1, adding 5 bands makes it a 20-in-1, adding both makes it a 30-in-1. It adds up very quickly. We envision The Everyday Watch growing as a tightly curated assortment of faces and bands that all look beautiful together.


What makes The Everyday Watch different or more appealing than other watches out in the market today? How does it stand out amongst the rest?

The Everyday Watch is the only 10-in-1 watch on the market. Other watches market easy change options, but they are usually cheap looking rubber, or slip-thru bands that do not come as a package. The Everyday Watch is a simple, sophisticated watch that includes high quality leather and mesh metal straps that all are interchangeable without any tools.

Who is your target market audience?

Most of our buyers have been men between 18-35.

What other products are currently in the works? Can you give us a sneak peek on what’s to come for MIJLO?

I can’t say much but we’re working on a wallet for Kickstarter and an app that helps men dress. Both of them will be really interesting and should drop early 2015.


Posted by Christina G. Cheng

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Canada Goose x Uncle Otis


As summer comes to an end, the inevitable cold weather starts to roll in and fashion conscious men everywhere are reorganizing their Fall & Winter wardrobe. Canada Goose & Uncle Otis have partnered for their second collaboration, offering only 150 Otis Parka’s this fall. The bespoke quilted charcoal jacket includes a removable charcoal dyed coyote fur hood, custom-designed wood buttons, and matte black zippers, which retails for $1,150 and will be available exclusively at Uncle Otis (26 Bellair St.) in Toronto as well as online at UncleOtis.com

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Discover Your City!


Earlier this summer we selected five of our ‘potentialist places’ that highlight areas in the city where we find inspiration through healthy living, fashion and style, music, reading and food/cooking. We also asked YOU our readers to give us some of your ‘potentialist places’ and your suggestions didn’t go unnoticed… Discover your city with American Express Canada!



Research, commissioned by American Express, reveals we have a strong desire to discover the places we live in and almost everyone (98%) believes exploring our home towns or cities helps us live our lives to the fullest.

Here’s a shortlist of some of YOUR favourite spots in Toronto to be #InspiredBy:


1. Allan Gardens
2. West Don Lands
3. Toronto Island
4. Casa Loma
5. Kensington Market

The journey doesn’t stop here! There will always be new and undiscovered places in the city to be #InspiredBy.

Previously: 5 Places In Toronto That We’re Inspired By

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Keys N Krates – “Are We Faded”


Nearly a year after releasing their critically-acclaimed “SOLOW” EP, Keys N Krates have emerged from the studio with their newest creation “Are We Faded.” Premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show on 8/8, the first single off their upcoming “Every Nite” EP showcases the trio’s hallmark harmony between hip-hop, electronic and instrumentation.

Previously: Grandtheft & Keys N Krates – “Keep It 100″ (Video)

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Toronto-based company FoundMissing plans on changing the way we discover, share, and purchase men’s footwear brands online. Their mission is to build an online boutique retail experience unlike any other, specifically for men’s footwear in the urban, athletic, casual, and luxury categories. This Thursday August 21st marks their official website and app launch event entitled “Origin”. The event takes place at Hermann & Audrey (1506 Dundas Street West) from 6-11PM, allowing guests to become the first members of FoundMissing, giving them premiere access to the website and ability to download the mobile app.

For more info visit foundmissing.ca

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Toronto Frosh Festival 2014

It’s that time of year again… Back To School… and that can only mean one thing… Toronto Frosh Festival!!!

For a second year in a row, on Sunday, September 7th, Toronto’s Echo Beach will be transformed into one massive outdoor festival, with over 15,000 people ready to party. This year’s line-up features A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, A$AP Mob, Carnage, Dzeko & Torres, Joe Ghost and many more. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of Toronto Frosh Festival history!



When: Sunday, September 7th, 2014
Where: Echo Beach
Time: 3 – 11 PM
Ages: 16+ (with a 19+ licensed area)

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Sail-In Cinema


Sail-In Cinema kicks off tonight with another outdoor movie experience at Sugar Beach. You can stick to dry land or watch from the water with Sail-In Cinema’s double-sided screen floating in the water. The event is entirely free, but we suggest you get there early to get a good seat! Tonight’s movie is none other than the classic JAWS (how fitting, lol). The following night is Jurassic Park followed with E.T. on the 16th. Enjoy!

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Umbra Shift Collection


Umbra Studio, located in Toronto’s downtown core, is considered the city’s lifestyle concept store which caters to collaborative outputs of Umbra’s in-house designers — serving as an outlet towards a creative and diverse group of individuals from all over the world.

For instance, this past week, Umbra opened their concept studio to welcome the new “Umbra Shift” collection — where they experiment with various designers around North America, including three from Toronto and one from Vancouver. Umbra Shift is best described as “an extension of Umbra that focuses on contemporary influences in the design community” and experiments with new materials, techniques, and processes; and serves as a platform for discovering ways of re-thinking practical everyday items.

Umbra Shift revisits the past 30 years of Umbra’s ever-changing designs and revamped it with a fresh, young roster of established, emerging, and in-house designers who share Umbra’s passion to re-think things and design personal objects they themselves would like to gift or use at home.
The result of the Umbra Shift collection expresses diverse points of views through design, yet sits together with a shared belief in ideas that are functional, familiar and forward thinking.


For instance, UK designer, Philippe Malouin designed the most talked about piece from the Umbra Shift collection — the “Hanger Chair”. The Hanger Chair mimics one of the ultimate storage systems — the modest hanger. When not in use, it hangs and stows in a compact, orderly fashion and easily unfolds when needed. It’s perfect for small spaces and for hosting dinner parties. Genius and practical concept! (Available in: marine, grey, yellow, black and coral.)


Two collaborative Toronto designers, Jessica Nakanishi and Jonathan Sabine of MSDS Studio — typically engage in the pursuit of emotive concepts, objects and environments. With that being said, they have created the Pleated Dish, Vase and Planter as part of the Umbra Shift collection. The”Pleated series” was made to accompany plants through its different stages of growth. Each piece caters to quality as it is handmade and sports geometric pleats that flawlessly highlights its content. For an added bonus, it’s also low maintenance as each planter includes a self-watering wick. MSDS Studio are also collaborating masterminds behind: Spin Toronto, Shopify and Mjölk.

Other Canadian designers who have joined Umbra Shift are Jano Badovinac of Toronto-based design studio, Fugitive Glue and designer, Lukas Peet of Vancouver. Jano designed practical and cozy Felt House Slippers, while Lukas designed Asymmetrical Candle Holders.


Two other popular and in-demand pieces from the collection are the Roll Bottle Opener (which sold out in one day), courtesy of Umbra Studio and the Coiled Stool by New York based designer, Harry Allen.

The Roll Bottle Opener is anonymous in function and cast from solid brass; and not only is it stylish and functional — it’s also likely to find itself on the vanity sooner than the kitchen drawer.

The Coiled Stool is another favorite as it’s unique and inspired by the traditional basket-making techniques of the Philippines. Hand-woven threads cover a rattan core to create a surprisingly comfortable tractor seat. The Coiled Stool is the perfect lifestyle and home decor object as it fits easily into casual and formal environments. Available in aqua, red, and grey.


The Umbra Shift collection is practical, stylish, forward thinking, minimal and simplistic — ideal and suitable for your everyday home lifestyle needs. To view and shop the collection, you may visit the Umbra Studio in Toronto (located on Queen St. West and John St.) or shop online HERE.

Posted by Christina G. Cheng

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