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Adria Kain – “Identity” EP


Adia Kain drops her second EP “Identity”, which happens to be an incredibly strong follow up to her first release “Love Kain”. If you’re not familiar with this talented Toronto female, do yourself a favour and take a listen!

It’s Beautiful…

Having the ability to identify what certain things within existence of your own life mean to you. I’ve become advertent towards the situations that kept me away for so long. I took the time to write out these stories and sing pictures into the minds & ears of the listening world. These tender moments that lay still within my mind, these songs I let spill out of my soul to make sublime recordings, are my way of releasing all of these vast yet simple thoughts. Some may say they’re just feelings…. I call it my IDENTITY.

Love, Kain.

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Amex Unstaged: Kings Of Leon


We’re excited to announce what promises to be yet another unforgettable experience… Amex Unstaged featuring Kings Of Leon!

As Amex Ambassadors, we’ve watched The Killers perform in the Bronx, Steve Buscemi direct Vampire Weekend, plus a private screening of Usher’s live performance.

American Express, in partnership with VEVO and YouTube, have selected Kings Of Leon and Director Fred Armisen to rock out in London, England for their popular live stream music series, “American Express Unstaged”. The cool thing about #AmexUnstaged is that it blurs the lines between an at-home and in-concert experience. For example, you can ‘choose your cam’, that’s right, YOU can control your camera view by switching between the director’s main stream and alternate artist-themed angles. We’ve included a pre-show video below to get you as excited as we are! Enjoy…

Unstaged highlights Amex’s dedication to service and providing Cardmembers and non-Cardmembers alike with exclusive access to premium entertainment experiences like Coldplay Unstaged that you may not otherwise have access to.

Join us and American Express for an exclusive premium experience and watch Kings Of Leon perform online on Friday, August 9th 4pm ET.

TUNE IN LIVE: amexunstaged.com

Follow @1LOVETO @Trexxx1LOVETO @AmexCanada for live updates this Friday, August 9th! #AmexUnstaged