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Dose.ca: Chats With 1 LOVE T.O.

Dose.ca’s Miranda Furtado catches up with Tyrone “T-Rexxx” Edwards and Bryan Brock, the creators responsible for Toronto culture blog and lifestyle brand 1 LOVE T.O.

Dose.ca Chats With 1 LOVE T.O.
August 30, 2011
by Miranda Furtado

Thanks Miranda!

Bryan Brock and Tyrone “T-Rexx” Edwards stand on a shipping container overlooking their new community. In a neighbouring steel box, Liang Hsiaoyu is serving bubble tea to a woman on the sidewalk. Nearby, a couple hunch over a round table pushing sloppy bunjos (Indian sandwiches with yellow peas stewed in tomatoes and tamarind) into their mouths.

“At the end of the day,” Edwards, 30, says, “this is where we came from.”

The business partners have opened their first official store for their 1 Love T.O. brand in the Live Local Marketplace on Dundas Street West, just east of Bathurst Street. The marketplace is a row of about 10 mostly orange and yellow shipping containers — theirs is the one featuring the Toronto skyline — in front of Scadding Court Community Centre.

Full Interview Here.

National Post
1 LOVE T.O. Is Looking To Spread Its Message of Community
August 19, 2011
by Melissa Leong

Thanks again Brent & Melissa.

Local t-shirt initiative promotes hometown pride with a retail kickoff event last night in the Scadding Court area.

Last night, along what used to be a dull strip of Dundas just east of Bathurst, music blasted out of a speaker setup as a red carpet, velvet rope and bouncers ushered in the latest pop-up shop on a retail strip that is redefining the multifaceted use of shipping containers. Along with OMG Baked Goodness and Monforte Dairy (their grilled cheese sammys are the bomb), which have all found homes in the steel trailers, 1 LOVE T.O. are the newest kids on the block, bringing their community-driven T-shirts to the Scadding Court Community Centre with their first official store.

Full Feature Here.

The Grid
1 LOVE T.O. Pop-Up Shop Opens On Dundas
August 13, 2011
By Jacob Rutka

BlogTO: 1 LOVE T.O. Opens Shop

The Scadding Court Live Local Marketplace just got a bit more interesting yesterday as web site and t-shirt brand 1 Love T.O. joined the list of vendors to set up temporary shops at the corner of Bathurst and Dundas. Now, along with tasty jerk chicken, sheep cheese, Indian street food and bubble tea, visitors to the marketplace can pick up one of 1 Love T.O.’s tees in a variety of colours. Just make sure not to spill any of that Sloppy Bunjo on it.

To celebrate their arrival in the marketplace, 1 Love T.O. hosted a block party last night with beats from D-Lux and Future The Prince plus live painting and performances by Shaun Boothe, P. Reign and A-Game. Check out photos of the opening and block party below.

Full Feature Here.

1 LOVE T.O. opens shop at Scadding Court marketplace
August 13, 2011
Photo by Jesse Milns

Thanks for the love.

24 Hours: New Home for 1 LOVE T.O.

It’s a Toronto-made logo that’s been seen around the world, and now the famous 1 LOVE T.O. T-shirts get their own store. After holding several pop-up shops around the city, the first store will open this Friday at the Scadding Court Community Centre on Dundas Street West. The shirts were made by the creators of 1loveto.com.

24 Hours Toronto
New Home for 1 LOVE T.O.
August 10, 2011

Thanks Rosalyn.

Last week on thursday, i had the chance to kick it with Tyrone Edwards aka T-Rexxx aka Rapcity’s host aka Mr. 1 LOVE T.O. aka Canada’s Party Animal aka ow ow ow aka (i have no more akas to list).

in case you’re not aware, Rapcity is a show on MuchMusic that features the hip-hop community in music videos, performances, interviews, and rare, classic moments from Much’s bottomless vault. The show represents the life of a genre under constant evolution and redefinition. The one-hour show has been revamped in a live one-time-only format.

Full Feature Here.

Vitamin Water
A Day In The Life
May 30, 2011

Thanks Karla.

Oak + Oar: Everyday Carry

For the second installment of the ‘Everyday Carry’ we caught up with one half of 1 LOVE T.O., Bryan Brock, to take a look at his daily necessities.

Bryan Co-founded 1LoveT.O. in 2007 with good friend Tyrone Edwards (T-Rexxx). The story goes that in 2007 Tyrone was approached by then Mayor of Toronto, David Miller, to create a float for the 40th Anniversary of the Caribana Festival. Brainstorming for a way to epitomize the true essence of Toronto culture the duo came up with “1 Love”. The phrase, inspired by Milton Glaser’s ‘I Love NY’, was more inclusive and really captured the diverse culture of the city. After printing up some tees with the slogan for the event, the guys hit the parade with the Mayor and Drake’s DJ – Future the Prince along side a group of 150 people sporting the tee. After two years of constant requests for the t-shirts the guys did their first full run and started the blog which has become a staple for all things Toronto, covering the nightlife, art, music, and fashion scene.

Full Feature Here.

Oak + Oar
Everyday Carry
March 18, 2011

Thanks Chris.

Pink Mafia: 20 Questions

There’s something infectious about 1 LOVE T.O. that’s beyond their parties (which are really well attended by hot women and men in the know, not to mention the hip hop high crust of Toronto). Just the slogan, “The world in 1 city” gets us all gooey and lovey for Toronto. Co-founder and resident white guy, Brock (it’s like “Cher”, no first, no last, just Brock) took our 20 Qs.

1. What is your dream of happiness?
Happiness to me means doing what you love to do.

2. Blonde or Brunette?
Brunette (no lace front wigs)

3. What is the quality you like most in a person?
Open minded.

Full Interview Here.

Pink Mafia
20 Questions With 1 LOVE T.O.
February 16, 2011

Thanks Ana!

The first thing that comes to mind when living in Toronto is the sheer diversity of our community. Unfortunately, more times that not that diversity is overshadowed by our critical nature. We are often caught in a mindset that constantly looks to find ways to marginalize our community. Some may go as far as to argue that the we as a city don’t have any semblance of an “identity”. Unfortunately, this attitude has lent itself to making the phrase “screw face capital of the world” our only common denominator. Needless to say in no uncertain terms this is a grave diservice to the people of our community that fight daily to push this city forward. From designers, writer, musician, entrepreneurs… this city through its diversity undoubtably has the greatest pool of talent than any other city.

As such, in an effort to combat this overarching self-defecating mentality that grips this city we launched a series called Home Grown Talent. In this series we aim to highlight the people who look to step out of the box and truly look to help this city grow. Having said that it should be of no surprise that we kick of 2011 with two very promenant individuals who bonded a friendship several years ago and started a global movement famously known as 1LOVETO.

Full Interview Here.

Freshly Educated Men
Home Grown Talent
February 2, 2011

Thanks Sharad.

Torso: T-Shirt Graphics Exposed

About Torso

Show me your t-shirts and I’ll tell you who you are. Today’s t-shirts are projection screens for styles, thoughts, and attitudes; they are wearable calling cards. Wearers and designers define themselves through the featured visual codes and messages and are constantly trying to outdo each other when it comes to who has the most original ideas.

Torso presents t-shirts whose motifs not only function as a means of personal communication, but also reflect and increasingly influence the complete spectrum of modern graphic design. As the first book to focus on t-shirts created by the most innovative and style-setting brands, it is the definitive guide to t-shirt culture.

We’re on Page 195!

Get your copy here.

T-Shirt Graphics Exposed
October 8, 2010

Thanks to Daniel Eckler.

Toronto Sun: Interview

There’s a lot of love happening in Toronto.

And thanks to two local guys, everyone’s showing their affection for the city across the planet by taking Polaroids of shirts that read: “1 (heart symbol) T.O.”

Bryan Brock and his business partner Tyrone Edwards came up with the idea for the 1 LOVE T.O. shirts while working at the Re-Mix Project, a community initiative for youth living in at-risk neighbourhoods to become artists and entrepreneurs.

“It’s a lot different than when people see an I Love New York shirt,” Brock, 30, explained. “1 LOVE T.O. is basically celebrating everything that Toronto is, which would be bringing people together and making everything inclusive. When you say 1 LOVE T.O., it’s like Bob Marley, the idea of unity and bringing people together.”

Full Interview Here.

Toronto Sun
Showing T.O. Some Love
September 20, 2010
by Jenny Yuen

Thanks Irene and Jenny.