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For decades Golf has been considered an elitist sport, a gentlemen’s club for those from the ‘upper echelon’ of society. When you think of the traditional golfer, many people would picture older men in their full length wide-leg khakis, heavy cotton button ups and uncomfortable dress shoes with spikes. Gone are the days of the old stuffy style and boring uniforms on the course, as Nike Golf introduces its revolutionary modern take on golf attire.

Combining both function and aesthetic, Nike Golf has created athletic wear for both on and off the course. The sport itself along with a new wave of young stylish athletes lends itself to a variety of new looks including: performance hyper-warm tights, modern dri-fit blade polo’s, flyknit chukka shoes, lunar control air force ones, strap/snap back hats, and more.





One of the reason why we like this amendment to the traditional dress code is because it allows for a larger audience to finally feel like golf is an option. Think about it, you feel your best when you look your best, and when you have the ability to represent who you are there’s a good chance you’ll feel comfortable stepping on the course for your first time. We hope with the new looks Nike is introducing that a younger more diverse audience might be more interested in the game of golf. Sports are supposed to be enjoyed by everyone!


The latest collection entitled “Enemies of the Course” includes a custom print as part of an artist collaboration with Michelle Morin. The ‘enemies’ represent a variety of plants and animals (snakes, alligators, geese, dandelions) that greenskeepers have to deal with on a daily basis. These types of prints are new to the course, but could work just as well off the course as on.



With Spring/Summer temperatures around the corner, we’re excited to test out all the new gear on the course!

For more info: nike.com/nike-golf

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Air Max Day Hits Livestock Toronto


Canadian retailer Livestock has transformed its Spadina location in Toronto into a full-fledged Air Max factory pop-up in celebration of Nike Air Max Day — an annual ‘sneakerhead’ holiday that was first introduced by Nike in 2014. This day was created in celebration of the iconic Air Max silhouettes and its vast history. Air Max Day declares the 26th of March every year with special releases commemorating the day.



This year, Nike Toronto created podiums and displays at Livestock, that house items which inspire the 2016 partners – Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker. HTM has produced some of the most innovative, boundary-pushing footwear in Nike history and Canada is fortunate to have it available for the first time ever.


For instance, visionary and CEO of Nike, Mark Parker presents the Air Max Ultra M — a new Air Max design introducing a high resolution jacquard-knit upper combined with premium leather and a cored-out ultra midsole for lightweight comfort. Legendary design architect, Tinker Hatfield presents the Air Max 90 Ultra Superfly T — introducing the original Air Max 90 into the modern era with a sock-like Flyknit upper and a cored-out ultra midsole for lightweight comfort. Storied Nike collaborator, Hiroshi Fujiwara introduces the Air Max LD-Zero H — fusing his favorite LD-1000 upper with a flexible Air Max 2014 Nike Air unit to deliver a modern street style icon.

Livestock’s Nike Air Max Day pop-up shop runs from March 23 to March 27, and additional trimmings include a custom Air Max-inspired art installation by Montreal artist TAVA and AM-themed embellishments.

Happy Air Max Day and happy shopping!

Posted by Christina Cheng

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In less than a month Fashion Art Toronto, formerly known as |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week, returns for five spectacular nights, from April 12-16, with over 50+ runway shows and performances, photography exhibits, interdisciplinary art installations and a selection of curated fashion films.


Daniels Spectrum plays host to this years 11th annual Fashion Art Toronto, as the only festival of its kind in Canada, setting the stage for over 100 emerging and contemporary fashion designers, artists and stylists to unleash a stimulating and inspired showcase that creatively fuses fashion and art; providing a much needed platform and exposure for independent fashion and design.



For more info visit: fashionarttoronto.ca

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Your favourite sneaker/clothing spot – Livestock, just opened it’s doors to a second (and much bigger) location in Roncesvalles. The shop will continue to specialize in limited edition sneaker releases, classic streetwear, and of course hard to find accessories that are mandatory when it comes to separating yourself in a very over saturated market.


The Vancouver-based company has been a part of the Toronto community for many years, holding their position on Spadina (China Town), as a leader in the Men’s fashion game. If you’re in the west make sure you check out their new digs at 406 Roncesvalles Ave. Tell ‘em that we sent ya!



For more info: deadstock.ca

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This marks the second year and forth season of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. TOM* gives exposure to emerging men’s wear designers.

As the result of trendy brands such as Paradis, Andre Coimbra, and DALLA, Men’s wear in Toronto has become a buzzword. Whether you’re into street wear, gothic layers or made to measure TOM shows a vast variety. One of my favourite part of TOM* is discovering new talent. Here is a break down of my favourite shows of the week.


This show was an absolute favourite of the week. Everything from the vibrant accessories, luxurious fabrics and pops of colour in suiting. Caffery Van Horne’s collection was his take on current trends like leather backpacks and winter boots. His suiting consisted of classic prints mixed with hints of street wear. The collection made faux pas’ like dress pants with snow boots look chic. Although the ready-to-wear was a crowd pleasure, the neon accessories really stole the show. The bags literally had the front row standing.


Hip and Bone was a classic street wear collection. This Montreal designer made warm look cool with his cozy bomber jackets and stylish sweats. The collection consisted of mostly black, other than his green camouflage print numbers. The printed jump suits were captivating and the sneakers helped highlight every look.


3 Paradis was one of the most anticipated shows of this TOM* season. The collection’s dark colors consisting of burnt orange, black, grey and hues of blue. The Canadian style had a militant vibe. The garments were more tailored and detailed than your typical street wear brand. One of my favourite looks was the grey shinny corduroy jacket. The coats in the collection gave the pieces had depth and structure.


Like 3 Paradis, Dalla was also one of the most anticipated shows of the season. The brand has recieved a lot of attention on the red carpet as its a favourite among celebrities. This season Dalla was serving all types of rock star with dark eye makeup and tight pants. The collection had a strong European influence with embroidered buttons and velvet printed blazers. The hounds tooth sweaters gave some looks a feminine edge.

For more info on TOM* visit: tomfw.com

Posted by Olivia Jordan Lewis

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“Water Carry Me Go” Exhibit


February always brings about exciting events celebrating Black History Month and this year is no different. This week, we’re looking forward to an exceptional exhibit coming to The ROM and Harbourfront Centre called “Water Carry Me Go” produced and curated by Toronto-based Creative Director/Designer, Chinedu Ukabam.

He explains, “‘Water Carry Me Go’ is an expression in Nigeria which is to say, ‘If I’m lying let the water carry me away’—it’s a way of taking an oath… It’s also a wish that people make when they are migrating. They want the water to take them away to somewhere else and hopefully to a better place.”

The exhibit is stunning collection of garments by seven designers including Chinedu who has handpicked them from around the world: Carol Barreto (Brazil), Sindiso Khumalo (South Africa/UK), Ashley Alexis McFarlane (Canada), Nkwo Onwuka (Nigeria/UK), Gloria Wavamunno (Uganda) and Robert A. Young (Trinidad and Tobago). The show is an attempt at presenting fashion as not a commercial, mass produced product and instead, a means of telling stories and celebrating art. Each designer has created an avant-garde piece inspired by their own cultural and historical identities.



“There is so much to be inspired by. As someone who loves patterns, it’s something that I’m constantly being influenced by and learning from… Remixing or “culture-clashing” is also a recurring theme.” From the bold colours, geometry to the ancestral reference, the designs personify pride and bring the beauty of African fashion design to the forefront.

People are encourage to take in this collaboration and open themselves to interpretation. “I want people to first and foremost, appreciate the art behind fashion. I want them to understand how much work goes into executing these highly developed concepts and trying to connect them to garments. Secondly, I hope it’s a way for people to learn about things they might not have known… If they are entertained, that’s great—if they are educated, that’s a bonus.”

Water Carry Me Go launches at The ROM’s Friday Night Live, Feb 5th at 8pm as a performance art piece with “live mannequins”. Afterwards, it will be installed as a permanent exhibit at the Harbourfront Centre from February 6-12.


Photography by Jalani Morgan

Posted by Samira

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PIQUEd has officially launched! It’s a documentary series produced by PIQUE which focuses on 10 Toronto creatives. From music to fashion to art, the participants all embody a singular characteristic: dedication. Starting this week, they’ll be releasing one documentary every friday for 10 weeks. We talked to all the participants and got some insight into their world.


Dustin Good + Mario Anzola, “Subtle Blend”
Subtle Blend has built a community around providing a stage for local live electronic acts and beat makers. The evenings are usually comprised of an eclectic mix of performers who bring out live gear and play all original music. The audience is able to experience live music-making and watch as artists explore and put themselves out in the open. Subtle Blend inspires audiences to open themselves to innovative local talent at the same time as inspiring artists to truly perform for their city and expose themselves to new creative situations. – Dustin Good


The showcase has had a positive response because of the people I’ve met through it. Now in its second year, it works more as a collective effort and it is based on what the acts brings each night. I started doing lives sets and booking myself because I wanted to play more and meet other people to share a stage with. Now every month, we put together these shows and I get to work with truly talented and humble musicians and video artists that joined the showcase in the most organic and perfect way possible. They came up and said: ” what’s up,…”. – Mario Anzola

Photography by Patrick Leung

Posted by Samira

Previously: PIQUE: Tabban (aka Bonblivious)

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PIQUE: Tabban (Bonblivious)

PIQUEd has officially launched! It’s a documentary series produced by PIQUE which focuses on 10 Toronto creatives. From music to fashion to art, the participants all embody a singular characteristic: dedication. Starting this week, they’ll be releasing one documentary every friday for 10 weeks. We talked to all the participants and got some insight into their world.


Tabban S., Bonblivious
I’m not really sure how to describe my art but I can say that it’s an extension of my personality. It’s not about discovering anything particular because your ‘style’ is already a part of you. It’s how you perceive the world and how you choose to communicate that visually. Once I stopped trying to draw like everyone else, I noticed a pattern in my mark making. My hands just kind of do their thing and I’m learning to really embrace that. There’s something so powerful in knowing that no one will ever draw like me, because no one will ever be like me.

Photography by Patrick Leung

Posted by Samira

Previously: PIQUE: Taha Photo #StreetSoul

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On February 14, the eyes of the basketball world will be on Toronto as the city host’s the NBA All Star Game. As a proud partner of the NBA, Mountain Dew worked with designer Naturel, to create this limited edition DEW can to celebrate this big event. You can find the can at most major convenience stores and gas stations across the country for a limited time.

We’ve teamed up with Mountain Dew to help celebrate the All Star Game with ‘6 Reasons Why We’re Excited The NBA All Star Game Is In The 6ix’.

For the first (and possibly) only time in the history of the NBA, Canada is hosting the NBA All-Star game here in Toronto! Basketball fans, both young and old, will be able to enjoy this historic moment for years to come. If that’s not exciting, we don’t know what is.

This is our time to showcase what makes Toronto so special. We are a world-class city and we can’t wait to showcase our diverse sense of culture and community. We have so much to offer North of the border! Toronto really is the ‘world in 1 city.’

What a way to celebrate Basketball’s 125th anniversary! We take great pride in knowing the game of Basketball was invented by a Canadian – Dr James Naismith, in 1891. The love for the game in Canada, specifically Toronto, has grown considerably thanks to our very own Toronto Raptors. They’ve created a new wave of enthusiasm towards Basketball that we’ve never seen before. #WeTheNorth

Local businesses will win big. Tourism will be at an all-time high, with restaurants, hotels, bars, and our favourite ‘mom & pop’ shops playing host to many new customers, from not only south of the border, but from around the globe.

In good humour, we can’t wait to see the friendly off-court instagram battle between Drake and Kevin Hart become an on-court reality. They’ll be facing off as opposing Coaches at this year’s Celebrity All Star Game.

You never know who you’ll see in the 6ix! From your favourite NBA All Stars, Hall of Famer’s, On-Air Commentators, to Celebrities, Actors, Artists, Musicians, the opportunities are endless. There’s going to be athlete meet-and-greets, countless after-parties, community initiatives, youth programming and more. Don’t miss out on your chance to rub shoulders with the best of the best.


Photography by @SoTeeOh

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Steve Paikin from TVO’s Current Affairs program “The Agenda”, sat down with 1LOVETO co-founder Bryan Brock to discuss why Toronto is ‘so cool’. The topics included in the discussion range from The Remix Project, 1LOVETO, Drake, Toronto Blue Jays and Raptors, and much more. Watch the interview and let us know why you think Toronto has become the new cultural ‘cool’?!

For more info visit: tvo.org

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PIQUEd has officially launched! It’s a documentary series produced by PIQUE which focuses on 10 Toronto creatives. From music to fashion to art, the participants all embody a singular characteristic: dedication. Starting this week, they’ll be releasing one documentary every friday for 10 weeks. We talked to all the participants and got some insight into their world.


Taha M, Taha Photo
#streetsoul came to life after studying my images over time. I’d look at my visuals and could sense the consistent tone and mood. That’s obviously a reflection of me, my personality, and the way I see things through my lens. At that time in my life, I used to shoot a lot on my own… in the rain, on gloomy days, and in some rarely visited places in the city. #streetsoul felt like it summed up what I captured, the stories I was seeing and wanting to share. It captured the honesty, the heartbeat, the harsh reality but ultimately the beauty, found on the streets and in the every day. It started with Toronto as a backdrop and all its nooks and crannies, but #streetsoul is universal and can be applied anywhere in the world.

Photography by Patrick Leung

Posted by Samira

Previously: PIQUE: Saam (Music)

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PIQUEd has officially launched! It’s a documentary series produced by PIQUE which focuses on 10 Toronto creatives. From music to fashion to art, the participants all embody a singular characteristic: dedication. Starting this week, they’ll be releasing one documentary every friday for 10 weeks. We talked to all the participants and got some insight into their world.


Curtis C., chseWorks L.G.
Machines have a tendency to distance us from our natural senses. I love making every product by hand because it really keeps me connected with the craft and my passion for it.

My passion for the artisanal goods came from wanting high quality products, and being let down with other products. So I started studying aspects of leatherwork to make for myself, what I felt I needed and deserved. And the joy I got from making it for myself spurred me on the do the same for others. That’s where c.h.s.e came from. From other people realizing their value and self worth.

The first critical step I took was investing in my ability not only as a designer, but as a hands on crafts man. An artisan.

Photography by Patrick Leung

Previously: PIQUE: Clairmont The Second

Posted by Samira

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