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Jacflash x Jaclife

Oh the wonderful ladies of JACLIFE. I first met the ladies at a launch event that they hosted at the Jacflash store on Queen St. They are all gorgeous, hip, and fun to hang with. They have a great chemistry and like other groups of great friends they’ve developed their own lingo.

While talking to Jaclyn G. for the first time, I had to ask her what ‘geeve’ and ‘peeked off’ meant. By my understanding ‘geeve’ meaning caring or not caring about a situation and ‘peeked off’ meaning having a crush on someone.

Along with their own cool lingo is a super cool reality show about their lives that got picked up by slice.ca.

Click here to watch Episode 4 Peeked Off.

Watching the episodes has definitely been entertaining and funny, we wish the girls of Jaclife the best of luck.

What do our readers think about the show?


It’s that time of the month again… “Soundtrack To The Streets” is back with a variety of Rock/Indie Rock and some other sounds that hopefully you haven’t heard of yet. Let me know what you think of this month’s playlist?

The Black Keys – “Next Girl”

Broken Bells – “The High Road”

Radiohead – “Nude” (Remix)

Beck – “New Sensation” (INXS Cover)

Mayer Hawthorne – “Thin Moon”

Photo by photoartbygretchen.


For the first time in the history of the Toronto Blue Jays, they’ve included a pair of DJ’s in this years line-up. Toronto’s own DJ DLUX & JEDI are the newest memebers on the team. The Jays home opener is scheduled for April 12th vs the Chicago White Sox at 7:30pm.

“Let’s Go, Blue Jays”

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Dull Life

Toronto natives Ryan Freeman & Grant Peters (The Dirty Tees) have recently collaborated to produce/compose their own original music and dabble in the art of remixing. Check out their latest remix of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Dull Life”.

“Dull Life” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs (The Dirty Tees Remix)





The PACT Urban Peace Program empowers, supports and encourages youth to reach their full potential in life. PACT has helped thousands of at-risk youth in partnership with the courts and schools in the GTA region with almost no government funding. If you have some spare time, please watch the short doc about the program.

Directed by Andrew Chudzinski.


1LOVETO.com Turns 1


1 year ago today, 1LOVETO.com was born.

In 1 year, we’ve become exactly what we set out to be – a unique online destination, embracing and sharing the best in art, style, music, culture and commUNITY for our city – Toronto. The 1 LOVE T.O. brand was created in the summer of 2007, with the idea of unifying our city through “oneness”. We chose not to use the individualistic message of “I love wherever”, but instead we’ve included everyone under the umbrella of “1 LOVE”. Our city has so much to offer, and we’re proud to be a part of the movement!

To everyone who has emailed us, sent us a link, left a comment or forwarded our site to a friend has helped shape and build our community. And to those who have gone out of their way to wear a 1 LOVE T.O. t-shirt both in the city and around the world, we have to say…Thank you Toronto!

Save This Date: April 23rd – 1LOVETO.com Turns 1 Special Event (details to follow…)

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The Midway State x Old Bay Station

So a friend of mine sent me this link telling me to watch this Midway State video because coincidentally I was talking about how much I wanted to use the Old Bay Subway Station to do an event.

Cool enough, part of the video was shot in the Old Bay subway station and the music is super cool. As always when we find Toronto talent that is amazing we have to share it with our readers. I also went on the Midway State blog to learn more about the band and was totally impressed.

Let me know what you think?

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