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Nike.com Live Launch In Toronto

On Thursday, November 19th, Nike.com Live woke Toronto up at the crack of dawn with its first high intensity Nike Training Club experience at 6:30am, hosted by Canada’s Nike Master Trainer, Eva Redpath, alongside surprise Nike Master Trainer from Los Angeles, Ryan Lauderdale. If they weren’t enough of a motivational wake-up call, Canadian Professional Tennis Star, Genie Bouchard was also in attendance.


“We’re here celebrating the fact that Nike.com now delivers to Canada,” said Eva.

The 45-minute high intensity live workout was located in the city’s entertainment district, outside of the custom-built Nike.com Live shipping crate at 229 Richmond Street West.


“These workouts were designed by all of the master trainers and all the great trainers from around the world who are apart of the Nike training network,” said Ryan. “It’s not specific for any male or female; high intensity is meant for everybody! It’s about getting out there and making your training a year ’round thing. I’m really impressed that so many people came out and worked so hard at 6:30 in the morning! It was a really great thing to see!”


The crate brought Nike.com products and services to life for everyone to see, touch and experience over three days in Toronto, from November 19 – 21. Nike.com Live was a destination for Torontonians to preview cold weather innovations, shop key looks, and to create a personalized shoe with a Nike designer in the onsite Nike iD studio.


In addition to the services, Toronto athletes were be able to register for 1-on-1 sessions happening on November 19, 20, and 21 at Nike.com Live with Trainers, Running Coaches and iD Designers.

For those who may have missed out, Nike is also hosting NTC classes and NRC runs for Torontonians to participate in, as they #GETOUTHERE with their cold weather training for the next four weeks!

Check out to Nike.com/Toronto to reserve a spot in the four-week #GETOUTHERE training series.

Posted by Christina Cheng

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Virgin Mobile is showing some major love to their Members by launching a brand new ‘My Benefits App’ which lets Members redeem Benefits for shots at deals and VIP access on the go. If you’re into music, fashion, food, travel and entertainment, the ‘My Benefits App’ is going to be your instant hook up for everything VIP.

We’ve already made it one of our go-to ‘homies’ (an app you keep on your ‘home’ screen) because we know we’ll be using it non-stop. When we put an app on our home screen you know it’s real!

Typically, we only put the apps we love and use the most on our home screen. For example, we have music, photography, social and entertainment apps taking up most of our home screen. In a recent survey Virgin Mobile found that Canadian’s favourite downloads are social apps (44%), entertainment apps (42%), travel apps (19%) and music apps (34%). What type of apps do you like to download and put on your home screen?


No matter what type of ‘homie’ we download, there are always a few key things we look out for. For example, we want to know if you can customize things to be more personal. Can you connect with the people, places and things most important to you? Can you add push notifications so you never miss out on what’s happening? In this case, Virgin Mobile’s new ‘My Benefits App’ has got you covered with a fully customizable Spotlight Page that highlights the benefits that only YOU want to see.


Currently, Virgin Mobile has a ton of great Member Benefits available, like ‘Tix-For-Two’, which is a great VIP benefit if you’re heading to the movies with a friend or maybe a date. If you’re like us, you probably have a daily routine that consists of stopping at your local Starbucks for a morning beverage, well, why not get a $15 Gift Card for only $10?! The list of Member Benefits goes on and on, so we’d like to encourage all existing Virgin Mobile Members to DOWNLOAD the app (available on IOS or Android) for easy Benefit redemption.

If you’re currently not a Member, no problem, you can still check out the Member Benefits page here: virginmobile.ca

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Over the last 3-5 years, Toronto has become a unique hub for developing technologies, specifically app development. The latest app to launch from our own backyard is called Jiffy, a mobile and/or website based app that allows you to select a service you need done (plumbing, junk removal, furniture assembly, etc.) and input when and where it needs to be done. The job gets excepted within minutes (similar to Uber) and the homeowner gets a confirmation of a 1-hour ETA window along with a follow up call/text/email from the provider to double confirm all the details. Long gone are the days when you have to ask everyone and their Mom if they know a good plumber or electrician, Jiffy’s got you covered with their pre-vetted, top rated companies.

Every company within a given category follows an easy-to-understand rate card based on Toronto’s average rates (ex. Plumbing rates are $90/hour with a $135 job minimum), so you know you’re being charged a fair rate. After the job is complete, the homeowner’s credit card is billed and an invoice is emailed to them. The homeowner then rates the provider which helps to maintain great quality companies on the app.

Three partners, Paul Arlin along with Jaimie Grossman and Ryan Shupak started building Jiffy back in 2014 and never looked back. They are all relatively new homeowners and realized how outdated and old school the entire home services industry was.

“We thought it would be awesome if there were a dispatching tool that would instantly connect homeowners with available home service providers to deliver on demand appointments.” – Paul said.

For more info: jiffyondemand.com

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The Struggle is Real #MakeItHappen

Goodlife Fitness recently released a campaign highlighting how everyday people feel about going to the gym and how they #MakeItHappen. We’ve all been there before. It’s so easy to say “I’ll work out tomorrow”, or “I’m too tired”, but the reality is, your health is all you’ve got and they’re hoping to inspire you to be your best.

Goodlife asked Canadians including some incredible GoodLife members to tell their personal struggle on their own path to living a good life. The results are amazing and we encourage you to read up and even watch these stories here: goodlifefitness.com/make-it-happen/

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What do runners do with the extra hour on the day the clocks go back? We #runmore!

Adidas Canada has launched an exciting new 10k run in Toronto, happening on November 1st at 1am (yes, that’s right… 1am)! The clocks go back an hour at 2am on November 1st, so there’s no excuses about not having ‘enough time’ to be active. We’re encouraging as many runners as possible to join @1LOVETO & @AdidasCanada on what promises to be an incredible night of community and fitness all in support of the Canadian Olympic Fund.

Register here: runmore10k.ca



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The entire city and possibly all of Canada is rooting for our hometown Blue Jays this playoff season, and after 22 years the excitement kicks off this Thursday, October 8th at the Rogers Centre (Skydome for those of us who remember) against the American League West-Champion Texas Rangers. In true Canadian fashion, what’s a baseball game without a beer or maybe six of them?! The fan-favourite Budweiser Blue Jays #6IXPACK Rally Pack is now available exclusively at the LCBO for a limited time only.


Another highlight Budweiser is bringing to the playoffs this season is the introduction of the Red Light, exclusively for the Jays! For the first time ever, Red Light owners will be able to update their app which syncs with every Toronto Blue Jays home run during the playoffs. After each home run the official Blue Jays home run horn will sound to help spread the playoff celebrations across the country.

For more info: budweiser.ca/redlight



We got very lucky thanks to the good folks at Glenmorangie as we got to squeeze in one last round of golf before the weather changed! On Thursday, September 24th 1LOVETO was invited to the inaugural Glenmorangie Cup at the beautiful Piper’s Heath Golf Club. The tournament profits raised were donated to help send children to Camp Oochigeas for two memorable weeks. We’ve had the pleasure of raising funds for Camp Oochigeas in previous years, and we were happy to get involved again!






For more info: glenmorangie.com

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Hyena Road (Trailer)

This year was a milestone year for our favourite film festival and we got the chance to talk to Karl Campbell, star of Paul Gross’s new film, Hyena Road, which premiered this year at TIFF with an amazing reception from the public and industry bigwigs.

The film is not your typical war flick. It actually started off as a documentary Paul was filming in Afghanistan. While there, he discovered there were stories not being told. “It’s three stories in one, exploring the local, smaller conflicts” Karl explains. “Before we started shooting, we spent time at a military base in Winnipeg… we camped out and lived a solider’s life.”


The film is based on a true story which follows a troop of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan who are trying to construct a pivotal highway link while weathering Taliban attacks. Karl plays an African-Canadian soldier in a sniper squadron. He says truly respected how emotionally invested Paul was in this film and wanted to do justice to the story. “That guy (Paul) is so incredible… I came away with the utmost respect for what soldier’s do, that selflessness, that sacrifice, it’s amazing.”

So it was crucial to Karl on a professional and personal level, to execute the role to the best of his ability. He was taught everything from how to properly hold weapons to a soldier’s mindset. “Acting is a reflection of real life under imaginary circumstances so with every place I’ve traveled to, its helped me to understand more of the human condition.”

Hyena Road is out in theatres, October 9, 2015!

For more info about the film CLICK HERE.

Posted by Samira

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SummerWorks Festival 2015


The performances at this year’s SummerWorks festival had us seriously wowed with the intricate range of artistic abilities, techniques and perspectives. The festival, which celebrates four key components: Music, Dance, Theatre and Live Art, packed an extra punch for their 25 year milestone. It was hard to pick a few favourites but we’ve narrowed down our most memorable shows in each category.


Music: LAL / All You Can Hold
You can’t box this Toronto-based collective as simply ‘Canadian electronica’ because they’ve found a way to infuse those beats with a fiery, unique voice and a mandate which “bridges the art with social justice.” Vocalist, poet and activist, Rosina Kazi alongside producer and sound engineer, Nicholas “Murr” Murray seduced the audience into a trance. It was a dreamy rhythm but also had heads bobbing to the bass and electronics at the same time. The vibe was so powerful and positive, it was almost tangible.

Director / Designer / Costumes by Ange Loft (Cult of Kateri); Dance performances by Ill Nana and Victoria Mata; Live Digital Painting by Sonny Bean; Projections by Matt Maaskant

Dance: Forgetting Remembering
This performance is described as a “relational sensory song and dance, modulating frequencies of experiences to empty time from mind.” It was cool because it was like choreographed chaos, a freestyle with a note of structure which played out a purpose. The strobe lights and rhythmic moves, voices and projected visuals created an immersive experience as they sprawled themselves among the audience. There was a lot of the same, yet we were still left guessing ‘what was next?’

Created by Robert Kingsbury; Performed by Niomi Cherney, Francesco Gagliardi, Danielle Baskerville, Julia Male, Brian Solomon, Claire Turner Reid, Jasmin McGraw, Winnie Ho


Theatre: That Syncing Feeling
This project had our hearts racing more than once. This was an experiment which consisted of two parts. Both examined our relationship with technology, our cellphones in particular. We were asked write our phone numbers on a piece of paper which were then mixed up and handed out to the audience. Then, we had to call that number and leave a random message. At one point we all had to put our phones in the middle of the floor. The unease on everyone’s face was reason enough to conduct these exercises which were re-teaching us how to communicate.

The second part was an experiment conducted by a woman in a doctor’s white coat. Half of us were given a number to text of someone in the room and an iPod loaded with instructions. We ended up sharing deep connections with these strangers and left never knowing who they were. We definitely got a dose of ‘that syncing feeling’ and currently, re-examining how we engage with technology, ahem, I mean, humans.

Written by Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe; Directed by Simon Bloom; Performed by Alex McCooeye and Nicola Elbro; Produced by Mitchell Cushman; Stage Managed by Bryn McLeod

Live Art: Wildlife
Wildlife was an awesome collection of skits and monologues which tapped into heavy themes like, race , religion and Drake vs. Meek Mill; hilarious but in a real thought-provoking way. For example, one skit was a depiction of Eve eating that fateful apple. She starts off sweet and innocently ( as I’m sure lots of us imagine) but then she gets really into this new found taste. It turns subtly sexual, then comedic. These nuances forced us to re-visit this famous imagery in a way we never thought to consider it.

A collaborative performance produced by Events In Real Time; Conceived of by Liz Peterson; Written by Amy Lam and Liz Peterson with Hannah Cheesman, Lindsey Clark, Onyeka Igwe, Sean O’Neill, Aliya Pabani, Matt Smith




Special Presentation: HYPER_
This performance was an intersection of ‘visual and digital arts…a combinations of UV lights, body paint and video projections’. It was a dance which used all these facets to produce a trippy expansion of our periphery. The colours were wild and the movements were full of conviction and strength. You know you’re in for a hell of an experience when you’re handed 3D glasses upon entry.

Performed and Created by Freya Björg Olafson; Lighting Design by Hugh Conacher; Music by Ghostigital, Davíð Þór Jónsson, Kippi Kaninus [Guðmundur Vignir Karlsson], LE1F, Dubbel Dutch

SummerWorks is the largest, curated performance festival of theatre, dance, music, and live art in Canada with a strong focus on Canadian works. Can’t wait for next year’s line-up! For more info visit: summerworks.ca

Photos by Dahlia Katz

Posted by Samira

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The Rogers Cup Experience


This Saturday we were invited to experience the Rogers Cup and watch some WTA US Open Series action by Peroni. Not only were we there to spend the afternoon watching an amazing match, we were able to get out on the courts as well.


As thousands of tennis fans made their way to the Aviva Centre on the west end of York University, a group of us were already out on the courts in our tennis whites for a morning clinic. Coach Mike and his team of trainers put us and our new Wilson Burn racquets to work and spent time working on improving each of our games. Groundstrokes, serves, volleys and the game itself were taught and rediscovered as we confused onlookers with some very amateur tennis on the Aviva Centre side courts. As the clinic came to a close most of us would have likely been content continuing to work ourselves into a sweat, but Peroni had a better proposition.



We freshened up and made our way up to the Peroni Suite, where a delicious spread of panini sandwiches, salads, charcuterie and more was served for lunch. Excited conversation about the clinic buzzed around the suite as the players warmed up on Centre Court and we filled our plates. Washing the warmth and food down with cold Peroni, we eventually made our way to our seats to watch some mesmerizing points between Simona Halep and Sara Errani. The strong Romanian presence in the stadium certainly helped Simona en route to the 6-4, 6-4 victory.

As someone who has been at the Rogers Cup almost every year since it was sponsored by du Maurier, and even Players, I didn’t think it was possible to experience something new here. The day with Peroni showed otherwise as they treated us to an unforgettable country club experience.

A huge thank you to the team at Peroni, and the team of coaches on the courts with us for a truly amazing day at the Rogers Cup. And congratulations to Belinda Bencic, who went on to win the tournament on Sunday.

Photos by @erinsimkinphoto

Posted by Graham

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“We Are Disorderly” Web Series


Last year we blogged about a Toronto-based web comedy series entitled “We Are Disorderly”, about three best friends who never pass up an opportunity to tease each other relentlessly and prey on one another’s deepest insecurities. The show was created, written by and stars Al Mukadam, Mazin Elsadig and Jonathan Malen, and directed by Samir Rehem and produced by Paula Brancati and DHX Media. Guest stars include Cristine Prosperi, Ashley Leggat, Lara Jean Chorostecki, Sergio Di Zio and Wendy Crewson.


For more info visit: wearedisorderly.com

Previously: “Disorderly” Web Series

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Toronto’s only Filipino Festival is back to celebrate their 10-Year-Anniversary of Kultura on August 5-9th, 2015. The Philippine inspired festival is spearheaded by Kensington Market-based, youth-led Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture and supported by community volunteers. The purpose of the event is to expose Toronto to everything the Filipino community has to offer, from arts, culture, food, entertainment and style. Through a variety of workshops, live shows, and community engagement the festival continues to grow each year, allowing the idea of understanding Toronto’s diverse communities to truly be celebrated.


You can purchase tickets HERE.

For more info, visit: kultura.ca

Photo by Dwayne Fundano

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