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1LOVETO’s 2nd Annual Photo Walk

Last year @1LOVETO decided to host our 1st Annual Photo Walk with our official photographer @SoTeeOh. We spent over 3 hours hiking through Evergreen Brickworks, capturing shots and taking breaks to learn some helpful tips from @SoTeeOh. This year we’ve decided to switch up the scenery and meet at City Hall where we’ll be walking to the Financial District and eventually The Distillery District.

Join @1LOVETO along side both of our contributing photographers @SoTeeOh & @ellenaturel this Sunday, November 30th from 1-4pm.

If you love taking photos as much as we do, we want to see you there! All you need to bring is your smartphone (apple, android, other), camera (DSLR or film), or both.

Can’t wait to see you!

– Sunday, November 30th
– 1 to 4 pm

– City Hall (Outside Front Door Entrance)

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NYC/Toronto-Based Community 54 just released there “Local Hooligans” Holiday 2014 capsule collection with American-based “Sports Heritage” brand Ebbets Field. The collaboration brings to life a satin coaches style jacket with athletic lettering and numbers embracing the “Local Hooligans” branding. If you haven’t made the trip to Parkdale yet, make sure you stop by Community 54 located at 1275 Queen Street West. Tell ‘em that we sent you!



For more info check out community54.com

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Toronto artist Ian Kamau and LA/Vegas based producer/vocalist Georgia Anne Muldrow release “Heading Home”. The track is featured off the forthcoming ‘Heading Home (Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix EP)’ which is being released on January 6th, 2015. The 3-song EP includes “Heading Home”, plus additional remixes by Georgia Anne Muldrow for “Traffic,” and “The Village.” The EP is currently available for pre-order on iTunes with an instant great download of the lead single ‘Heading Home.’

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Midnight Snack Co. Launches In Toronto


Last Wednesday at the Midnight Snack Co. launch, @1LOVETO was in for a serious sweet tooth treat. Hosted by the young Toronto creative chef, Mary Margaret Wood, whose impressive experience includes working at the infamous Jamie Kennedy Kitchens, brought her sweet taste buds to life at her first ever independent launch — and it was an honour to be in attendance. Despite the city’s first heavy snow fall, the cozy underground Junction City Music Hall was filled with positive energy. The crowd mixed, mingled, and two-stepped to the jams and snacked on bite-sized sweet and savoury guilty pleasure goodies under disco balls and balloons. Mary’s business slogan is, “Night food for night people,” and she definitely delivered that vibe to a T!

This young chef has something unique up her sleeve, as the Midnight Snack Co. concept is creative and unique on its own. According to Mary, The Midnight Snack Co. is a small snack and catering company that focuses primarily on small batch productions “that are playful, and nostalgic, reminding us that some things just shouldn’t be taken too seriously.” Her theme paired perfectly with the Junction City Music Hall as the space instantly gives you a nostalgic feel with retro pinball machines and vintage games such as, “COMET”.


Mary’s Midnight Snack Co. menu included an assortment of homemade cookies including the infamous oreo cookie, and French-inspired macaron. Accompanying the sweet table was a three-tiered multi-coloured sprinkled cake, and sprinkled mini donuts to match. In addition, various ice cream flavours completed the table to fancy your acquired taste. Moving onto the more savoury side, Mary had prepped a delicious assortment of organic pickled veggies including: Spicy Pickled Green Beans, Pickled Orange Cauliflower, and Pickled Ontario Radish. Despite the many goodies scattered throughout the venue, everyone’s favourite item was definitely the homemade Korean BBQ Chips and dill dip to match. It was basically a match made in heaven. So much yum.







For those who missed out, the Midnight Snack Co. will be hosting more events in the near future. Keep on the lookout by following up with Mary on her website: themidnightsnack.co
Snack with you guys soon!

Photos courtesy of Becca Lemire (She Does the City)

Posted by Christina Cheng

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The Dying Arts just released their second single “Bed Spins” off their latest EP. The song charted earlier this month at #39 for Canadian alt rock radio, #3 on the Gainer list, and hit #4 on SIRIUS/XM’s Grocery List. The guys are playing the NOISEY Holiday series showcase at Tattoo this Friday with Solids, followed by a December tour with Say Yes (members of Alexisonfire and The Saint Alvia Cartel). Check out their new video below!

Listen to more music from The Dying Arts here: thedyingartsmusic.bandcamp.com

Photo by Liz Gareri

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The Braille Project


What happens when you pair an author and an artist? Brilliance.

The Braille Project, brainchild of Faye Harnest and Devon E. Sioui, highlights the beauty of braille and the art of communication. Faye was writing poetry with braille and using it as art. Devon’s artistic technique and textures caught her attention and before they knew it, they were collaborating.


Faye: It’s most important that our works are fun to experience. I love concrete poetry—poetry that messes around with letters and words and makes you pay attention to every shape and pattern… We don’t think of our project as political—it’s a creative endeavor—but we would like it if The Braille Project made a few people excited about learning braille. By showing how cool braille is—and, of course, it is cool; it is reading and writing, two of the most important and enjoyable things in life.

Together, they developed a series called, PLEASE DO TOUCH! It’s a series of 40 paintings that play with wild coloured paints and expressive braille poetry inspired by those who have their own connection to braille.

Devon: We wanted the audience to explore the paintings with their hands, interacting with them in ways you normally wouldn’t. Touching paintings at a gallery is usually frowned upon, so actually being encouraged to touch them is really fun.

Faye: Yes! In the same way that we’re interested in stripping away some of the rules of how we’re supposed to interact with language, we want to strip away some of the rules about how we’re supposed to interact with paintings…The narratives told by the braille poems are cohesive in that they have a very “Let’s go! Let’s run away together!” attitude that encourages everyone to come along on this adventure.



The duo is embarking on a new adventure with a documentary in the works and hopefully, a cross-Canada tour of PLEASE DO TOUCH!

Devon: We are shooting a documentary of the Project with Director Jay Lidstone, and we’re also beginning to work on large sculptures and installations incorporating braille and the theme of touch.

Faye: We’re planning to exhibit all of the paintings in the Please Do Touch series together, in Toronto, and afterwards, we would love for some pieces to travel throughout Canada, so that as many people can touch them as possible. How great would it be to have a travelling exhibit—oh! a painting mobile, like a book mobile, but with paintings, driving up your street! Alas, that’s only a dream.


For more info: thebrailleproject.com

Photos by Adam Harnest

Posted by Samira Zia Rehman

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American Express has done it again! On November 11th, they launched their new #AmexUNSTAGED Taylor Swift #BlankSpace Experience app, marking the next evolution in their already successful Amex UNSTAGED platform and in the music video category. The FREE app includes the world’s first interactive music video for Taylor Swift’s new single “Blank Space”, connecting Taylor Swift and fans in a way that has never been done before. The 360⁰ fan-directed video experience includes a ‘choose your own adventure’ version, allowing fans to choose where they go, who to follow and what to explore from scene to scene. If that’s not enough, the app also gives fans exclusive access to behind-the-scenes footage from the “Blank Space” music video shoot, plus album purchase details and tour ticketing information.



As Amex Ambassadors and Cardmembers, we’ve experienced some of American Express’ most unique and exclusive events, both online and in person. Amex has always been committed to providing everyone with access to premium entertainment experiences, and that’s why we love the brand!

This post was sponsored by Amex Bank of Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely our own.

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Disaronno Wears Versace Versace Versace


On November 12, the Canadian launch of the DISARONNO wears VERSACE event took place at The Spoke Club Gallery in the city’s King St. West district. The evening was in celebration between two iconic Italian brands. Disaronno — the world’s favourite Italian liqueur has revamped its look in collaboration with the world’s most reputable Italian fashion houses — Versace.

The design combines the classic and recognizable shape of the Disaronno bottle with the signature decadence of Versace prints; creating a one-of-a-kind collectors item for both Disaronno lovers and fashion aficionados alike. The DISARONNO wears VERSACE design takes its inspiration from the classic Versace Home Collection, draped in light blue and embellished with an opulent white and gold motif.



As the crowd mix and mingled and took a few selfies against the Versace mural, they had a chance to sip on the night’s signature drink, the ‘Disaronno Versace Sour’. Its collaborative unique flavours of Disaronno mixed with the sour notes of lime and bitter Vermouth and sparkling Prosecco, made for an enhancing bold blue colour of Curacao, garnished with a dramatic finish of real gold leaves — it’s a cocktail made in true Versace style.

The DISARONNO wears VERSACE project also supports the Fashion 4 Development initiative; a charity sponsored by the United Nations that creates opportunities for women working in the fashion industry in developing countries. ‘Tis the season of giving and this is just one more reason to add the exclusive bottle to your collection or give it as a gift during the holiday season.

The DISARONNO wears VERSACE limited edition bottles are currently available at LCBO locations and other liquor stores worldwide. Be sure and get yours while they last!


Posted by Christina Cheng

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