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1 LOVE T.O. kicks off Harbourfront Centre’s ‘DJ Skate Nights’ with our 6th Annual Holiday Ice Skating Party on Saturday, December 19th, from 8-11pm at The Harbourfront Centre (235 Queens Quay West). We’ve got our official 1 LOVE T.O. DJ DLUX plus our very own T-rexxx playing host for the night.

If you’ve got your own skates, bring ‘em! If not, don’t worry, we’ve got skate rentals available, but arrive early, they sell out quickly. If it gets too cold, don’t worry, you can keep warm with hot chocolate, food and other drinks inside the lounge!

We’ll see you on the ice!


For more info: harbourfrontcentre.com/djskatenights

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PIQUE: Clairmont The Second

PIQUEd has officially launched! It’s a documentary series produced by PIQUE which focuses on 10 Toronto creatives. From music to fashion to art, the participants all embody a singular characteristic: dedication. Starting this week, they’ll be releasing one documentary every friday for 10 weeks. We talked to all the participants and got some insight into their world.


Clairmont The Second
Being in the music industry, it can really mess your head up because of how corrupted it is but I have to stay grounded and know that God has me. I want to be financially stable, mentally stable, and have a stable fan base which can enable me to tour. I want my parents to stop working or at least do what they truly want to do in life. I want to be able to move out eventually and not worry about the costs of anything. Most importantly, I want to love what I’m doing and not have to feel like a sellout or anything along the lines of that. I want many strong relationships, from God, to people, to my work. I want the music to speak to many.

Photography by Patrick Leung

Posted by Samira

Previously: PIQUE: Allie

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PIQUE: Allie

PIQUEd has officially launched! It’s a documentary series produced by PIQUE which focuses on 10 Toronto creatives. From music to fashion to art, the participants all embody a singular characteristic: dedication. Starting this week, they’ll be releasing one documentary every friday for 10 weeks. We talked to all the participants and got some insight into their world.


For the sake of keeping it simple, I like to say my sound is “Future Soul”, but there’s a lot of different influences and styles I like to draw from. When people listen, I hope they dig deep and try to identify some of the more nuanced elements within the music. But my greatest hope is that when people listen it ignites some spark of creativity in them. I love how creativity is so contagious, how a painting can inspire a piece of music, and then that music can inspire a dancer, and the ripple effect goes on and on. That’s the beauty of art to me.

Posted by Samira

Previously: PIQUE: Yanal (Peace Collective)

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PIQUE: Yanal (Peace Collective)

PIQUEd has officially launched! It’s a documentary series produced by PIQUE which focuses on 10 Toronto creatives. From music to fashion to art, the participants all embody a singular characteristic: dedication. Starting this week, they’ll be releasing one documentary every friday for 10 weeks. We talked to all the participants and got some insight into their world.


Peace Collective: Yanal D.
The biggest learning lesson I had in the first year of running Peace Collective would have to be the importance of finding and working with people who are as passionate about our mission as I am. When I first started out, it felt like launching my own clothing line with a charity aspect would be impossible and I often got discouraged. I was taking advice and listening to people who didn’t understand or believe in the vision that I had. Things changed really quickly when I started believing in what I was trying to accomplish and started seeking out individuals who have the same passion and vision as I do. At The Peace Collective, we have worked with great creative minds and artists all across the city to create something special for Toronto. If I hadn’t taken the time to meet people and connect with them on similar beliefs, none of it would have been possible.

A BIG thank you to The Drake Hotel for supporting PIQUEd by providing us awesome spaces to shoot some of these subjects!

Photo by Patrick Leung

Posted by Samira

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In celebration of 25 years in the music industry, Hennessy Canada & 1LOVETO sat down to reminisce with legendary Toronto DJ Starting From Scratch. For years, Mark Gagnon aka SFS has kept Toronto entertained behind two turntables, whether it be in the club, on the radio, on tour with Russell Peters or at a good old fashion house party. But, many of us only know Scratch from the music he plays, and for that reason we’ve put together this interview to highlight everything from what it was like carrying crates of records to play a party, to how he got his DJ name. Press Play!

Tonight’s the official kick off of the Hennessy Artistry series with DJ Starting From Scratch along with some of Toronto’s most notable artists performing live including: Kardianl Offishall, Melanie Fiona, Choclair, Glenn Lewis and many more. Join us tonight at Tattoo (567 Queen St West) at 7pm to witness history in the making.

For more info on Hennessy Artistry events happening this week in Toronto, CLICK HERE.

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We’re happy to share a Creator Class piece #SHOOTITYOURSELF, featuring our very own contributing photographer @SoTeeOh. As his name suggests, and his affiliation with 1LOVETO, @SoTeeOh is all about Toronto and the inspiration he finds in the city. His photography highlights everything the city has to offer, from portraiture and urban landscapes to creative shoots showcasing the art & culture that makes our city so unique.

In this short video, @SoTeeOh takes us on a quick journey through the city as he shoots with the new Canon EOS M3 Mirrorless camera.

Also, check out the new #SHOOTITYOURSELF teaser video featuring Toronto’s very own WILDE on the soundtrack.

For more info visit: thecreatorclass.com

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Toronto-based artist and designer Hans Poppe is set to release a unique collection of work in his first ever solo art exhibition, entitled ‘Fabric of Tanzania.’ Hans’ motivation for this body of work comes from seeing Africans being misrepresented in the media. Hans, being a native to Tanzania (Dar es Salaam), but growing up in Canada has had the opportunity to see life in Africa from a very different perspective than the traditional media outlets highlight.



“In a city as diverse as ours, I rarely get to see the “African-Canadian” self being represented as well as I believe we can be.” says Hans. “Africa is not the hunger commercials, poverty and war stricken place painted in the media. It is a beautiful land with a rich cultural history and an evolved people and I aspire to reflect that version of African in my work.”

The paintings being displayed in this show are to reflect the “real” life of Tanzanians and/or Africans in general, the unapologetic day to day life.

If you’re interested in seeing Fabric of Tanzania, the opening reception is November 12th, 2015 and runs until January 24th, 2016 inside the 1st floor gallery at Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas St. E)


For more info visit hanspoppe.com and follow him on instagram @hanspoppe

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Virgin Mobile RE*Generation invests in charitable programs that help at-risk and homeless youth develop the skills they need to secure meaningful jobs. A recent Virgin Mobile study found that 1 in 3 Canadians know someone who has been homeless. Currently, there are approximately 225,000 Canadian youth out of work or not in school, and more than 6,000 of them sleep on the streets on any given night. It’s comes as no surprise to us, as 1LOVETO has worked first-hand with many young at-risk and homeless youth in Toronto.

We’re excited to share the news of Virgin Mobile Canada and Samsung’s recent partnership. $5 from every sale of the new RE*Generation phone (Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime) and Universal Power Bank (charge your smartphone and tablet anytime, anywhere) will help connect at-risk and homeless youth with the training they need to emerge from the cycle of homelessness.

“By picking up the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime through Virgin Mobile, Canadians can make a real difference in the lives of at-risk and homeless youth.” said Paul Brannen, Senior VP, Enterprise and Mobile Solutions, Samsung Electronics Canada.


It’s rare to have the opportunity to make a difference in our own communities across Canada, by doing something we already do on the regular – purchase a phone. You can get the RE*Generation phone at Virgin Mobile retail and online locations and the Universal Power Bank ($24.99) is available in stores across Canada.

If you’re already an existing Virgin Mobile Member, you can help by adding “Change For A Dollar” to your monthly bill to donate $1/month to the program. For those of us who may not be a Member or don’t need a new phone, you can text the word REGEN to 30333 to donate $5 to the cause.

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Make Love started about four years ago when James Reid started experimenting with a friend’s DSL camera and ended up shooting the first episode of his now popular short doc series. Make Love is a series of short documentary videos about independent artisans making a living doing what they love. To date, he’s released 3 previous videos highlighting; the Saloon Salon, located in Toronto, the McCamus family business, Toronto-based musician/producer Rob Higgins.

Today, we’re fortunate enough to present the 4th instalment of “Make Love”, featuring Graham Woodhouse of Toronto’s Woodhouse Brewing Co. With clever use of social media and solid branding with his blue tall cans, he’s grown his business from a couple bars, to being the go-to amber lager in Toronto’s restaurant and bar scene in just over a year.

To see more Make Love videos, visit: motioneer.ca/make-love-home/

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Are You Not Entertained?!


Amex Cardmember & Ambassador life doesn’t seem like it could get any better. Seriously, over the years we’ve had the pleasure of attending countless live shows, concerts, movie screenings, sporting events and even dinning out with Front Of The Line which is part of the overarching Amex Invites program. Well, believe it or not, things just got better! Front Of The Line has grown immensely over the years and we’re more than excited to share the news.

American Express Canada has partnered with Live Nation Canada for a new multi-year deal! So, what does that mean for Cardmembers? Amex is now offering even more access (as if that’s possible) to tickets and shows than ever before. As part of the Live Nation partnership, Amex will be able to provide even more advanced tickets to your favourite events.

Front Of The Line allows Cardmembers advanced ticket access to special events as well as incredible seats as part of their exclusive allotment of tickets. So the next time your friends miss out on tickets to their favourite show, you can be that friend that saves the day!

This unique opportunity is available to ALL Cardmembers, no matter which Card you may have. So next time you’re interested in going to a show, make sure you take advantage of the American Express and Live Nation partnership, and get yourself to the #FrontOfTheLine!

For more info visit: americanexpress.com/canada

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