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Hot Docs, in partnership with Brooklyn’s Rooftop Films, will celebrate springtime in Toronto by presenting three special open-air screenings in its new Rooftop Docs series during this year’s Festival. Hot Docs and Rooftop Films will take over the top tier of the Citipark Cumberland Garage in downtown Toronto’s Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood on the nights of Thursday, May 6 to Saturday, May 8, presenting three evenings of film screenings and live music, and offering free popcorn courtesy of Whole Foods Market.

For screening times CLICK HERE.

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Toronto Board Meeting

Over the past 6 years the “Toronto Board Meeting” has gained popularity, bringing together over 400 riders in shirt and tie to longboard down Yonge Street. The annual event has been documented and a photo exhibition with shots from 2003-2009 is going down this Friday at 7pm inside the Longboard Living Gallery located at 74 Oxford St.

Photo by Jon Nuss.

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A note from Steve…

I’ve been collaborating with graffiti artists, painters and a flashlight for nearly 5 years. This year i decided to bring it to the CONTACT Photography Festival with my series, “Lightworkers.”

Painting with Light. The process involves a tripod and long shutter speeds in ultra low light situations. A black studio. A night time scene. All fixed points of light create amazing star-bursts in the final image. Moving points of light create points of reference, as to where that light source has been, and where it could be potentially going. We have all seen trailing car lights blaze through an evening street scene. Imagine this reference controlled, with masters of the line, wielding the light sources to create amazing works of art, captured only within a photograph.

I took a unique approach with my session with SKAM. Graffiti art has always been seen as vandalism, and although Skam never paints anywhere he isn’t hired to paint anymore, the roots of graffiti still lay in the underground, painting clean walls with murals and tags, often leading to arrests and neighbourhood cleanups.

On the other hand, the graffiti Skam creates with a flashlight only exist within my photograph. The entire experience is captured in a single frame. Light trails. Removed from all things except light itself, drawn once, in space over time, and saved forever. A perfect collaboration between artist and photographer.

Here’s a short behind the scenes from my session with SKAM.

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Toronto by Adam Shax

CONTACT Photography Festival – Open Exhibition: Toronto by Adam Shax

After two exhibitions exploring the cityscapes of Manhattan and Chicago, Shax has succumbed to the pressure to apply his vibrant photographic style to images of his hometown city, Toronto. “Taking pictures of my city is trickier, because I know it intimately and I have to take a step back and try to look at it with fresh eyes. I hope to show just how incredible and exciting the Toronto cityscape is to me.”

For more details CLICK HERE.

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CONTACT Photography Festival

The CONTACT Photography Festival is back from May 1-31st, with over 1000 artists exhibiting their work. With over 200 venues across Toronto, the CONTACT Photography Festival is the largest in the world.

Photography has become increasingly popular over the past few years, partially due to the advancements in technology. This year’s theme, “Pervasive Influence” focuses on the relationship between technology and photography. As technology evolves we witness the transformation of photography alongside the shifting social, political and cultural events of our times. In this era of instant information the image is stimulating unprecedented change in the way we communicate.

To learn more about CONTACT and to check the exhibition schedule CLICK HERE.


Ashbridges Bay – Skate Park

The weather has consistently been nice over the last few weeks, which means outdoor sports & activities are starting up again. For all the skaters in Toronto, one skate park you’ll want to check out is Ashbridges Bay. Watch the quick clip above to see what it has to offer.

Other skate parks include the one on Bathurst (south of Dundas), and the giant park at Hershey Centre (Mississauga).

Do you know of any other really good skate parks?

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Introducing Danilo

Danilo McDowell-McCallum is a Toronto based visual artist. He works professionally as a painter, illustrator, graphic designer, muralist and art mentor with Seedlings Design. As a visual artist and mentor, he has worked for over ten years with various community groups such as The Remix Project, DPNC and The LOFT.

His current collection involves a series of paintings that explore the dynamic between humans and dreams. Feel free to check out his upcoming exhibition entitled “Dream Guardians: The Blockhead Universe.” Opening night is May 12, 2010 from 7-11pm at 52 McCaul Street.


A Note from Bryan Espiritu…

Having an opportunity to create a Fully Wholly character for 1LOVETO was something I was very excited about, both on a professional level and on a personal level as a friend to both Brock and Rexxx. When I finally got to designing, I started to think about a concept that Gavin Sheppard spoke about when we first celebrated the launch of 1LOVETO. He talked about the transition from the Screwface Capital mentality to a new mentality that embraced our city and would become an all encompassing point of support and recognition for the people in it. I considered a design that I had created years ago called “T.O. Don’t Love U” and how it represented a true, but negative aspect of Toronto. I used the original heart from the T.O. Don’t Love U design and illustrated it being broken by the new heart of the city. There are subtle shoutouts to both Bryan Brock and T-Rexxx in the piece that I felt were necessary since they are friends of mine and I saw this project as a gift to them for this great accomplishment.

When the design and outline was completed, I had an idea to create a 1 year anniversary graphic out of the 1LOVETO logo by turning the 1 into a candle that was lit with an upside down heart. I liked the graphic so much that I used it as the final touch on the Wholly, adding a wick and flame to the 1 to further personalize the piece.

I was really overwhelmed with the response to my work at the 1LOVETO event and I’m really grateful to have been part of something so important in my home city.

With Love&Respect as usual,

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As part of our 1 Year Anniversary celebration, we featured a variety of Toronto artists in our art show. As part of the Format Mag “No Homer” series, illustrator Funky Swiss (Contra) did a custom piece just for us. Check out the dope illustration of Kanye West x 1 LOVE T.O. (we love the logo adaptation)!

BONUS DOWNLOAD: “Find Your Love” – Drake (Produced by Kanye West)

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Remix To Rio – Teaser

This Sping/Summer The Remix Project will be releasing their documentary “Remix To Rio”, an hour long documentary about young people making a difference. The film follows Canada’s most innovative youth outreach organization, The Remix Project, to the toughest favelas in Rio de Janeiro as they test their revolutionary outreach model on some of today’s most “unreachable” youth.

So far the documentary has been featured in the Viewfinders Film Fest in Halifax, Indie Spirit Film Fest in Colorado, DIY Film Fest in Hollywood (first prize, best feature documentary), with plans to enter more film festivals in the future.

For more info on Remix To Rio, CLICK HERE.