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40 Years of Hip Hop Photography


This Friday, Che Kothari & The Gladstone Hotel present “40 Years of Hip Hop Photography” as part of this year’s CONTACT Photography Festival. This feature exhibit will highlight Hip Hop’s humble beginnings from New York City’s South Bronx all the way up until present day. The show aims to celebrate a collection of iconic portraits that serve as vital contributions to the immortalization of some of the Hip Hop’s biggest legends.

Featuring select works by: Ernie Paniccioli, Jamel Shabazz, Jonathan Mannion, Nabil Elderkin, Janette Beckman, Charlie Ahearn, Estevan Oriol, Che Kothari, Mike Schreiber, Matt Barnes, Ricky Powell, Danny Clinch, and Steve Carty.

Opening night is this Friday, May 2nd from 7-11pm and runs until May 30th, 2014.


For more info: 40yearsofhiphop.com

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Harrison is a young Toronto-based producer who’s making a name for himself with his hip-hop, funk, and house-inspired beats. He’s know for sampling ‘cheesy’ 80s vocals and turning them into something completely different. Watch his first official single/video “City Lights”, off his latest EP “When It’s Right”.

Most recently, Harrison released a new edit “What Can I Say” on his popular soundcloud page. Check out the Toronto 80′s inspired artwork!

For more info: facebook.com/HarrisonsStillAlive

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a bike messenger? It seems simple enough right? You deliver a package from Point A to Point B. Or so it seems…

Check out this short Red Bull documentary “Alleycats”, following messengers from the back alleys of Toronto to the Red Hook Crit Race in NY, and back to Ontario Place (the site of Red Bull’s “Race the Place”) which recently happened on April 19th, 2014.


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10 Reason Why You Should Vote!


VOTE OR DIE — not literally, of course, but you’re not really living if you don’t exercise your rights. It is more important now than ever, for young people to be voting and getting a grip on the issues at hand. Why? Because knowledge is power and power creates change.

1. You’ll help steer the way your city/country is governed
2. You can benefit financially by placing the right person in power
3. You’re paying respect to our history which has made the right to vote available to you
4. You’re helping to build a better future/city/country for your kids to exist in
5. You won’t be considered a hypocrite when you complain about city policies/procedures
6. You have a say about how your taxes are used – no more mandatory municipal manicures!
7. You can save your city from being embarrassed and parodied on multiple platforms worldwide
8. You’ll have a sense of accomplishment/bragging rights when the person you vote for, wins
9. Know someone who’s voting for a nut job? You essentially cancel their vote out with yours
10. It makes you a part of conscientious collective that pushes for progress

The win/lose margins come so close, so all that BS about your vote not counting, is just that…BS. Take a moment out of your day and make an effort to see who is running and what their ideas are. Be an active citizen and take pride in having the liberty to head to the polls and make an informed decision. Your City, Your Vote.

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Posted by Samira Zia Rehman

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The Latin community in Toronto is one of the biggest reasons the pulse of this city keeps thumping. This April, Hispanic Heritage Month, they gave us all something to celebrate with the 14th annual aluCine Latin Film + Media Arts Festival.

The festival “pays homage to the more traditional sides of Latin culture, through contemporary works, which is very special. It gives people a perspective on the lives of Latin American people both inside Canada and oversees” according to Board Member, Christopher Trotman.

Performances, art installations, artist talks, workshops and films have a little something for everyone. Work by Balam Sotto, Roberto Fiesco, María José Alós and Livia Daza-Paris are just a few of the amazing efforts showcased.

The platform is particularly important because it gives the community an outlet to let the world know through their art, who they are, who they aren’t and what they represent. “We’re a community filled with beauty and complexities and we can’t be reduced to basic stereotypes. The quality of talent coming out of places like Mexico and Venezuela is astounding; after all we have a lot to say.” says Outreach Coordinator, Juan M. Gonzalez-Calcaneo.

“I hope people are surprised. I hope that they come with certain expectations of what Latin culture or Media Arts are and that they leave here with a different, fuller understanding of it.”

If you missed out on the festivities, you can still enjoy their wrap party this Saturday!

For more info: alucinefestival.com

Posted by Samira Zia Rehman

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Toronto’s music scene is not only gaining popularity across Canada, but it’s making a major impact around the world. For that very reason, we’ve been posting cover songs in our series entitled “Covered”, which highlights and showcases other artists (not necessarily from Toronto) who have been inspired by our cities sound.


This time we’ve taken a more humorous approach by selecting “Swagged Out In India: Worst Behavior (Punjab Edition)”, which happens to be a ‘mock’ video of Drake’s “Worst Behavior” off his “Nothing Was The Same” album. People have a lot of time on their hands. LOL.

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