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Toronto designer Anu Raina delivers another conceptual collection, this time, inspired by her first impressions of New York City. The colour palette for this collection comes from the NY cityscapes with smoky pastel blues, greys, rusty browns with a shock of neon green and pink. The prints are of course inspired by the famous architecture of structures like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and the complex city subway systems. The collection boasts a variety of materials including denim, silk, faux leather, wool and more. Take a closer look at some of the photos below.







For more info: anuraina.com

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The Soïa & Kyo Fall/Winter 2013 runway show was practical and stylish. The collection was made up of a warm/neutral colour palate full of wardrobe necessities. The puffy winter jackets and wool turtlenecks that were worn were just one instance of the luxurious necessities shown. Tea length pants and skirts paired with leather booties also frequented the runway. The leather accessories and dark shades created a cool, effortlessly chic vibe. I was able to ask Ilan Elfassy a few questions before their show:

1. What inspired the collection this season?
For F/W13 the look is inspired by the fluidity and texture of soft metals, introducing a look that it is both polished and down to earth. The colour palette is made up of warm rich tones and offers shine through pairing of nickel greys and muted copper elements.

2. Describe the design aesthetic for Soïa & Kyo.
Our focus is to always incorporate fashion and function. Our aesthetic is to design contemporary outerwear pieces that deliver functionality and quality without sacrificing style. Each season the approach is to generate immaculately designed pieces that are fresh and unique.

3. What can we expect to see from Soïa & Kyo in the future?
The brand has really progressed over the last couple seasons and our customer has evolved quite a bit. As a result we are expanding our collection and offering contemporary tailoring and modern silhouettes to cater to a broader audience while meeting the current demands of our customers. We have a keen focus on expanding our global outreach and strengthening brand presence.

4. What are the top 5 Canadian designers to see this year at Fashion Week in Toronto?
We are excited to see what Joe Fresh, Chloé Comme Parris, Pink Tartan, UNTTLD and Mackage will be showing for Fall/Winter.

5. What do you love most about the city?
Toronto has some great places to eat if you are a foodie – we always try to discover new hidden gems whenever we are here.






For more info: soiakyo.com

Photos by George Pimentel

Posted by Jessica Franklin

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It was a full house at the Line Knitwear Fall/Winter 2013 runway show on Tuesday and with good reason. Line’s collections have always been aesthetically on point, but this season they took it to another level. Every look that came down the runway was interchangeable and appropriate. The collection featured a plethora of their signature knits with metallic accents in the accessories and in some of the garments. Leather and A-line skirts were thrown into the mix in just the right amounts making it completely cohesive without the slightest hint of monotony. For a Fall wardrobe, the clothes felt light and easy with plenty of movement, not to mention, silhouettes shown would complement so many different shapes which means that they are without a doubt hitting a core market.








Congrats John & Jenn!

Photos by George Pimentel

Posted by Jessica Franklin

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Chaos Theory – Fall/Winter 2013


Last week Chaos Theory hosted their Fall/Winter 2013 Brand Showcase. The event was held in a condo on King Street West with a view of the city as their backdrop. The models lined up in an open area sporting the collection, which was super wearable and particularly well made. The high end street wear brand is continuing to grow since their launch last year. They aim to “blur the line between street wear and contemporary fashion” and this season, they did just that. Can’t wait to see what’s next for Chaos Theory – hopefully women’s apparel!




For more info: wearchaostheory.com

Posted by Jessica Franklin

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Muttonhead – Spring/Summer 2013


Muttonhead presents “Good Sport, Eh”, their Spring/Summer 2013 Collection “strongly influenced by the 1970′s sporting culture and style.” This season the collection is made up of 10z denim, corduroy, coated linen, cotton twill, french terry and recycled hemp with classic sportswear cuts and modern shapes. Check out their look-book which is partially composed of a series of vintage style baseball cards.






For more info: muttonheadcollective.com

Posted by Jessica Franklin

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If you take a peep into the fashion scene in Toronto, you are bound to catch a glimpse of Spiro Mandylor. He is the Torontonian behind itsallstyletome.com, which is an informative online magazine with blurbs on various fashion shows and events nationally & internationally. Career-wise, Spiro didn’t start out in fashion. After moving back to Toronto from England, he was perpelled into it by using his love for the art among a lengthy resume of skills (including photography, writing, marketing, etc) to create his website. Check out our Q&A below.

1. How would you define your job description and is it everything that you had imagined you would have been doing? If not, how did it change along the way?
I was working as an international marketing manager for a medical device company, living and working in London, England. I returned to Toronto in 2008 because I didn’t want to be relocated to Holland. I thought that I could find similar work here, but I was wrong. Toronto is a major hub for finance, telecommunications and automotive – but not much in medical, so finding work in my field was proving impossible. I worked a few project management consulting contracts with the Canadian government between 2008-2010 and honestly hated it every minute of it. When I saw the abuse of power and how nothing got done, I wanted out. The politics were stifling. Trying to figure out what to do next, I always had an obsession with fashion and decided to pursue it by blogging about men’s fashion in particular. It was a great way to blend my IT, marketing, branding, writing, and photography skills into one project and learn more about the industry.

2. Describe a typical work day (Duties, responsibilities, demands) and what is your favorite part of your days/least favorite part of your day?
Each day is different and naturally when it’s fashion week the insanity is around the clock. I usually filter through 40-80 emails/day and various news feeds to see what’s happening or what is coming up. I then fill my schedule with upcoming events. I write at least one post/day, sometimes more and always try to take the weekends off. I spend a lot of time on social media tools such as FB, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Some of my day (not enough of it) is spent on business development like trying to get advertisers on board or working on special paid social media activation projects. The best part of any day is covering fashion shows and events. The worst part of my day has to be dealing with all of the junk mail and people looking for free promotion.

3. Would you say that living in Toronto influenced your career choice, if so how did/does it do so?
Well given my answer to question #1, you could say that in a round about way it pushed me in that direction. I wouldn’t use the word influenced though.

4. How do you feel about fashion in Toronto and how does it compare to other fashion cities of the world?
There is an amazing fashionable ‘subculture’ here and as far as North America goes, this has to be one of the more fashionable cities. It’s nowhere near London, New York, Milan, or Paris though. Now if you’re talking fashion industry, that’s a different story. Toronto and Canada for that matter have incredible talent in all sectors of the fashion industry. We have the best models in the world as far as I’m concerned. We also have some of the best designers, makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists, photographers, journalists, etc. The problem is that both our government and our people aren’t very supportive of the industry. Most Torontonians can’t name a single Canadian designer let alone buy Canadian fashion. The system has no money. Everyone except Joe Fresh seems to be working for free.

5. What are your plans for the future in regards to your career in the city?
Honestly, my plan is to get out. It’s been a fun 5 years in Toronto and I’ve enjoyed working in the local fashion industry. I know that my future and success is firmly capped here in Toronto. If I want to grow and take this to the next level, then I need to make a move. London, New York, Milan, or Paris is where fashion lives. That’s where all the big fashion houses, retailers, and media outlets are and hence – the opportunities. Todd Lynn knows it, Jean-Pierre Braganza knows it, Dean and Dan Caten (DSquared2) know it, Joe Zee knows it… and the list goes on. Fingers crossed.

Photo by Jeffrey Chan

Posted by Jessica Franklin

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Top 5 Shows At Toronto Fashion Week


Toronto Fashion Week is almost upon us! Some of the best designers in Canadian fashion will be showcasing their Fall 2013 collections at David Pecaut Square. So it’s only fitting that we countdown the Top 5 most anticipated fashion shows in Toronto this Spring.

#5: Arthur Mendoça
Acclaimed nationally and internationally, Toronto-based Arthur Mendoça always creates classic ready-to-wear garments with a twist. He has presented his collections in London, Montreal and Sao Paulo just to name a few and always exudes the perfect amount of tradition and modernism.

#4: Caitlin Power
Toronto fashionista Caitlin Power is known for her sophisticated silhouettes and impeccable tailoring. There is always a youthful edge about her collections and we can’t wait to see it!

#3: Line Knitwear
Line Knitwear is arguably one of the most wearable lines in and from the city. Most, if not all of their pieces could slide into any wardrobe making them undoubtedly a staple.

#2: Chloe Comme Parris
The only debacle there is when combing through a Chloe Comme Parris collection is wether to focus on the clothing or the accessories. With one part of the design duo specializing in accessories and the other in RTW clothing this powerhouse came in close second.

#1: Pavoni
Who doesn’t like to see deliciously well-made gowns coming down the runway? Pavoni at #1 is pretty self-explanatory… but just in case it isn’t, please see the above photo of Halle Berry in the black cocktail dress.

See you on the runway!

Posted by Jessica Franklin

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Ransom by Adidas have added a new look to their Spring/Summer 2013 collection with the “Moc Runner”.

A technical silhouette with classic moccasin sensibilities. The Mox Runner nods at the comfort of a traditional handcraft Canadian moccasin mixed with the technical running updates, the ultimate silhouette for any journey you may find yourself on. They come in Green, Poppy, Light Bone & Leather, Collegiate Royal, and Bone.


For more info: ransomholdingco.com

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Cedarvale Ravine House


Toronto-based Drew Mandel Architects have designed the Cedarvale Ravine House in Toronto.

This in-fill residential project is located at the threshold into the mid-town Toronto Cedarvale Ravine.

Circulation modulates through a series of intimate and expansive spaces and courtyards to a glass-enclosed single-story volume at the rear of the property. It is the kitchen and family room and the heart of the house. Large expanses of glass dematerialize the stone building in order to engage and connect to its protected woodland setting.A cantilevered second story volume frames views, gestures to the landscape and allows the re-naturalized ravine planting to be drawn farther into the site.

This abstract structure is intent on celebrating the everyday rituals of residential life and enhancing the slow unfolding experience of a special site.





via Contemporist

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#TBT: Vogue – Shalom Harlow (1996)


#TBT stands for “Throwback Thursday” and it’s our newest weekly feature where we’ll be posting pieces of Toronto’s history.

Our second #TBT post features Oshawa-born model Shalom Harlow who graced the cover of American Vogue in February of 1996. With 5 Vogue covers and endless editorials under her belt, she is one of few Canadians to have covered American Vogue, British Vogue, Vogue Italia and French Vogue (Vogue Paris).

Posted by Jessica Franklin

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