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Yesterday, Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square was lit up by the official 2010 Olympic Torch bearer Vicky Sunohara (pictured above). The excitement is building across Canada, and we can’t wait for the Olympics in Vancouver!

Shouts out to Mr. International aka Kardinal for being one of the official Torch bearers this year. He might just be the first rapper to ever carry the Torch?!

Photo by GBrydson Photography on flickr.

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1 Love T.Oh Christmas Tree


Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

On the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…


Yesterday’s Pop-Up Shop/Night Market was absolutely awesome. Thank you to everyone that came out to support, hangout, and have a cup of egg nog with us. If you weren’t able to make it yesterday but are still interested in buying a shirt, email me at trexxx@1loveto.com


Special thanks to Coco of www.cocoandlowe.com who came by hung out, took pics, drank egg nog, and left with our newest colorway the black on black1 LOVE T.O. shirt.

The staff at NYOOD were perfect, so thanks again for having us!








Yesterday was tons of fun but I think having the christmas tree there really kicked the holiday season into gear for me. With the hectic pace of life and daily responsibilities it wasn’t until yesterday evening that it really felt like “Christmas!

Does it feel like Christmas yet for you? What’s you’re favourite thing to do during the holiday season?

Photos by Coco, Dre & Will.



Food Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

Our friends Celine and Jas from Plato Putas have put together an amazing “Food Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide”! They’ve got excellent gift ideas for your loved ones courtesy of Toronto and New York’s most beloved chefs. Check everyday to see more from Nota Bene’s – David Lee, Mogette Bistro’s – Daniel Muia, Nyood and Kultura’s – Roger Mooking, plus cupcake aficionados, pastry chefs, one of Martha Stewart’s recipe writers and so much more!


CLICK HERE to check out their guide everyday!

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City Of Words


Toronto’s own freelance journalist Sarah Elton has put together a collection of story’s, essays and poems into one incredible book – “City Of Words: Toronto Through Her Writers’ Eyes”. Read the synopsis below…

Scaling the steps of the CN Tower. Hunting for Canada geese in Scarborough. Riding the Queen streetcar. These fragments of everyday life, familiar and unassuming though they may be to Toronto natives, are the language in which we dream. Over the centuries, our city has produced world-class authors who have written Toronto into their fiction, essays, and poems. Some of Canada’s most treasured literature has been incubated on Yonge Street, in High Park, and at the Exhibition. The city never fails to capture her writers, and sometimes they return the favour. City of Words is a collection of excerpts about Toronto from writers such as Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, and Earle Birney, accompanied by stunning original photographs. Together, these words and images reveal the vibrant, vital soul of the city as it has seldom been seen before.

If anyone has read the book, or decides to pick it up… leave a comment and let us know your review?


Timeless From Toronto – Part 3

The words vintage, retro, and throwback have all been poorly used and exhausted, when used to describe music. Most throwbacks actually should be thrown back to wherever they were.

Then there are some songs that no matter when they came out, what hairstyle you were rocking at that time, or what grade you were in. When you hear that song it has a way of evoking the same emotion. The type of song that you memorize the videos and sing the ad-libs, these songs are defined as Timeless.

From time to time Brock and I will submit an entry for the 1loveto.com Timeless From Toronto vault, if you have any suggestions please leave a comment. Once the song is posted on the blog it is up to our readers to decide if it is indeed Timeless from Toronto.

time⋅less  [tahym-lis] – By our definition are the classic songs that have the same impact every single time.

throw⋅back  [throh-bak]- By our definition are old songs, yes just an old song that is not a classic just because it’s old.

Let me know, is it Timeless or merely a Throwback, WHICH ONE?

Also who would you say won the first round, Brock or Me?

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Hello 1 LOVE T.O. readers! We are inviting you to our “Pop Up Shop/Night Market” this Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 2009 (the ninth day of Christmas).

On the 9th day of Christmas, my true love bought for me”

How it works:
*If you have already ordered your shirts, they will be put aside for pick-up.

*If you would like to pre-order between now and Wed @ 12noon, the shirts will be put aside and waiting for pick up. (email: trexxx@1loveto.com)

*If you would like to purchase a shirt, have some egg nog, listen to some music or join us for a christmas carol or two, YOU ARE WELCOME.

1 LOVE T.O. shirts have become a great momento, souvenir, and now christmas gift/stocking stuffer.

This Pop Up Shop/Night Market is for ONE DAY ONLY, right in the middle of your christmas shopping rush.

Pop Up Shop/Night Market is located at “Nyood” 1096 Queen St. West
(Queen + Dovercourt) beside Starbucks *2nd floor*

From 3-10pm

See you on Wednesday!


Tis the season of giving… so we hooked up with our big homie Chris Bosh to give you the chance to win your very own AUTOGRAPHED copy of his new DVD “First Ink”.

All you have to do is leave a comment telling us about the first tattoo you ever got… or if you don’t have a tattoo, tell us the best tattoo you’ve ever seen!

Contest closes this Wednesday Dec. 16th, 2009.

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Polar Bear Swim In T.O.


This past Sunday a group of people from the Wildlands League (including students from George Brown, Humber College, University of Guelph-Humber, Newtonbrook Secondary, and Riverdale Collegiate Institute) held their second annual “Polar Bear Swim” at Toronto’s Sunnyside Beach. The swim was held to spread awareness of climate change while raising money for additional efforts to help our Canadian polar bears.

In the illustrious words of Gucci Mane…“Burrr”!



To view the original article by Kaori Furue for the Torontoist, please click here: http://torontoist.com/2009/12/polar_bears_found_swimming_at_sunnyside_beach.php

Photos by Miles Storey (Torontoist).


After the success of both the Toronto and New York launch parties, Shaun Boothe has just released his video for “Poor Boy” off his upcoming “Hip-Hop In 3D” project. Stay tuned for more from Shaun Boothe, especially after the buzz he created with Puffy & Kanye last week!

Directed by Chris G.

Follow Boothe on Twitter: @ShaunBoothe

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Right To Play

Right To Play is a Canadian based humanitarian organization that improves the lives of children around the world suffering from war, poverty, and disease.

Mastercard has teamed up with Roots who recently released the “Canada Collection”, which is being sold in all Roots stores across Canada. A portion of proceeds from all purchases of the collection will benefit Right To Play, affecting almost 700,000 children in 23 countries in Right To Play programs each week.

For more info CLICK HERE