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Ritual first opened in Toronto in 2002, by owners Maria Cristina Bruno and Bruna DiCecca, with a purpose in providing flawless, cutting-edge beauty services in a beautiful space. Originally located in the trendy core of King Street West, the two have recently decided to celebrate their 13th anniversary by expanding Ritual in the Bathurst and Wellington area. Encompassing all things beauty as an all-in-one destination for hair, skin, makeup and nails, Ritual’s expert team of industry professionals help transform everyday routines into meaningful rituals.

Upon entrance at Ritual, you’re immediately greeted with a warm smile and the option of either a cappuccino or water — sparkling or not. And if neither tickle your fancy, an array of alcoholic beverages are also an option: wine, bubbly, mimosa, beer and featured cocktails. Women everywhere are seen smiling, laughing, getting their nails done, their hair done, their makeup done; you name it! You walk in and everything goes slow motion while observing the atmosphere, at a moment in time, you’re bound to be convinced that this might be what heaven is like.


Favoured as Toronto’s go-to beauty oasis, Ritual prides itself in exceptional services and experiences, starting with their knowledgeable staff; from manis and pedis, waxing, massages to skin-deep facials. In addition, since Ritual is now licensed, offering your preferred cocktail and spirits makes for the perfect space to host bridal parties, corporate events or even just a pampering date with girlfriends.

A few Ritual client favourites include: Eyebrow Embroidering, ‘Just Eyes Makeup Ritual’, and Intraceuticals Opulence Treatment.

Eyebrow embroidering – This semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement takes the hassle out of penciling them in every day. A specially trained aesthetician uses a unique microblading technique that creates natural-looking, perfectly-defined eyebrows. The effects of embroidery are too natural to notice!


Just Eyes Makeup Ritual – Many people don’t know that Ritual offers a “Just Eyes” makeup application; so whether you’re short on time or don’t want a full face of makeup, it’s a great option to transform your look quickly and affordably.

Intraceuticals Opulence Treatment – Botanical brighteners and super concentrated Vitamin C combine with the signature hydrating serum to balance uneven skin pigmentation and leave skin radiant and luminous. Suitable for all skin types, the serum is delivered into the skin using oxygen.


Now that Ritual has exceeded its decade mark and flourishing more than ever, she says she’s able to be more creative and hands on with clients, projects and services.

Visit Ritual.ca for more information on products, services, media and parties.

In addition, don’t forget to tag @RitualToronto, followed by the hashtag, #BeautyByRitual!

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One Meth Creative Goods Toronto-based streetwear just released their Fall/Winter Lookbook for 2015. The collection has evolved from their initial tanks and tees, maturing with knits, custom cut and sew pieces along with a modern and minimalist design aesthetic.

They’re hosting a pop up shop this coming Wednesday, November 25th from 3-9pm inside the famous MethLab located at 445 King St W, Suite 201. Tell them that we sent you!






For more info: onemeth.com

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Roots Canada x Kyle Lowry Collection


On Monday evening a small group, ourselves included, made their way to Roots on Bloor Street West for the launch of their new, Toronto-centric collaboration with Kyle Lowry. Conversations about the Raptors great start and where it could lead us this season wafted through the Roots Bloor location, but the main topic was the collaboration. We all couldn’t wait to hear more about how it came to life.


Roots Creative lead and designer Adrian Aitcheson did a great job of introducing the line and it’s inspiration while hosting a group interview with Kyle. After playing for 4-years in the city, and developing relationships with the team at Roots, Kyle really felt like it would be a perfect manifestation of his love for the city he plays for and lives in.


We did have a few more questions of our own though.

How did the collaboration come to be? Did Roots approach you? Did you approach them?
Michael Budman, we have a mutual friend. We ended up traveling together and when I signed back he was like “Look, let’s do a collection”. I was like, “alright, whatever”…and it ended up working out. You know it’s something that ended up being major.

Adrian is a great guy to work with!
Ya! He points you in the right direction and makes you think you did something.

Why all black?
Clean. Clean-cut, simple. I think you can wear all black at any point, anytime. Winter time collection, it’s a little bit colder outside and you want to be warm. Black attracts the heat. And for me it’s about being clean-cut. You look at anybody in a tuxedo, black tuxedo is amazing.

Being an American, having been here for 4-years now, having a chance to represent the city and the country at the All Star Game last year, what does Roots mean to you?
What Roots really means to me, I mean you think about what Michael Budman and Don [Green] did. They started this company on their own. Home. They based it out of their home. And for me, home. All I care about is being home. Philly is home. Toronto is home. No other home. That’s it. That’s my home.

What are your favourite spots in the city, your newer home?
Honestly, Sotto Sotto. I like going to Liberty Village, Distillery District. I love the city. I like going to places that I can mix-in and blend-in and get in-and-out. Just to be able to experience the city. I like to be around the people and the culture.

What are you listening to on the plane, in the locker room and at shoot around?
Locker room, plane, shoot around, car…I’m Drake, Kanye, Weeknd, old 90’s Chi…I like all types of music. Whatever I’m in the mood for, I keep my playlist on shuffle.

Awesome. Thanks so much for letting us delay your workout tonight, best of luck in the season and congratulations on the collection.

To see the entire collection visit: roots.com

Photos by Ilich Mejia

Posted by Graham

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We’re happy to share a Creator Class piece #SHOOTITYOURSELF, featuring our very own contributing photographer @SoTeeOh. As his name suggests, and his affiliation with 1LOVETO, @SoTeeOh is all about Toronto and the inspiration he finds in the city. His photography highlights everything the city has to offer, from portraiture and urban landscapes to creative shoots showcasing the art & culture that makes our city so unique.

In this short video, @SoTeeOh takes us on a quick journey through the city as he shoots with the new Canon EOS M3 Mirrorless camera.

Also, check out the new #SHOOTITYOURSELF teaser video featuring Toronto’s very own WILDE on the soundtrack.

For more info visit: thecreatorclass.com

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Toronto-based artist and designer Hans Poppe is set to release a unique collection of work in his first ever solo art exhibition, entitled ‘Fabric of Tanzania.’ Hans’ motivation for this body of work comes from seeing Africans being misrepresented in the media. Hans, being a native to Tanzania (Dar es Salaam), but growing up in Canada has had the opportunity to see life in Africa from a very different perspective than the traditional media outlets highlight.



“In a city as diverse as ours, I rarely get to see the “African-Canadian” self being represented as well as I believe we can be.” says Hans. “Africa is not the hunger commercials, poverty and war stricken place painted in the media. It is a beautiful land with a rich cultural history and an evolved people and I aspire to reflect that version of African in my work.”

The paintings being displayed in this show are to reflect the “real” life of Tanzanians and/or Africans in general, the unapologetic day to day life.

If you’re interested in seeing Fabric of Tanzania, the opening reception is November 12th, 2015 and runs until January 24th, 2016 inside the 1st floor gallery at Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas St. E)


For more info visit hanspoppe.com and follow him on instagram @hanspoppe

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Udaipur Tea Party By Mani Jassal


The last time we talked to Fashion Designer Mani Jassal, she was graduating from Ryerson’s Fashion Design program, presenting her self-titled brand at Mass Exodus 2013. We’re happy to know that since then, she’s been grinding it out and making some serious moves.

Fast-forward to today; she just finished presenting her solo runway show, Udaipur Tea Party, to a packed house at 99 Sudbury. Journalist, loyal client and MC-of-the-night, Veronica Chail opened the show to a crowd high on Bautista’s bat flip just moments earlier and excitedly anticipating what was to be a clever and badass take on Indian evening wear.


The collection was inspired by a recent trip to Udaipur, India. Mani says she was so taken by the palaces, mountains and lakes, she couldn’t help but start sketching. What developed was a sophisticated merger of east and west. She says, “Being an Canadian-Indian, I wanted to include both parts of my roots… I’m not going to say it’s for South Asians. I’m not going to say it’s for Indians. It’s for people who can appreciate my art and respect my clothes.”


The collection featured a mix of indian fabrics, traditional elements paired with a edgy, rebellious streak. Regal flowing golds and sparkling sequins with incorporated blues and greens evoked the beautiful serenity of Udaipur and tea time class. But those sheer fabrics, bold cut-outs and sultry silhouettes had jaws on the floor and praising hands in the air with BBHMM blasting in the background. Another cool element? Her designs can be mixed within collections and can also be worn with your everyday jeans, tees, blazers, etc.

Mani was able to quit her retail job and focus on her brand full-time. She now takes in orders from all over the world and is gaining a solid following of women of every size and ethnicity. Her game-changing designs are what grabs people’s attention but it’s her personalized approach to clients which has earned her a loyal fan base. When we asked her “What’s the dream?” she replied, “Stand alone boutique here in Toronto and then eventually growing to locations all over the world.”


Check out more from Mani Jassal at: manijassal.com

Photography by Suman Uppal

Posted by Samira

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INLAND Pop-Up Event

Coinciding with Toronto’s Fashion Week comes INLAND, a start-up founded in 2014 that provides a platform for Canada’s contemporary and next generation fashion designers to connect directly with consumers, retail buyers and press.

“Despite fashion week being really popular in the city, there’s still exclusivity that happens around the fashion scene in Canada, and I really want to make Canadian fashion and design accessible to the masses,” said Sarah Power, entrepreneur and Founder of INLAND.

INLAND aims to boost the economy of fashion in Canada by helping re-grow the community of independent designers through its two-day fashion retail events held each Spring and Fall at the Glass Factory, located at 99 Sudbury.

Mary Young is a young Canadian-based designer of her self-titled lifestyle clothing line, focusing on lingerie and loungewear. This is Young’s second season with INLAND and expresses a great deal of growth and support since her fall showcase. Young is without a doubt, one of INLAND’s success stories.

“A lot of bloggers have picked up on my brand,” she said. “INLAND is great because I sell mostly online and being at a pop-up like this gives me the opportunity to interact with consumers and see what they’re saying about the product, what designs they like or don’t like, and especially just hearing the feedback inspires me to keep going and doing what I do.”

Some of the biggest challenges for today’s Canadian fashion designers are customer awareness, support, and accessibility. Within the last decade, the number of people employed in the Canadian apparel industry has declined over 70% and Power aims to solve these challenges with INLAND.

“The designers are so amazing in this country and there’s a little bit of a lack of focus being put on the quality that’s happening here,” said Power. “It’s about the commerce being built around it; dollars need to be spent in order for the industry to be sustained and INLAND is about getting people down here and shopping!”

The two-day event connects clientele directly with the designers behind the labels, closing the gap between design and commerce in Canada.

“INLAND is extremely important because it gives a platform for Canadian designers and artists to express and showcase what they’re doing,” said Yanal Dhailieh, founder of Peace Collective. “This is our first time with INLAND and it’s been great so far. We’ve also created a great platform that allows Torontonians to get clothing and garments that help them rep and showcase the pride for their city.”

INLAND encourages consumers to not only shop local, but also discover and meet new designers, while learning about their stories and journeys into the Canadian apparel, accessories and jewelry industry.

“INLAND is one of the firsts that really putting attention back on Canada,” admitted Young. “We’re a very modest country and we don’t take pride in designers or really anything that we have. It’s just about supporting each other, building a community of designers that work well together, and putting money back into our economy is a really great thing. INLAND is definitely doing that and doing a good job at it too.”

Although approximately 50 independent Canadian designers showcased their collections at INLAND this season, a portion of them selflessly donated a percentage of proceeds to a good cause with each purchase. For instance, 10% of Mary Young’s pink items will be donated to Rethink Breast Cancer for the month of October. In addition, Peace Collective has partnered with “Breakfast For Learning” so that every garment sold provides a week of school meals to a child in need.

When asked about the future of INLAND, Power’s face lit up with an ambitious response, “It would be amazing to start a trade show in the Canadian marketplace that really focuses on Canadian labels and brands,” she said.

“The next step for INLAND might have to be taking it overseas. I think the next step is to take INLAND to New York, take it to Berlin, take it to Asia, and get people really excited about it from that perspective, and then things will start breeding internally.”

For more info: madeinland.ca

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Make Love started about four years ago when James Reid started experimenting with a friend’s DSL camera and ended up shooting the first episode of his now popular short doc series. Make Love is a series of short documentary videos about independent artisans making a living doing what they love. To date, he’s released 3 previous videos highlighting; the Saloon Salon, located in Toronto, the McCamus family business, Toronto-based musician/producer Rob Higgins.

Today, we’re fortunate enough to present the 4th instalment of “Make Love”, featuring Graham Woodhouse of Toronto’s Woodhouse Brewing Co. With clever use of social media and solid branding with his blue tall cans, he’s grown his business from a couple bars, to being the go-to amber lager in Toronto’s restaurant and bar scene in just over a year.

To see more Make Love videos, visit: motioneer.ca/make-love-home/

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Are You Not Entertained?!


Amex Cardmember & Ambassador life doesn’t seem like it could get any better. Seriously, over the years we’ve had the pleasure of attending countless live shows, concerts, movie screenings, sporting events and even dinning out with Front Of The Line which is part of the overarching Amex Invites program. Well, believe it or not, things just got better! Front Of The Line has grown immensely over the years and we’re more than excited to share the news.

American Express Canada has partnered with Live Nation Canada for a new multi-year deal! So, what does that mean for Cardmembers? Amex is now offering even more access (as if that’s possible) to tickets and shows than ever before. As part of the Live Nation partnership, Amex will be able to provide even more advanced tickets to your favourite events.

Front Of The Line allows Cardmembers advanced ticket access to special events as well as incredible seats as part of their exclusive allotment of tickets. So the next time your friends miss out on tickets to their favourite show, you can be that friend that saves the day!

This unique opportunity is available to ALL Cardmembers, no matter which Card you may have. So next time you’re interested in going to a show, make sure you take advantage of the American Express and Live Nation partnership, and get yourself to the #FrontOfTheLine!

For more info visit: americanexpress.com/canada

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October’s Very Own (OVO) & Canada Goose partner for what promises to be another winter ready collaboration with their limited edition Bomber. Aside from slight design changes, the limited-run collection returns with a familiar all-black motif, in satin, with tasteful gold accents. For the first-time ever, the collaboration includes the iconic Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber for women, as well as the Men’s OVO Foxe Bomber, which features a removable shearling collar, along with an OVO Ball Cap.


Only 300 units of the Chilliwack and Foxe Bomber were produced. Each piece features a label numbered from 1 to 300, making them exclusive keepsakes and collectors items. You can shop the collection online at CanadaGoose.com and in-stores at the following retailers: OVO Flagship Store Toronto, Opening Ceremony in the US, Harvey Nichols in the UK, Colette in France, and Opening Ceremony in Japan.



Previously: Canada Goose x Wings + Horns: The Decade Parka

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Toronto-based brand Beaufille comes from the fashion design sister duo Chloé and Parris Gordon, who’ve made quite a name for themselves and their brand over the past few years. Their latest release is a dreamy stylized film highlighting their latest Spring 2016 Collection. Watch it now!


For more info visit: beaufille.com

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Roots Canada has partnered with Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Josh Donaldson to create and release a custom Roots Blue Jays Award Jacket. With the entire city jumping on the bandwagon, there’s no better time to support your home team with some Canadian made merch, including customized leather bags, exclusive apparel and accessories and of course the Award Jacket. The collectors edition jacket is made from 24 oz. Canadian melton wool at the Roots state-of-the-art factory in Toronto, and features the brand’s signature Baseball Tribe Leather sleeves along with authentic chenille cresting marking the 2015 season and baseball saddle stitching.

“I’m glad to be a part of Roots,” says Josh. “This is something that I feel very happy about and excited to be a part of.”


Shop online at JaysShop.ca and roots.com

Photo by Ilich Mejia

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