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MiO is set to launch their app at tomorrow’s free concert at Yonge and Dundas Square as part of their “Make it Original” campaign with the North by Northeast Festival (NXNE). The MiO POV app gives YOU the power to live-stream video from your mobile phone directly to the concert’s main stage screens in real time! This new technology is going to change how we experience live shows. We’re no longer just a fan in the crowd, now we have the ability to be a part of the show, from our perspective. (Side Note: This is going to change the selfie game forever, lol)

Download the app (available on both android & iOS platforms) and meet us at Yonge & Dundas Square tomorrow for what promises to be a very unique and original NXNE experience!


Here are a few shots from the concert, including (of course) a selfie!




For more info: miopov.com


We’d like to introduce you to WyattBQuiet, a Toronto-based Electronic Dance Music Producer and DJ working out of the ‘Diamond Factory’, where he records, mixes and masters his music. He’s been producing for years, but most recently fell in love with EDM and has shifted his sound with influences from some of his fave artists like Tiesto, Dada Life and Showtek. Listen to the WBQ exclusive premiere for his latest track, “Latch”, originally by Disclosure featuring Same Smith, which features a smooth mix of soul and progressive house. This song just sounds like summer! #TurnUp

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Toronto’s music scene is not only gaining popularity across Canada, but it’s making a major impact around the world. For that very reason, we’ve been posting cover songs in our series entitled “Covered”, which highlights and showcases other artists (not necessarily from Toronto) who have been inspired by our cities sound.

This time we’ve selected Tinashe featuring Schoolboy Q for their version of “2 On” (Wax Motif remix) which happens to be a dance cover of OB Obrien & Drake’s version. So far the feedback on this has been great, but let us know what you think?

Previously: Covered: “Worst Behavior” (Punjab Edition)

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Pique Toronto


Warhol once said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” In Toronto, we only need 15 seconds.

Imad Elsheik is proving that with his brainchild, PIQUE. The PIQUE movement showcases the talents of 100 young Toronto artists, dancers, fashion designers, beatboxers and more, in just 15 seconds. You’ll be able to check out artists from all over T.O. including, Unity Charity, RISE Edutainment, The Remix Project, BeatBox Canada, CJ’s Skateboard Park and JoyRide 150.

“Social media has shortened our attention spans. We want to see more in a shorter period of time – I’m definitely one of those people…We enjoy watching teasers for a reason,” explains Imad. “The most important goal is to ‘pique’ the audience’s interest in an artist’s talent–to learn more about the artist, hit up their website, go to their shows and pay for their work. PIQUE’s purpose is to bridge that gap.”

The point of PIQUE is simple but it encompasses a greater vision. “I believe if this becomes an ongoing movement, it will not only help the artists but it will help the city as a whole. By presenting large volumes of Toronto-based content, we can raise the bar of talent collectively, as a city.”

Interestingly enough, though always interested, Imad never formally studied photography or videography. He actually went to York for Business but PIQUE gave him the perfect excuse to learn the art of it all first-hand. “However, the most valuable thing was how to better interact with people, work wisely, and react diplomatically…when you collaborate with 100 different people in such a short period of time, you can run into all sorts of problems which may or may not be in your control. When that happens you just need to find a way, a solution–there’s always at least one.”

Here’s a sneak peak of some of PIQUE’s contributing artists:

Nate Smith – Producer
“I started going to The Remix Project and another program called RISE (Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere). Going to RISE really showed me to new and amazing people. That’s how I met Imad. I eventually showed him my work and it was synergy from there.”

Noah Tynes – Skater (Photo by Will Jivcoff)
“Skateboarding is my craft, the creativity comes when you keep an open mind and eye.”

Osama Siddiqui – Spoken Word
“In my opinion, spoken word poetry has the ability to really connect with the audience in the way the writer intended. It intertwines writing and rhythm to achieve an emotional impact on the audience, one that cannot be attained through traditional, written poetry.”

For more info: piquetoronto.com

Posted by Samira Zia Rehman

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A friend of ours just introduced us to Juliana’s Daughter. Even though this EP is about a year old, we thought it was too good not to still share with you! Juliana’s Daughter is a singer/song-writer from Toronto who set 2 goals last year… 1. Release an EP and 2. Go on tour. She managed to do both, and gain some fans along the way. Take a few minutes to listen to her EP and if you like what you hear she’s performing live at Duffy’s Tavern on Friday, June 13th, 2014.


For more info: julianasdaughter.com

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Now this makes us ‘HAPPY’!!!

Join us as American Express Ambassadors as we live tweet on Tuesday, June 3rd at 9pm EST for another premium online experience, with Grammy award-winning, multiplatinum singer-songwriter and producer Pharrell Williams along with award winning director Spike Lee for another instalment of “American Express UNSTAGED”. Join in on the conversation by using the hashtag #AmexUNSTAGED and @AmexCanada to make the most of your front row experience.


Amex has partnered with Vevo and YouTube to bring you another innovative live streaming music event, this time from the legendary Apollo Theatre in New York City. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, all you have to do is log on to amexunstaged.com and watch live! You can even choose your own camera view, switching between the directors main stream or the alternate artist-themed angles.

Fans will also have the option to upload their own photos to AmexUNSTAGED.com/Pharrell from now until June 2 for a chance to be shown on stage during the concert! What are you waiting for?!! We’ve already uploaded our photo!


Whether you’re a Cardmember or non-Cardmember, American Express continues to deliver exclusive access to premium entertainment experiences, which is why we’d like to thank them for always making us feel like more than just a customer. #AmexAmbassadors

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Lula Lights Up Dundas West


Dundas West is once again percolating with the annual LulaWorld Festival and things will get even hotter in the lead-up to the Dundas West Fest June 7 on Dundas between Lansdowne and Ossington.

Lula Lounge is an undisputed neighbourhood hub and a nexus for world music across the city and beyond. After 12 years in business, Lula has become synonymous with salsa and Latin American music in the same way the Bamboo Club was a centre for reggae and African music in the late 1980s and ’90s.


One of the highlights of LulaWorld was Wednesday’s show with NYC-based Latin Grammy winner Dafnis Prieto and his Proverb Trio (above) featuring keys innovator Jason Lindner (left) and Washington, D.C.-based vocalist Kokayi (right).

LulaWorld co-Artistic Director Tracy Jenkins, confirms that the club has really found its voice and its audience after a difficult decade of moving from challenge to challenge.

“None of us in the core group who started Lula had any real experience running a venue,” Jenkins confesses. “We weren’t restaurateurs, we were driven by the desire to create a space where amazing music could be presented. We made a lot of mistakes. Finally, now it’s really coming together — we’ve got a great kitchen and menu, we’ve got good front-of-house management and now we can concentrate on the programming while the other stuff takes care of itself.”

“Faith in the club is more evident now, too,” adds Jenkins. “People trust our programming, they’re willing to take a leap of faith because maybe they don’t know the artist but they like Brazilian music so they come and try it out.”

Lula Lounge is also benefiting from interest in music from the Caribbean and Latin America in the lead up to the PanAm Games. Jenkins’s co-AD, Jose Ortega, is an advisor to the PanAm cultural committee and Lula Music and Art Centre was awarded one of 26 cultural commissions for the Games — staging a powerhouse collaboration that will pair Danilo Pérez with other big Latin Jazz stars from across the Americas.

“Jose is very knowledgeable about the salsa scene in Toronto and internationally,” confirms Jenkins. The Lula programming team also relies heavily on the input of local musicians who come from and have ties to an array of other countries and cultures around the globe, not just in Latin America.


“The model we’ve been working with for a number of years is a collaborative one where we talk to local musicians about who they’d like to work with,” explains Jenkins. “Often the artists from outside are brought to us by local artists and we haven’t even heard of them. We hadn’t heard of Fred Martins before Luanda Jones said, ‘This is the guy I really want to work with.'”

“Similarly Roberto Occhipinti brought Dafnis to our attention and when we heard the CD we were blown away. There’s a quote on the internet to the effect that when Dafnis moved to New York it was like the city was hit by an asteroid. He’s really amazing. This is the first time the trio is playing in Canada and I wouldn’t have found them on my own if Roberto hadn’t brought them to our attention. The album is a really unique combination of sounds with crazily fantastic drumming.”

“We have a lot of people coming from New York this year,” notes Jenkins. “For us it’s a little bit easier than bringing somebody up from Brazil, for example.”


Another highlight of LulaWorld 2014 is a celebration of Mexican women in song featuring Latin Grammy winner Martha Gonzalez (left) with special guests Amanda Medina Pinedo and Mamselle, backed by Toronto’s own Café Con Pan.

Jenkins reserves special praise for the Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council and Celebrate Ontario, which is supporting the club’s powerhouse pairing of Jimmy Bosch & Ralph Irizarry and the Lula All-Stars at Dundas West Fest. “CBC Radio, CIUT and Jazz FM have also been amazing to us,” adds Jenkins.

“We always say how lucky we are to be working in this ecosystem, we get support from the city, we get support from radio and we enjoy the support of the musical community. There’s such an openness between the musicians to work with people from different cultures and different genres. It’s really, really exciting.”

LulaWorld 2014 at Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas Street West, 416.588.0307 (Ticket prices vary)
Dundas West Fest is June 7 from 11AM-11PP (FREE)

Shared content by Christopher Jones for livewithculture.ca

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God Bless Toronto (Mixtape)


Toronto’s underground rap scene continues to grow with a collection of artists who are willing to push the boundaries of what’s expected. Take in “God Bless Toronto” featuring guys like Derek Wise, Jimmy Johnson, Omari Jabari, Sean Leon and many more.

God Bless Toronto. A project that represents the nocturnal underground life of the city. When it’s so late that it’s early, inside of a basement or a loft that you have to enter through an exit… Toronto’s creatives, hustlers, artists, tastemakers, users, insomniacs gather, give thanks and indulge in music, habits and hugs. It’s these peculiar moments in unexpected locations at ungodly hours where inspiration is indirectly conceived. It is the obligation of the like-minded to protect and nurture these moments.

The first compilation consists of new and unreleased material from some of the city’s most talented upcoming producers and musicians; Individuals who are beginning to develop and shape Toronto’s underground culture and sound.


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