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The COC Free Concert Series


I’ve been going to the Four Seasons for the Canadian Opera Company (COC) Free Concert Series for the last few months now. I’m usually very secretive about little gems like this but I’m spilling the beans because the COC Free Concert Series is just too good to pass up. And if it means that I have to get there super early to get a decent seat now that you all know about it, so be it.


This year’s program is diverse with performances ranging from Korean drumming to jazz to opera to hip-hop. And if they don’t have something for you, that’s no excuse to pass on this. As you sit in the amphitheatre, you’re entertained by streetcars passing by, strollers being walked and stoplights flickering, as if the City had a role to play in the performance itself. To say it’s a stunning experience is an understatement.


The Free Concert Series will be extending their celebration of Black History Month into March with a performance by Ballet Creole. They will be performing their new production of Tounkande bringing together the sounds and rhythms of Guinea, West Africa with the dance moves to match.

Performances take place on Tuesday and Thursday at noon with select performances on Monday and Wednesday.

For more info: coc.ca

Photos 1 & 3 by Chris Hutcheson

Posted by Tahnee Pantig

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