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Our big homie DJ IV sent us this behind the scenes video for Classifieds “Oh Canada” shoot. The clips a little long, but if you’re a fan of Classified it’s worth the watch!

Shouts out to Toronto’s own Director Cazhhmere.


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Day is NOT a National holiday here in Canada, so take the time to educate yourself, watch the speech, and share this with a friend.

M.L.K. Day is celebrated on the third Monday of January every year.

1 Love T.O.

Lioness – “What You Do”

The new Lioness video is finally released! Hard to believe this kind of production can be achieved by a local indie band. The three Lioness members – Vanessa Fischer (Vocal), Jeff Scheven (Drums), and Ronnie Morris (Bass) are deeply rooted in different fields of the creative industry. Scheven has merged his love of music and filming by directing videos for Death from Above, TV On the Radio, and Dragonette. Fischer has earned a highly-respected reputation for her finely crafted costumes and double-tasks as a professional wardrobe stylist whose work appeared on Fashion Television, MTV Canada, and Showcase. Morris, alongside Scheven, was a former member of controller.controller.

To hear more from Lioness CLICK HERE.

Directed by: Jeff Scheven / Costumes by: Vanessa Fischer



“Panthers” by Matt Barnes


If you’re in Toronto and want to check out a new photography show by Matt Barnes, make sure you see “Panthers” at the Pikto Gallery (55 Mill Street), from Jan 14 – Feb 19th. If you’re unfamiliar with Matt’s work, check out his incredible portfolio HERE.

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No War

Here’s the new video from the legendary Barrington Levy Feat. Mr. International aka Kardinal Offishall“No War”.

You might remember this track with a feature from Busta or the remix with Lil Wayne, but the official release is with our own Kardi. Barrington Levy is no stranger when it comes to working with Canadian talent… who remembers the classic joint “Top Of The World” with K-OS and Vancity’s Rascalz?

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1 LOVE T.O. Dodgers 2-0





Defending Toronto Dodgeball Summer League Champions, the 1 Love T.O. Dodgers played their Winter League season opener yesterday and we sent over some good luck charms in the form of black/red 1 Love T.O. shirts.

They played two 30 minute games back to back last night.

Game 1:
“1 Love T.O. Dodgers” vs. “the superheros”

Game 2:
“1 Love T.O. Dodgers” vs. “Slum Dodge Gazillionaires

The co-ed league is steadily growing in popularity every season and is becoming a very competitive sport in our city.

We will keep our readers up to date with the 1 Love T.O. Dodgers as the season progresses.

Shout out to the team captains RonStoppable and Rache.

To join the league click HERE

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1 Love T.O.

O.Noir – It’s Better In The Dark!


I got a phone call earlier today from a friend of mine who said she was heading downtown today and wanted to stop by to buy a few 1 Love T.O. shirts. I was shocked that this devote suburbanite was actually facing her fears and driving into the city. She explained that she only drives downtown if there’s no other choice or for a good cause. She went on to tell me about her dinner plans at O.Noir

O.Noir serves dinner in complete darkness, that means no scented candles, no luminous G shock watches to aid you while you eat your steamed veggies, no back light from your Blackberry, just complete darkness.

I asked “what if I need to use the washroom?”
The answer “a waiter will lead you.”
The waiting staff at O.noir is completely blind. O.Noir boasts fine dining and is also socially conscious, providing employment for the blind.

“It’s a sensual dining experience like no other!” says O.NOIR owner and founder Moe Alameddine… “When you eat food in the dark, your remaining senses are heightened to savour the smell and taste of food. Even simple, everyday dishes like potatoes and yogurt take on a culinary flare.”

I’m completely sold, especially when thinking about the dinners I have with my friends that are constantly interrupted by the annoying ‘be-beep’ of Blackberry Messenger.

Dining at O.Noir will allow you try something new, learn about how the blind live, and be a culinary experience like no other.

Good food, good company, and good cause.


We would love to hear from our readers about O.Noir

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1 Love T.O.


On January 23 2010 @ 6 Degrees Night Club (2335 Yonge St.) from 9p til close.
1loveto.com x truevagabond.com will be holding our Annual ‘THANK YOU’ appreciation party. FREE FREE FREE Admission!

It’s our annual appreciation party, where we say ‘THANK YOU’ to those who have supported our projects over the years.

Now with all thats happened in Haiti, we want to contribute to the relief effort in whatever way we can. As of right now the only contributions being accepted are monitary (that’s fine) but if they want clothes and food at any point, we want to be able to support in that way as well.

We are urging our community, readers, and party goers to bring the aforementioned on Jan. 23rd, 2010 to 6 degrees night club to enjoy music, drinks, and hor d’oeuvres all for a great cause.

Today we contacted the consulate in Ottawa who then redirected us to a gentleman in Toronto who will aid us in getting all that we collect by the 23rd to Haiti and in the hands of those who need it.

The collection starts immediately and will close on January 24th, 2010.

If you know of anyone that can help us with this, please let us know.

If you would like to donate or help, we are waiting to hear from YOU.

More details to follow, we will provide them as we are informed.

Our prayers and best wishes go out to those affected directly and indirectly by the earthquakes.

1 Love T.O.

Twitter Is Over Capacity


Social Media, Networking, Twitter, Facebook, BBM, Email, Google Wave, Skype…when is it too much? We tried to log on to our 1LOVETO Twitter acount and the image above showed up. We thought this was funny for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a slap in the face to anyone relying on Twitter for something more important than “I’m making a peanut butter sandwich right now”. Second, it’s sending us an important message depending on if you’re reading it this way…“OVER CAPACITY”. Has technology, specifically Social Media become too much? Are we addicted to using these methods of communication instead of the personal touch of a phone call or meeting face to face. Toronto is known as one of the quickest to adopt social networking tools, so when something like Twitter is down, how do we function?

Just some food for thought, comments are welcome!

Follow us on Twitter @1LOVETO

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Linda Luztono x 106 & Park


Tomorrow tune in to BET @ 6p for Wild-Out Wednesday.

Three female R&B performers step up to compete, one of which is 1 Love T.O.’s own Linda Luztono. If you’re not familiar with Linda’s music check her out online.
Linda is a remix project graduate and super talented. She is beautiful to see and hear. The first time I heard her sing was at the Oakwood Collegiate Kwanzaa celebration, I’ve been sold ever since.

We would like to wish Linda the best of luck and urge our readers to log on and vote for her tomorrow evening at 6p.

Vote for Linda Luztono

Good Luck hun! We’ll be watching and voting!

1 Love T.O.