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Introducing Philip Sparks

Toronto designer Philip Sparks is another designer who continues to deliver quality pieces with well thought out concepts. His recent show for Spring 2010 was inspired by the cottage life and 1950′s Canadian Pacific Railway getaway ads. If you like what you see, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the Fall 2009 line currently available at Holt Renfrew on Bloor.

To see more from Philip CLICK HERE

Video courtesy of the good folks at Level Runner Films.



Toronto Fashion Week officially kicked off October 19 and runs ’til October 24, 2009, but there were two designers that decided to work outside of the box and umm… outside of the tents by producing shows last week.

Last week Thursday we checked out the Greta Constantine show inside the Audi Dealership on Bayview. The answer is yes, actually inside where they conduct business everyday selling R8′s and A4′s. The event was awesome from top to bottom from the valet service to the Rado entry bracelets, the open bar, Hastens mattresses, catered by Nyood, and most importantly a great runway show. Even with all the great extras that the event offered, nothing was more exciting than the 15mins of watching the actual show. The clothes were awesome and all had their own unique mood and energy.

Click the link to read what Fashion Magazine had to say, then check out the pics we posted and let us hear what you have to say.

A special congratulations goes out to the gentlemen of Greta Constantine. Thanks again for the invite.


Photography courtesy of Will.

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Brazen Hussy S/S 2010 Fashion Show


Toronto Fashion Week officially kicked off October 19 and runs to October 24, 2009, but there were two designers that decided to work outside of the box and umm… outside of the tents by producing shows last week.

Last week Wednesday we checked out the Brazen Hussy show at the Spoke Club, definitely a cool and unexpected spot to find a runway of Brazen Hussies. The show was amazing, each piece increased the excitement in the audience. The line showed great range using various colours, lengths, and great usage of zippers, pleats, and frills.

It was fun to watch the facial expressions and side conversations from the ladies in attendance that night. It was funny to see that the initial reaction to a particular piece might look like a “oh hell no” but as the wheels begin to turn and that model heads back down the runway the facial expression starts to look more like “I could wear that…”

The pieces are sexy, vibrant, and risky at times, but from the crowds reaction last week, it’s safe to say that there might be a Brazen Hussy piece for every woman.

Danielle Meder of finalfashion.com was among the audience, click here to read what she had to say about the show.

Special congratulations to Kathleen Pedro, Michele Pedro and Ashley Macintyre PR for putting a great show.

We’ve posted pics so you can get a look for yourself, let us know what you think about the Brazen Hussy SS10 line.


Photography courtesy of Matt Legaspi of Concrete Willderness.

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I Love My City


No matter where you’re from, Canada, the US, the islands or overseas you represent where you’re from. The one and only Mr. International aka Kardinal Offishall shows off for Toronto on the new track called “I Love My City” by Boston native Supastar LT which also features NY’s own Red Cafe.

I Love My City – Supastar LT x Kardinal Offishall & Red Cafe

We’re still waiting for the slogan “1 LOVE T.O.” to be in a hit song…

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Last night I went to the LG Fashion Week event celebrating “100 Years of Beauty by L’Oreal Paris”. It was incredible to see all the different styles and trends that we’ve worn over the years. My personal favorite was the 80′s era, pop/rock with an attitude to match.

Video courtesy of istoica on vimeo.

I stayed long enough to check out the rest of the “Wear Love Alive” show which showcased a slew of top designers including, David Dixon, Nada, and Elizabeth Rex to name a few. Check the videos below from our friends over at Freshly.Educated.Men.

There’s so much going on in the fashion world this week, but Toronto has it all…so keep checking for our updates!



Walkmans & Cassettes by TNR




Remember the days before mp3′s, ipods, or even discmans…way back when we used walkmans and cassettes. Personally, I had the giant yellow Sony Sport walkman…that thing was indestructible!

The Toronto band Times Neue Roman has just released their full-length album, only available on cassette as part of a package deal that includes a walkman (designed by Monika Lynn) with headphones and batteries. It’s great to see a refreshing and creative way of releasing music in an over saturated market. The walkman’s have already sold out, but TNR is looking to create more!

We have an exclusive track from the cassette, check it out below…

Music and Math – Times Neue Roman

Kudos to TNR.

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Contra Turns 1


Our friends over at Contra Mag have a lot to be proud of, especially with their latest release celebrating their 1 year anniversary. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Contra, they’re a Toronto based collective who consistently put out creative material with their online magazine – Think Contra. From culture to street style, and from art to music…Contra delivers.

To see their latest issue CLICK HERE

Shouts out to Trung & Mila Victoria for always reppin’.


Happy Diwali From 1 LOVE T.O.


We know that a lot of Torontonians are celebrating Diwali with family, friends, and great food. So we would like to wish you all the best.

Above is a short video explaining the story of Diwali for those that aren’t familiar.

1 Love T.O.