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Nuzzles By RAW Design


Check out what Toronto-based design firm RAW produced for Winnipeg’s 2014 Warming Huts Contest (An Art + Architecture Competition on Ice), which happened to claim first place.

Imagine a series of glowing mounds on the frozen river landscape, each creating immersive layers of light, warmth and interaction. Inspired by the insulating properties of fur, NUZZLES brings a unique, engaging experience to the visitors of the Assiniboine River. Moving away from the introverted enclosure, NUZZLES exhibits a heated, lit core, encompassed by a multitude of insulated appendages which allow users to nestle into the structure. Constructed from a geodesic lattice of hollow aluminum tubing, and an outer layer of foam bristles (pool noodles), NUZZLES provides an inner layer of still air in order to increase heat capacity. Occupants are encouraged to playfully interact with bristles in order to sculpt informal seating or standing space as well change the lighting dispersions of the glowing structure.


For more info: warminghuts.com

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Toronto Tower Home


If you’re a fan of interior design, architecture, or anything related to home style, than you’re going to love houzz (if you don’t already). It’s one of my most frequented apps, where I spend time browsing thousands of unique images from designer homes from around the world. This time I came across a tower home in Toronto and I had to share!

Check out this 2,000 square foot infill house with 5 floors including; garage, 1 bedroom, 2 studios and 3 bathrooms located in Corktown, Toronto. The 625 square-foot lot was designed by high-rise architect Drew Hauser from McCallum Sather Architects. Take a look at the photos below and click the link for a full description of the property.






Photography by Andrew Snow

via houzz

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The Remix Project: Apply Now!!!

The Remix Project is now accepting applications for the following youth programs:

The Academy of Recording Arts (singers, rappers, poets, producers, engineers, and djs)
The Academy of Creative Arts (graphic/web designers, painters/illustrators, video/film and photography)
The Academy of Business Arts (entrepreneurs, public relations/events, sports, fashion, and music)


The Remix Project was created in order to help level the playing field for young people from disadvantaged, marginalized and under served communities. Our programs and services serve youth who are trying to enter into the creative industries or further their formal education; The REMIX Project provides top-notch alternative, creative, educational programs, facilitators and facilities. Our mission is to help refine the raw talents of young people from across the GTA in order to help them find success as participants define it and on their own terms.


For more info: theremixproject.ca

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Harry Rosen releases a new collection of 5 special-edition 100% silk pocket squares designed by award winning Canadian artist (Toronto-based) Gary Taxali. The Canadiana-themed pocket squares feature Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal, each with a unique design including major city landmarks.

“I was inspired by how diverse our Canadian cities are, and I tried to capture the different moods and stories of Canadian life in a playful way,” says artist Gary Taxali.





If you’re in Toronto on November 2, Harry Rosen’s flagship store (82 Bloor St W) will be hosting a special in-store signing by the artist Gary Taxali from 4 to 6PM.

For more info: harryrosen.com

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ShopCrawl On Bloor


The ShopCrawl event held on Bloor St. being sold out days before it even happened was an indication of what a successful night it would turn out to be.

ChickAdvisor and Fashion Magazine came together to host ShopCrawl, a fall shopping event that took over Bloor Street. Banana Republic, Calvin Klein Underwear, Nine West, Pandora, GUESS, Gap, William Ashley and Jacob all offered anywhere from 15-35 % off. FASHION Magazine & ChickAdvisor assisted in the shopping experience by labelling their favourite items for the Fall in some of the stores on the strip.

After a successful 3 hours of shopping swag bags full of goodies valued at $300 from Burt’s Bees, Elizabeth Grant, GUESS, John Freida, OPI, FASHION Magazine and more were handed out.

At the end of the night we were able to connect with various ladies from across the GTA over cocktails and mini-mani’s at the Bata Show Museum.


For more information on ShopCrawl visit chickadvisor.com

Posted by Jessica Franklin

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It’s that time of year again…

The 7th Annual MANIFESTO Festival of Community & Culture is back, September 19 – 22, with a collection of events ranging from Music, Visual Arts, Dance, Panel Discussions and more. Once again, 1 LOVE T.O. is proud to be involved in the Freshest Goods Market, where we’ll be hosting another one of our famous pop-up shops along side a variety of local vendors! Make sure you join us on Sunday, September 22 from 12-8pm at Yonge & Dundas Square.


For more info: themanifesto.ca/festival/2013/

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Introducing NorBlack NorWhite


Toronto/Bombay fashion label NorBlack NorWhite, known for their signature love for colour, handmade textiles and storytelling through creation, are bringing their flavours to Toronto for their annual BOM x YYZ, 4-day popup shop. Make sure you check out their latest collection at OZ Studios located at 134 Ossington Ave from Sept 11-14th.


Founded in 2010 by Amrit Kumar and Mriga Kapadiya, NorBlack NorWhite creates by exploring and paying respect to India, designing and documenting through adventure. Raised in Toronto, the duo moved to Bombay in 2009 to explore their Indian roots. Traveling across the country and exposed to its many disappearing art forms, NorBlack NorWhite was born out of a desire to present these ancient practices of textile design, while making them stylistically relevant to their own wardrobes. Mashing up their love for Michael Jackson, the Cosby show and all things old and gold, with their love for classic Indian textiles, their line has retailed in Creatures of Comfort New York, Los Angeles, Bombay Electric, Anthropologie and boutiques in Japan, Portugal, San Francisco, Australia and more. Having been featured in Wallpaper*, Asos, Fashion Television and Vogue India, they were also selected by Frida Gianinni (Creative Director of Gucci) as her favourite young designers from India.


For more info: norblacknorwhite.com

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Though thrifting seems to be on the up-and-up there are always going to be certain misconceptions about it. Sean Brown, founder of The Art of Reuse, has created a list 7 Tips to Thrift to clarify common misconceptions, apprehensions or for those who just don’t know where to start.

1. GOD MADE DIRT: The first step to this is letting go of the fact that more often than not you could be buying someone else’s old stuff. The art is finding the treasure in things people throw away or let go. Thrift is not about a class system (anymore). Shopping second hand doesn’t mean that you’re poorer or lesser than anyone spending big bucks at the mall; in fact, by shopping thrift you’re outlining a unique style that is all your own while (as cliché as it sounds) sustaining the planet you live on.

2. VINTAGE vs. THRIFT: Thrift shopping is different from vintage shopping; vintage hunting is only one aspect of thrift shopping, if that makes sense. Thrifting is buying something for less than its original value. That being said, when you shop on Ebay, you’re thrift shopping. When you shop at Winners, Marshall’s, and even when you’re looking to get the most for your dollar at the mall, you’re thrift shopping. It shouldn’t be confined to visiting your local vintage shop. Vintage, as described to me by mentors, is a piece of clothing or an object bearing a time stamp of 20 years or that illustrates a particular era in history. Your dad’s high school varsity jacket, Mom’s wedding dress, and the first Polaroid model, these are vintage pieces. All in all, thrift, whether it is widely understood, has now blurred the line into contemporary.

3. BUY LESS BUT BUY BETTER: I don’t walk out with bags full of clothing like I used to when I first started thrifting. Now more than ever I’ve become extremely picky about my final choices before I line up to cash out. I ask myself if I’ll wear something years from now, if this is an impulse buy, do I even need it? This approach allows me to narrow in on keeping my wardrobe straight to the point. This won’t be the case for everyone, but there is no longevity buying in excess. We all know that one person with closets full of stuff and will forever claim they have no clothes.

4. THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME: Style isn’t just how you present your outfit, it’s your taste in where to eat, the music you listen to, and of course how and where you live. If you’ve got your own space, I’m sure you take pride in how you present it. The amount of time spent on finding the perfect pair of jeans should transfer into defining the character of your humble abode. I couldn’t possibly break down what house wares (in particular) would work for you but luckily, The Art of Reuse has an extensive collection of them available at interim.theartofreuse.ca. #shamelessplug

5. TAPER TANTRUMS: Even after you bought a piece of clothing, you may realize it’s not entirely what you want it to be, and that’s okay. Go crazy! Make friends with an amazing tailor. Alter the fit, deconstruct, it’s yours! I haven’t altered things often in my experience with thrift, but I’ve seen people do remarkable things to items that were once basic or unflattering.

6. WHATS OLD IS NEW: Thrifting is not just style hunting, at times, it’s a history lesson. All the world famous brands and even brands you’ve never heard of all come with their own stories that hang on the racks. American Eagle, now a haven for teeny boppers, was once a store that carried American heritage brands like Timberland, Woolrich and even Sperry’s.

7. NO RETURN NO REWARD: Thrift is persistence. You don’t just go once, you keep going. This develops a habit for what I call ‘The thrill of the find’. Even at The Art of Reuse we have trips where we find nada. It’s all a part of the art. Timing, patience and good taste (which I suppose is subjective) are the keys to successful thrift shopping.

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