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On July 11, glacéau vitaminwater hosted a think+drink+do event at the Coca-Cola Canada headquarters where some of Toronto’s top influential bloggers, social media gurus and likeminded young-small business owners were in attendance. The day was filled with creation and inspiration with some of Canada’s top start-up experts and all-star doers. Guests gathered as they were given invaluable tips on how to grow their personal brands and successfully achieve their business goals with panel discussions and interactive workshops catered to each individual’s path.

The morning started off on a delicious, fresh and scenic note as they enjoyed brunch courtesy of The Food Dudes and Coco and Cowe on Coca-Cola Canada’s rooftop patio that overlooked the east end of the city. Shortly after, guests were led inside the building’s modern and abstract atrium where a series of panel discussions and interactive workshops were held by glacéau vitaminwater’spanelist of start-up experts: Michele Romanow (co-founder of Buytopia and Snapsaves, and the newest dragon on Dragons’ Den), Devon Brooks (co-founder of Blo Blow Dry Bar and entrepreneurial mentor at Futurpreneur), JJ Thompson (principal and commercial photographer at Media Needs), and lastly, Elaine Lui (founder of laineygossip.com, co-host on The Social, and report at eTalk).


The event was interactively organized into three sessions, the first being: 1 idea. 60 seconds. Deliver a pitch on the fly. It was led by Michele Romanow who encouraged guests to show what they got in 60 seconds and receive real-time advice from the think+drink+do experts. The initiative of this exercise was to learn how to deliver the perfect sales pitch by finding your hook, learning what makes a compelling pitch and realize the “so what” factor.

The second session was a breakout session where individuals had two options to choose from: Option A; Personal branding for the creative class, led by JJ Thompson, or Option B; Impact or implode, led by Devon Brooks.

In Option A, JJ Thompson led the group into realizing first-hand how one can visually build and elevate their personal brand. In this session, JJ reviewed the key do’s and don’ts as well as how to showcase their story online by using social media and networking channels to their best advantage.

In Option B, Devon Brooks thoroughly explained how one’s personal beliefs can influence others and the world around them through their hustle. Devon took an entrepreneurial deep dive in this session and explored how one’s business can be a reflection of their values and how they can use them to increase the impact of their overall hustle.


Lastly, for the third and final session, all groups combined for the think+drink+do workshop Q+A with Lainey Gossip. Here, guests took the time to reflect on the day and talk about where they see themselves going further from thereon. In this closing session, Lainey helped uncover and recognize opportunities within life’s “blind items” with a Q+A session, which for once, was gossip-free.

All-in-all guests received invaluable advice from vitaminwater’s entrepreneurial mentors, whose aim is to help you get up, go out, and turn your (day)dreams into reality.

Being that vitaminwater was a start-up story to begin with, they are a huge believer and supporter of helping and encourage young entrepreneurs to “hydrate their hustle” by bringing their business dreams to life with their latest Think+Drink+Do campaign and #TotalBoss contest.


To figure out if your idea is worth doing, you have to start doing it. So from now until September 30th, vitaminwater will help one lucky Canadian bring their next big idea to life with $10,000 and a one-on-one mentorship with a leading Canadian business expert. Canadians can enter by taking a photo of what inspires them, posting it on Instagram and including the hashtag #totalboss and tagging @vitaminwatercanada.

Full contest details can be found here: vitaminwatercanada.ca.

Photos by Becca Lemire

Posted by Christina Cheng

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Toronto plays host to an exhibition of select works from the 14th annual VICE Photo Issue on July 17-18th at the Angell Gallery (12 Ossington Ave.) The exhibit is co-curated by VICE Canada and award-winning Canadian photographer Larry Towell. Towell is Canada’s first photographer to be associated with Magnum, the world-renowned photographic cooperative​ ​​and collaborator on this year’s photo issue.

In an era where photography is more accessible than ever before, the exhibit explores the diverse approaches to documentation and will feature some of the best new works from Canadian and international photojournalists including unpublished work by Aaron Vincent Elkaim, Dominique Nahr, Brent Gundlock and Mauricio Palos.​

CLICK HERE to get to know more about Canadian photographer Larry Towell in this exclusive VICE interview.

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More than 7000 of the finest athletes from across the Americas and Caribbean are in Toronto for the 2015 Pan Am and Para-pan Am Games and as you probably already know, the city is on fire! There is so much anticipation and excitement surrounding the games and we absolutely love the passion.

The arts scene is also getting in on the action being inspired by the skill, diversity and excellence the games represent. The Pan Am Path Arts Relay is “comprised of 14 consecutive weeks of arts programming in 14 zones throughout the city which will feature a mix of installations and events”. The Pan Am Path extends from Brampton to Pickering and will serve as the artistic “connective tissue”. With almost 2 million dollars in funding and over 80 kilometres of multi-use trails, the path is shaping up to be a lasting legacy in Toronto’s history.


Zone 9 a.k.a SHIFT, features a “variety of temporary and permanent art installations and murals created to celebrate arts in the east end of Toronto. The artworks selected for this project playfully explore themes of diversity and emphasize the potency of a simple shift of perspective.” SHIFT is brought to you by East End Arts, Friends of the Pan AM Path, young civic leaders and The City of Toronto.

Last Saturday, a guided bike tour explored all that Zone 9 has to offer so far. It will be officially completed by 2017.


For more info: panampath.org

Posted by Samira

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Hennessy celebrates its 250th anniversary in Toronto with a custome Hennessy Time Barrel and their exclusive Hennessy ‘250 Collector Blend’.

By now there’s a good chance you’ve seen the incredible work of art and design known as the Hennessy Time Barrel located in Yorkville on Bloor Street West in front of La Societe. The piece is on display from July 8-14th, giving passers by the opportunity to send a digital text or video message to the future. The Time Barrel has been designed as an interactive experience to take part in Hennessy’s tradition of perpetual transmission from one generation to the next.


“My real mission is to prepare the eaux-de-vie for the generations of Master Blenders that will follow me…”, says Yann Fillioux, Hennessy’s Master Blender.


This 21st century time capsule will preserve messages written in 2015, all around the world, in a barrel in Hennessy’s historic cellars in Cognac. Messages for future generations will remain sealed in the Time Barrel until it will be opened 50 years later. 

From March through October 2015, The Hennessy Time Barrel will travel to 9 cities all over the world. Destinations include Cognac, France (February), Guangzhou, China (March); Taiwan (April), Berlin, Germany (May), Moscow, Russia (May); London, Great-Britain (June), Toronto, Canada (July), Johannesburg, South Africa (August), Lagos, Nigeria (October)

Today’s your last chance to send a message, what are you waiting for?!


In tandem with the announcement of The Hennessy 250 Tour, Yann Fillioux, the Maison’s Master Blender, presented the Hennessy 250 Collector Blend: “To mark milestone celebrations, Hennessy has always carefully created a special cognac to illustrate a sense of continuity. Today, the Maison celebrates 250 years of savoir-faire and excellence by creating a unique anniversary blend.”

As Hennessy Ambassadors, we were one of the lucky few who got the chance to taste the special Hennessy 250 Collector Blend, which was aged in 250 handmade, especially commissioned barrels of Limousin oak, containting 250 litres each. Let’s just say we savoured each and every sip.

Previously: Hennessy Artistry Presents “The Art Of Blending” With SOULECTION & WILDE

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Los-Angeles based Revolver Gallery, founded in 2012 by Canadian native and entrepreneur Ron Rivlin, has invited collectors, curators, gallerists, and art enthusiasts alike to experience the Andy Warhol Revisited: A Mirror For Today exhibit to the city of Toronto.

“Being a native of Toronto, the city holds a very special place in my heart. It is an important part of the person I am today, and I feel compelled to give back to Toronto with this exhibition,” said Ron Rivlin. “I want to share my passion for the importance of Andy Warhol’s work with my fellow Torontonians.”

Located in the city’s trendy Yorkville neighbourhood at 77 Bloor Street West, the museum quality exhibition will run for a six-month period and be open to the public daily from July 1 until December 31, 2015.

“In 2011, Ron acquired a work by Andy Warhol which was a print of Wayne Gritzky and then just immediately fell in love with how simple and how accessible the art was,” said Ryland Behrens, Director of Revolver Gallery. “And after that, he just began collecting and acquiring more work, acquiring more work, acquiring more work. Since that time, I think it has been something that has weighed heavy on Ron’s mind to bring a collection to Toronto.”


The exhibition features a selection of Warhol’s most iconic and recognizable pieces including portraits of Marilyn Munroe and Mick Jagger, as well as the artist’s nostalgic Campbell Soup Cans. Despite being able to immediately identify Warhol’s iconic pieces of art, and identify him as one of America’s greatest cultural assets, Ryland encourages us gallerists to think in the bigger picture, look outside of the United States, educate and share the beauty and the timelessness of Andy Warhol’s creative genius with as large of an audience as possible.

“When people think about Andy Warhol, they think about Marilyn Munroe, they think about the soup cans, which is great because those works are obviously iconic, but it’s not a full representation of the scope of his body of work,” he said. “So what we’re really trying to do is invite you with something familiar and then just rock you and turn you upside down on your ear, and present a selection of work that most people have never seen before.”


“You come into the exhibition and you don’t know quite what to expect,” he said mysteriously, while physiologically painting a picture upon arrival. “Immediately you’re greeted with something that is very iconic and what we’re doing essentially, is laying a foundation for visitors to the exhibition, something that they can latch on to; something that they’re familiar with as they navigate their way through the exhibition.”

With approximately 130 works of prints and paintings, Ryland explains the importance of the Andy Warhol exhibit coming to Toronto is to curate a quality exhibition where the efforts is to primarily focus on educating the people of Toronto on why Andy Warhol’s work is still relevant by ‘revisiting’ the artwork.

“One of the best ways that we could educate and provide something special to the people of Toronto is to be very calculated and selective of which works we were bringing out of our deepest collection, which is around 130 works including paintings and works on paper,” he said.

The exhibition provides an engaging and educational walkthrough of the development of Warhol’s artistic language and its greater effect on culture. It’s certainly more than just an art exhibit, according to Ryland, the director of Revolver Gallery, curating of the exhibition has been done in such a way that is both thematic and chronological in order to contextualize the artist’s trajectory and societal impact.

“We are curating this exhibition along fanatic chronological vectors; it’s not necessarily chronological in terms of how you flow through the exhibition, but there are pockets of time that are in very close proximity to each other,” he said.

“As you’re navigating through the exhibition, you’re greeted with The Queens from the Reigning Queens Series, Marilyn Munroe’s, a portrait of Jane Fonda; you work through a very feminine entry. Then you work your way through Cowboys and Indians, which is a very nostalgic Native American exploration as a subject. Then you move into the Socialite’s— billionaire philanthropists, real estate developers, etc.” Ryland thoroughly explained.

“Then we’re greeted with a dollar sign canvas painting, which is a fine example of Warhol’s axiomatic statement of the relationship between big art and big money— you’re coming out of the portraits of individuals with money and then you’re greeted with paintings exploring the dollar sign as the subject. That’s just one example of the exhibition, but that happens all over the place in terms of themes, and in terms of when the works were executed,” he continued.

In terms of sequestering the Socialite paintings in the back spoke volumes to the exhibitions overall layout. To have a portrait painted by Andy Warhol in the 70’s and 80’s carried incredible prestige and in many circles at the time, was considered the ultimate form of social validation. The men painted were respectable individuals that were members of the social elite. According to Ryland, what’s particularly interesting about those works and why they’re isolated is because the commission portraits during that era were essentially his bread and butter. The Socialite paintings were at the time, of individuals who had very bourgeois taste.


“We have a portrait of Jules Brassner of the Brassner family, a very important family within the world of the arts; and we have Jay Pritzker who is the founder of the Hyatt Hotel chain,” Ryland explained. “So we’re talking about very upper crust individuals and what’s interesting is that with these portrait paintings, these individuals were essentially granted an instantaneous immortality, and there is a timelessness with those works which is why they’re kind of sequestered by themselves.”

As an added fun fact, George Marciano from Montreal, the owner of Guess Jeans was also a member of Warhol’s Socialite painting collection, and what’s humorous is the gallery’s space was a Guess location prior to the demolition.

“It would serendipitously turn out that we had selected this space out of a few other choices that we had on the table, and we just happened to have that work in our collection— it’s quite humorous actually,” he said with an ever so slight smirk.

Tracing back to Warhol’s axiomatic theme of the relationship between big art and big money plays a huge role on his overall personality, lifestyle and aesthetic. Ryland noted that as educated gallerists and art enthusiasts, what’s important to realize is the just of the artist’s history. Andy Warhol came from a very, very poor background. He grew up destitute and for the large majority of his life, even when he was at the height of his success in the late 70’s, it’s safe to say he was still eating Campbell’s Soup every single day.

“I think he was a person of routine,” Ryland intuitively observed. “So in terms of really appropriating imagery from promo photos of other stars, I think that the Campbell’s Soup cans are unique in my opinion in that they’re pulling from something very sentimental to Andy Warhol’s life rather than looking outward for a subject matter to explore. I think that was a subject that had come personally from within, which is quite interesting.”


The Andy Warhol Revisited: A Mirror For Today exhibit was curated to educate people from some of Warhol’s iconic works and a selection of esoteric work. For instance, Warhol’s shadow painting from 1977 is a great example of Warhol’s work into abstraction, which did not happen too often. In addition, the gallery showcases Warhol’s still life paintings called, Committee 2000, which was also executed in the early 80’s. It was considered the investigation into the inflation between high art and low art, and the value of genre picture making. Essentially, the exhibition has been carefully calculated to give creative viewers, collectors, curators, gallerists, and art enthusiasts alike, the groundwork and expose those to works one has never seen before.

“In addition, we have a great rotating lecture series that we have also calculated; we’re pulling in art luminaries from the Greater Toronto Area and artists who have been exposed and are touched by Andy Warhol’s creative genius,” Ryland said. “They’ll experience Andy Warhol’s work with Canadian eyes, they’ll interpret that, digest it, and present it with a Canadian voice to further the exhibition program and educate people as to why his work is so relevant— so there’s that component to the exhibition as well.”

The Andy Warhol Revisited: A Mirror For Today exhibition is open from Tuesday – Sunday from 10am to 7pm until December 31, 2015. Admissions range from: $10 for adults, $8 for seniors (65+), $5 for students (full-time with ID) and youth (6 to 17), kids (under 5) are free and accommodations for a group of 10 or more are subject to 20% off.

For more information visit: warholrevisited.com

Posted by Christina Cheng

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On May 28th Hennessy and 1 LOVE T.O. partnered to bring the unique sounds of the DJ/Producer collective known as SOULECTION (Esta, Jay Prince, Lakim, Joe Kay) to Toronto as part of the Hennessy Artistry program. The SOLD-OUT show at Tattoo (567 Queen St W) was everything we hoped it to be, with an eclectic mix of people and sounds, creating an undeniable vibe that Toronto is so well-known for. Opening act and local band WILDE, made up of lead singer Giselle Mapp, Olutobi “Nyra” Akinwumi and Brandon Merenick had a stand out performance in front of an awestruck audience. One of our favourite things about Hennessy Artistry is introducing new talent to a new audience, especially when it’s local talent! Check out the video above and see the entire photo gallery HERE.




Previously: Hennessy Artistry Presents Keys N Krates “In-Studio Session”

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Majid Jordan dropped their new single “My Love” with a feature from OVO’s own Drake. This release comes right after Drake dropped his new video for “Energy” on Apple Music and his Beats 1 radio show announcement. All we can say is that we can’t wait for the new Majid Jordan album due out later this year! Until then, enjoy the sounds of “My Love”…

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Every summer is meant to be filled with memorable moments; it just wouldn’t feel right any other way! This summer, Amex can be your key to creating memorable moments at venues across Canada including the legendary Molson Amphitheatre.

No matter what type of music you like, Amex has got you covered this summer with artists like the Tragically Hip performing live on July 1st, Kelly Clarkson on July 23rd, or maybe you’re in to the queen of Hip Hop – Nicki Minaj performing live on July 28th!


You might be asking yourself how can Amex make these concert experiences any better than they already are?! Here’s how…

1. As an Amex Cardmember you get priority access to a VIP line that gets you in to the venue faster, easier, and stress free.
2. Cardmembers also get to experience the Amex Lounge inside the Molson Amp where you can enjoy pre and post show events and performances.
3. Never miss another show by signing up for Front Of The Line® E-Updates
4. Explore AmexInvites.ca to learn more about some of the hottest events this summer!

We can’t wait to kick off summer right and make some memorable moments at some amazing shows this summer! You can share your memorable experiences using the hashtag #ThisMoment with @AmexCanada and @1LOVETO!


The original Cash Money Records Rapper/Producer/DJ and one half of rap duo Big Tymers – Mannie Fresh will be here in Toronto this Friday, July 10th, performing live at Tattoo (567 Queen St West). Mannie’s best known for his production on chart-topping albums for the Hot Boys, which was composed of Lil Wayne, B.G., Juvenile, and Turk, producing all of the group’s singles. Don’t miss out on your chance to witness hip hop history!

Tweet @1LOVETO #MannieFresh for your chance to win a pair of tickets to see Mannie Fresh live at Tattoo this Friday, July 10th, 2015.

If you don’t win, don’t worry, you can still purchase tickets HERE.


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Legendary music producer and DJ – Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez aka K-Dope is making a special guest appearance next Friday, July 17th at Tattoo. This soon-to-be sold out show also features the sounds of DJ Dave Campbell and Jason Palma. We don’t want you to miss out on this musical journey, so we’re giving you the chance to win a pair of tickets to the show!

Tweet @1LOVETO #KennyDope for your chance to win a pair of tickets to see Kenny live!

If you don’t win, don’t worry, you’ve got a week or so to buy tickets before they sell out.


We’ll leave you with a mix to get you in the mood! Enjoy…

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As Canada Basketball continues to assert itself as a force in the NBA and International basketball scene, Nike looks to foster the spirit of competition within the city by creating The Crown League. With rich traditions like the Drew League out in LA and the Rucker and EBC in New York, it was only right Nike began one in Toronto.

Every Friday from July 3rd to the 24th, six teams of potential suitors for the Kings of Toronto Basketball descend upon Jarvis Collegiate to #ClaimRoyalty in an all out elimination tournament. ACE, M.A.D.E., CIA BOUNCE, 6MAN, NORTHERN KINGS and our very own 1LOVETO are the teams vying for the Crown.


Last week 1LOVETO’s very own Brady Heslip took home “Player of the Week” honours after dropping 44 poins and shooting 68% from the field in a big 101-88 victory over an Anthony Bennet-led CIA Bounce. This week is the final week to earn bragging rights and rankings going into the semi-finals.







While the teams participating were invited, everyone has the opportunity to experience the competition by registering with Nike.

Join us Friday nights at Jarvis Collegiate – doors open at 5:45pm at door #6 (on Wellesley St). Tip off starts at 6:30 PM. Registration opens Sundays at 12AM. After you claim your seat, don’t forget to claim/download your NIKE+ EVENT PASS for line bypass and reserved seating.

Toronto has always had kings. Now they have a kingdom.

Posted by Graham Stewart

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