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“Disorderly” Web Series


There’s a new web series coming soon and it’s called “Disorderly”. Three Toronto-based writers/actors Al Mukadam, Jonathan Malen, and Mazin Elsadig have created a show about three 20 something buddies who work as orderlies at Clearview (a mental health centre). Needless to say, after watching the first teaser, you can already tell this has the potential to be very funny. We can’t wait to watch the first full episode!


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Doors Open Toronto 2014


Doors Open Toronto is back this weekend for its 15th year, allowing people access to explore a variety of unique buildings across the city. On Saturday, May 24 and Sunday, May 25, the public can visit more than 150 of these culturally relevant buildings, including over 40 new destinations than in previous years. We’ve included a short list of new buildings worth checking out!

1. Pachter Hall and Moose Factory

2. The Great Hall

3. Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

4. Artscape Youngplace

5. Fort York Armoury

And of course there are some classics that never dissappoint…

St. James Cathedral

Commerce Court North

Sick Kids Hospital

For more info CLICK HERE

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Toronto-based band Unbuttoned just released their debut single “Shy Cry” off their forthcoming album “Planes”, which is due out later this summer.


“I wrote ‘Shy Cry’ at a time when I felt happiness was not attainable. I felt it was easier to be complacent than to be happy. My surroundings continued to prove and remind me that the ‘straight’ way was the easier way. I wrote this song as a cry for help to myself because when it came down to it, only I was in charge of my actions. Freedom was what I was constantly searching for. Freedom from myself. If it wasn’t for this song and every other song on Unbuttoned’s new album, I’m not sure when or how I would’ve gotten to the position I am today… if I knew then what I know now, decisions I have made in the past would likely be a lot different.” – Casey MQ

Directed by Victoria Long

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On October 27th 2014, Torontonians will be heading to the polls to cast their vote for the next Mayor of Toronto. You’ve probably heard about front runners like Olivia Chow and John Tory but did you know there are about 35 other candidates? Meet Mayoral candidate Richard Underhill.

Name: Richard Underhill

Age: 53

Occupation: Musician (sax player)

How do you hope to change Toronto?
I hope to help Toronto unlock the vast potential of it’s citizens and to harness the creativity of the residents of this great city. I hope to change transit in this city so it resembles the modern cities of Europe and increasingly America. That means complete streets that include space for pedestrians of all abilities, dedicated bike lanes, transit corridors as well as space for cars.

I hope to create a sustainable city where housing is affordable and available in close proximity to jobs and schools, where transit is affordable and efficient and where the waterfront is for recreation, not jets. Most of all, I hope to create a city where decisions are based on consultation with residents and experts, not cronyism and lobbying.

Why did you decide to run?
I decided to run for mayor because I was fed up with the current mayor of Toronto. I was tired of him making a mockery of the office and most of all I was horrified by his slash and burn policies. He has cost this city money while destroying perfectly good plans like transit city and the Scarborough LRT. I was motivated to deputize during budget meetings at city hall and from there was energized to run for office. I hope I can bring good ideas and positive discussion to this campaign.

From years of observation and participation in the political process at the grassroots level, attending community meetings, deputizing at City Hall, participating in campaigns and discussing issues with candidates, I have learned much about how the city functions and how to effect change.

What should the public know about you?
What makes me unique in this mayoral race is that I have had the opportunity to travel the world as a musician. I have toured over 30 countries and have seen first-hand how other cities are modernizing far more quickly than Toronto and reaping the social and economic benefits from better transit, increased green space, complete streets and human scale development. Have any of the other candidates in the race traveled from New York to New Delhi, Amsterdam to Auckland, Helsinki to Havana, Berlin to Budapest or Goa to Guadalajara?

As a musician I also bring to the job the ability to improvise and to come up with outside-the-box solutions. The goal of a musician is to compromise, to cooperate and reach a common goal. My campaign is non-partisan and not wedded to the doctrine of any political party. I owe no favours for past support. For those tired of politics as usual, I provide a chance to break the mold and start fresh, to begin again with someone who is willing to listen, who is compassionate and believes in fairness, who has an open mind and who will not shoot the messenger and shun a good idea from an opponent.

Posted by Samira Zia Rehman

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Name: Saeed Selvam

Current Occupation: Candidate for City Council.

Last Occupation: Campaign Manager for the Your32 Transportation Campaign with CivicAction

How do you hope to change Toronto?
If you’ve ever been downtown during rush-hour and tried to get onto a streetcar/subway or even waited for a bus in -30c weather you know that we could definitely do transit better. I’m pushing for a Downtown Relief Line that’s desperately needed to keep our city moving. Among the many other issues some of the top include affordable housing, youth unemployment and promoting our Toronto brand to the world. With thousands of young people graduating from college and university each year, it’s almost impossible to find a meaningful job.

We also have a massive housing challenge on our hands, it’s getting extremely expensive to live anywhere close to downtown Toronto, but this also includes increases in rent all over the city and with that increase, guess what, there’s often no value improvements to offset it. Similar to increasing TTC fares, people are tired of seeing costs increase without any visible improvements.

Why did you decide to run for council?
I first got involved with the Toronto Youth Cabinet while I was in high school because I was tired of waking up to headlines like “another shooting, another death” during the ‘Summer of the Gun.’ After years of local advocacy, I learned quickly that while you can make a lot of change from the bottom up, there needs to be some support from the top down. I also learned that politics in Toronto did not reflect communities and our diversity in the way it should. When I say diversity however I refer to a diversity of ideas, a lack of willingness to work together and a lack of bold ideas. We suffer from a leadership deficit, dirty politics and an unwillingness to take risks that could make our city even greater.

I decided to run to represent those who didn’t feel they had a voice in politics, who felt it was inaccessible and didn’t apply to them. The issues I’ve mentioned are just a sample of what I felt I could offer in terms of solutions, however the bigger piece was about changing our political culture, not just in Toronto but in Canada.

What should the public know about you?
I like short walks on the beach, I don’t have a barber and I tweet daily to stay in shape.

To learn more visit: saeedselvam.ca

Posted by Samira Zia Rehman

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On October 27th 2014, Torontonians will be heading to the polls to cast their vote for the next Mayor of Toronto. You’ve probably heard about front runners like Olivia Chow and John Tory but did you know there are about 35 other candidates? We spoke to some of the less known of those contenders to understand their positions and perspectives. First up, meet Mayoral candidate Robb (not Ford) Johannes.

Name: Robb Johannes

Age: Recent graduate to the 30s.

Occupation: Singer/musician in Paint, social justice worker. Currently living precariously as many Torontonians do.

How do you hope to change Toronto?
I am completely in support of investment and development in infrastructure but there seems to be a neglect of investment in citizens. Toronto is a world-class city that is worthy of world-class infrastructure and social services. Reducing congestion with better and more effective transit, beginning with expanding the reach and frequency of bus service, is an immediate priority. Allowing for more pedestrian and cycle corridors in the downtown core will also help not only with congestion but with the environment.

A concerted effort to eliminate homelessness through social services but providing tax breaks to developers to designate units for social housing (as is being done in Vancouver and Calgary, for example) is a social and economic responsibility.

Embracing nightlife and arts and culture are also means to connect communities, as well as tap into the rich cultural industry and talent that Toronto has to offer.

Why did you decide to run?
The 2010 Civic Election in Toronto was a potent example of what happens where there is a disconnect between candidates and communities. I felt that simply voting in 2014 was not enough. The Robb Not Ford campaign had its nucleus in the principle of civic engagement, and giving citizens of Toronto, especially young voters and citizens otherwise alienated from the political process, a candidate who is a regular citizen and not a career politician.

What should the public know about you?
Whilst I would consider myself a “youth” candidate, I am by no means limited in my hands-on experience and have an extensive background in legal reform, organizational management, public outreach, program facilitation, and, most significantly to the role of a mayor: acting as a bridge between communities of people who may otherwise be highly polarized.

As a community social justice advocate with government-funded organizations in Vancouver, I’ve facilitated and contributed to changes in federal laws and improved relationships between service providers, representatives, and citizens.

To learn more visit: robbnotford.com

Posted by Samira Zia Rehman

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Tearjerker – “Hiding” EP


Tearjerker is a three-piece indie rock band from Toronto, including (from left), Trevor (drums/samples), Micah (guitar/vocals), and Taylor (guitar/bass/keys). The guys record separately, in solitary circumstances and then bring everything together which helps create their unique layered sound.

The band is set to release their latest EP “Hiding” on May 20th, 2014. You can pre-order on iTunes here: smarturl.it/HidingEP


For more info: tearjerker.ca

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Mississauga-based singer/song-writer Emma Lokai recently released a cover of The Commodores classic hit “Easy”. The weekend’s almost here, but there’s no reason why you can’t take a minute to relax to this on a Thursday afternoon. Enjoy!

PS: Stay tuned for our upcoming interview with Emma!

Previously: Introducing Emma Lokai

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Canadian Music Week


Last week Toronto was blitzed by Canada Music Week (CMW) with acts from all over Canada as well as an array of international groups and artists taking the stage to showcase their craft. The week wasn’t long enough and it was impossible to intake all of the quality music being showcased throughout the city. Although groups and musicians such as City and Colour, Travi$ Scott and Tegan & Sara headlined many events, it’s the up and coming, soon to be stars that really make this week unique and memorable.


On Wednesday night we were introduced to Cam Smith, who opened for Travi$ Scott at the Opera house. Smith was the perfect act to kick off the night as his super high energy levels dictated the nights tone. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming project from the multi-talented artist.


Some other highlights included performances from Toronto’s own Rich Kidd, Kayo and Alfie.




Remember, there is nothing like live music, so get out and enjoy all of the incredible entertainment opportunities this city has to offer!

Posted by Jesse Ingalls

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City and Colour Live


This past Friday we attended the sold-out City and Colour show at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Aside from the incredible fact that Dallas Green managed to fill the ACC, the concert had a few other interesting facts.


For example, Dine Alone Records launched a free “City and Colour Live” app just in time for the concert. You might be thinking to yourself, so what, everyone has an app… Well, the good folks at Dine Alone decided to up the ante by being the first to use Bluetooth low energy iBeacon technology at a concert. Android and iPhone users were encouraged to turn on their bluetooth for the chance to win in-app giveaways through the show. Users walking past one of the 15 active iBeacons at the right time would trigger random devices and reward them with prizes including:

- ticket upgrades to floor seating within the first 10 rows
- suite access for you and a friend
- autographed City and Colour CD’s, LP’s and silk screened posters
- One grand prize winner received a Martin guitar autographed by Dallas Green

Needless to say, concert experiences will never be the same!





Big thanks to Clay and Tricia for taking care of us!

Photos by Nick Simhoni

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