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What’s LOVE Got To Do With It?


“What’s Love Got To Do With It” – Tina Turner

Hello 1 Love T.O. readers, this post is a lot different than any of our previous. Our commitment is to present Torontonians to the world through our arts, community initiatives, cultural events, music, and style happening in the city and around the globe. Staying true to that we would like to present a topic for conversation, maybe debate, but for sure to provoke thought.

What’s LOVE Got To Do With It?

This post stems from a conversation that started with two friends that then quickly developed into an intense group conversation.

Like vs. LOVE

here are some of the points from that convo…

In a relationship be it friends, family, or lovers is it more important to Like or Love the other person? Generally, we like then really like and hopefully grow to love, some of us are even lucky enough to fall inLOVE after that. This tendency or progression is nothing new and has occurred and re-occurred countless times throughout history around the world. With that said, it is also fair to say that we all have heard someone say “I LOVE him/her but I don’t like him/her anymore.”

If you like someone then you will look forward, even wait for their call/bbm/text.

You will want their company when you go to the christmas party/Sobeys/movies.

Some of us felt that LOVE without like shows definite signs of trouble in paradise.

While others argued different points on why they felt like or Love could stand the test of time independently.

Final example: If you parallel a long term relationship with a long distance road trip you will ask yourself one question, “would I enjoy the ride?” Along a ride from T.O. to Miami Florida just like the start of a relationship, you will be super excited in the beginning. Throughout your ride there will be different road blocks, bumps in the road, maybe a flat tire. When these things happen who you’re with will have a direct affect on how quickly you can adjust, pick your spirits back up and continue your journey. Depending on who you’re with that car ride can differ a great deal. It’s one thing to make it there in one piece but it’s another to have an enjoyable ride. Getting a flat tire with one friend you might laugh your way through it, put the spare on and be on your way. With another it might be super stressful and spark an arguement.

So we are asking to hear from our readers on the topic of like vs. Love?

Photo by Miss Mary87 on flickr.


Arkells is a band from Hamilton, which is about 45 minutes outside of Toronto. Their latest video for the third single “Pullin’ Punches” off the album “Jackson Square” was shot by Toronto video director Davin Black, and styled by the infamous Bossy Girls and Remix Graduate Fresh. Photo Will was on set to capture some behind the scenes pics.

Vi & Caitlin (Bossy Girls), Fresh

Photo Will




Comments on the video/song?


Today we got the chance to hang out with the Buffalo Bills Promo Team as they toured the city in preparation for Thursdays game! If you want a pair of tickets to see the Toronto Series: Bills vs. Jets, enter for your chance to win…

All you have to do for your chance to win, is watch the video and name 3 locations where the team was in Toronto?

We’ll see you at the Budweiser x Bills Tailgate Party before the game!

Shouts out to Mr. Lahey from The Trailer Park Boys!

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It’s that time of the month and I’m going “In for the kill”…you’ll understand after you hear this month’s edition!


La Roux – “In For The Kill”

Peaches – “I Feel Cream”

Project X – Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – “Heads Will Roll” ( A-Trak Remix)

Major Lazer – “Louder” (feat. Nina Sky & Ricky Blaze)

Lil’ Wayne – “Single”

Passion Pit – “Sleepyhead”

Photo by @purplepick aka Rémi Carreiro


Love At First Frost

There’s only a few more weeks until Toronto turns into a winter wonderland…

Some of us love to indulge in winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and more. While the rest of us hate the never ending winter with its bitter cold, snow, wind and ice!

Either way, this video makes winter seem not so bad after all!


Introducing Melissa Clemente


This past Thursday inside The Cryptic Canvas, Toronto designer Melissa Clemente introduced her new Spring 2010 jewelry collection “Epoch”. Recognized internationally for creating dynamic one-of-a-kind pieces, she’s proud to release her third full collection. The line draws inspiration from the Philippines and southern Muslim tribal aesthetic, making an exclamation point whenever worn. The materials include wood and glass baubles, feathers, fabric appliqués, over sized brass fixtures and a mixture of chains.

Ladies, if you’re looking for something different this might just be it?!




We’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking…


Photography by Will.

To see more or contact Melissa Clemente Designs CLICK HERE

Epoch is both an homage and a rebirth. It is a step forward while looking to the past. It is a celebration of life, tradition, and a future waiting to be discovered.