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With minus -30 degree weather outside, we thought you’d appreciate The Canadian Tire Ice Truck story. For the first time ever, Canadian Tire built a truck out of 1400 pounds of ice, a Motomaster Eliminator Battery (frozen to -40 degrees celcius), and drove it 1.5km through the streets of Hensall. You can’t get much more Canadian than that! Take a look at the Behind-The-Scenes video to see how they did it.

For more info: canadiantire.ca/icetruck

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1 LOVE T.O. presents our 4th Annual Holiday Ice Skating Party on Saturday, December 21st, from 8-11pm at The Harbourfront Centre (235 Queens Quay West). We’ve got our official DJ DLUX along side DJ LISSA MONET and our very own T-rexxx playing host for the night.

If you’ve got your own skates, bring ‘em! If not, don’t worry, we’ve got skate rentals available, but arrive early, we’ve sold out the last 3 years in a row. If it gets too cold, don’t worry, you can keep warm with hot chocolate, food and other drinks inside!

We’ll see you on the ice!



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Winter Olympics 2014


We are less than 100 days away from one of the most highly anticipated spectacles which never fails to get the whole world’s blood racing and heart pumping. Get ready, get set, for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia!

Canada’s official Olympic broadcaster is the CBC/Radio-Canada and they have pledged to do more than just relay the scores. Some our finest including, Ron MacLean, Heather Hiscox and Canadian Olympic legend, Kurt Browning, will be on hand in Russia delivering stories which have been promised to tell Canadians exactly who “our athletes are before they step on the podium in Sochi.” Kurt told us, “Knowledge is key” he says, “If you can tap into the emotional journey that those athletes have taken on the way to the arena, we’ve done our job properly; you will feel invested in the person as well as the event.”

This will be the biggest winter games ever staged with more disciplines, more medals and more hours of competition. What’s even better? For the first time ever, we are the reigning gold medal nation going into these games and are being eyed as the “team to beat”.

Peter Mansbridge described it best when he referred to the Olympic kin as a “global village” saying, “When the world plays, the world watches.”

To show your support, tweet your favourite athletes and @cbcolympics or #cbcolympics. You can follow all the action at cbc.ca/olympics

Go Canada Go!

Posted by Samira Zia Rehman

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As Amex Ambassadors we got the chance to participate in the #ServiceSpotlight program, and the pleasure of interviewing one of the most powerful women in Toronto, Four Seasons Chef Concierge – Liloo Alim.

What defines great service? How do you make someone feel like more than just a customer?
Great service could be from anyone, and comes in many different forms. If someone remembers my name, or remembers what my preferences are, I consider that great service. You have to make it personal – “service through friendship”.

It’s easy to talk about bad service, how do we shift the conversation to talk about great service?
In my opinion, positive feedback is just as important as negative, you have to embrace both. Mistakes will happen, but it’s how you handle it that ultimately matters.

Why do you think great service is so important to Canadians?
Canadians have a world-renowned reputation for being polite, courtesy and friendly. With that being said, it translates into our expectations. We have a high standard when it comes to service because of how we carry ourselves. A great example of this is when we travel. People have a fondness for Canadians which helps when getting service around the world.

How do you become a great customer?
You’ve got to be pro-active, do some research and stay up to date, and have a positive attitude. Attitude is everything! You should always let the establishment know you’re coming. For example, if you’re planning your first trip to New York, let the hotel concierge know that it’s your first time in the city and ask for help, tips and recommendations. The better customer you are, the better experience you’ll get.

Can you tell us one customer service story that highlights premium service?
There was this one phone call from Paris with a client who was looking for a limited edition gold “Superman” coin from Canada. As a fellow concierge we went the extra mile and assisted the concierge and client from Paris in locating one of these sold-out coins. Needless to say, everyone was extremely pleased with the outcome.

Final Thoughts
Being in the service industry has to be in your DNA, or else you won’t last long. It’s just something you can’t switch off!

When we go out, we always want to feel like more than just a customer, and nothing says commitment to great service more than American Express. Liloo and Amex share the same standard when it comes to quality service. They really do go above and beyond for their customers. Do you have a story where someone has gone above and beyond to deliver great service for you? Share with us below, we’re starting the conversation!

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Cask Days 2013

Toronto’s favourite Cask festival is making a triumphant return for it’s 9th season this October 19th and 20th, and you will want to be sure to take part. With only 30% of the tickets remaining for Session Three, don’t miss your chance to sample some of Toronto and Canada’s finest ales and food all under one roof.

Guests will get their chance to try 230 beers from 124 different breweries. And in an effort to help you line that stomach first, they’ve partnered with a six local establishments to appeal to your culinary desires. Fuelled by local DJs like the legendary Skratch Bastid, Nasty Nav, Fathom, Fase, Serious, Numeric, Dirty Dale and Shingo Shimizu; you’ll definitely have the right atmosphere this season at Evergreen Brickworks.

Tickets are only $25, and saving your Cask Days glass will allow you to gain access to their after party as well. If you’re available between 12-5pm on Sunday, October 20th then you should be sure to grab your tickets to Session 3 now.

For more info: caskdays.com

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You know Fall is officially here when the leaves start changing colour, so we thought it’d be the perfect time to host our first ever #1LOVETOphotowalk. Join us this Sunday, October 20th at the Evergreen Brick Works from 1-4pm for a guided tour with our contributing photographer SoTeeOh. He’ll be sharing helpful tips, his favourite apps for editing on the go, plus some inspiration for instagram!

Whether you’re a professional photographer or you just love to take photos on your phone, we want you there!

- Camera (DSLR or Film)
- Phone (Smartphone: iPhone or Android)

- Main Entrance (Parking Lot)


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