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Congratulations Jama Mahlalela


If you read the Toronto Star article, then you already heard the amazing news. Toronto’s own Jama Mahlalela of the Toronto Raptors and Concrete Hoops International Basketball Camp has been hired by the NBA at a Directors level to run basketball development for the continent of Asia. This past Monday he moved to Hong Kong to start his new job.

It’s no secret that Jama is a close friend of 1loveto.com, so we are extra proud to let our readers know about this world class Torontonian. Over the last 15 years I have personally watched Jama accomplish goal after goal, over achieve, raise the bar, share, and inspire thousands of people in Toronto, Vancouver, Kenya, Swaziland, and Brazil just to name a few.

Jama you are my hero, my brother, and my motivation. On behalf of Brock, myself, Concrete Hoops, and the entire city of 1 Love T.O. we wish you only the best.


To read the full article by Toronto Star writer Doug Smith CLICK HERE.

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1 LOVE T.O. Snowman




Yesterday we asked our Twitter followers to make a snowman or a snow angel and send us a pic. Two of our readers Eric (left) and Evan (right) just sent us these pics.

Thanks guys!


Welcome To Canada

This may seem like a Tim Horton’s commercial, but take away the logo, and the product placement…. and you have a real life, emotion filled story that captures the feelings of many new Canadians.

Do you, your parents or friends have a story to tell? Leave a comment.

“Welcome to Canada. Welcome Home”.


Omar Al-Samadi & Kyra Jean Green

Here’s why I believe in the concept of 1 LOVE T.O. through, music, arts, culture, and every other ingredient of a great life in a big city.

I was doing a shoot at Nyood last week and was well over my assigned time and getting in the way of the next project scheduled to use the space. As I was rushing and feeling guilty, I decided to go over to the gentleman who I was inconveniencing to introduce myself and apologize.

Within minutes we were exchanging vimeo links and sharing ideas.
I met the very talented Omar Al-Samadi who then introduced me to Kyra Jean Green, the combination of these two artisitic and creative minds produces one of my favourite stop-motion video presentations of 2010.

This is the first post of many, as Omar and Kyra have agreed to correspond with 1loveto.com throughout their travels around the world.


Maryam Presents: I WANT, I NEED



Firts off I would like to introduce you to a very talented and hard working young photographer/poet, Maryam Toson. We met Maryam at The Remix Project originally but stayed in touch since graduation and reunited recently on set for a commercial shoot.

She told me about her travel plans and above is a teaser of her newest project/exercise I WANT, I NEED. I love the concept, the intent, and the vision for the project.

So I wanted to share it with our 1 Love T.O. readers

She said that the project is to provoke thought within yourself and others involved. Her next step is shooting I WANT, I NEED in different parts of the world ie. Egypt and then draw comparisons and spark dialogue around the similarities and differences.

I also love that she will be giving a voice to the homeless by incorporating their answers to the collage/book as well.

If you’re interested in particpating, contact Maryam Toson

1 Love T.O.


A couple weekends ago we were asked by Toronto based Polysh Magazine to be featured in their upcoming issue. The relatively new online magazine asked a variety of key bloggers in the city to come together for an interview and cover shoot. Take a look at the behind the scenes pics with cocoandlowe, hustlegrl, whoisdrew, iwantigot, urbanebloc, and lostinthewillderness.










We’d like to send a big thank you to the Polysh Mag staff: Courtney Roberts-Editor-in-Chief, Hailey King-Business Director, Nathan G-Creative Director, Youlanda Jackson-Fashion Director.

Stay tuned… we’ll let you know when the issue drops!

Photos by Andrew.