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Even with two home games and the miserable weather throughout the weekend, that wasn’t enough to stop the Toronto Raptors and delighted guests from ‘teaming up’, enjoying each others’ presence, and supporting a great cause at The Ballroom. If there’s one thing that Toronto’s consistently known for – it’s how to throw a party, and this was yet another example. My experience (alongside my friend Rebecca) was one that will never be forgotten; from bowling with the Alan Anderson and Amir Johnson, talking with Terrance Ross and being on NBATV Canada, plus taking advantage of the exclusive evening, it was quite the experience. The interactive activities like dressing up as a Raptor to take a picture and playing ping pong with some of the players and management were also great experiences to be a part of. The atmosphere was alive and buzzing the entire night!

Being a Scarborough native and the fact that proceeds from the night’s donations were going to support the MLSE Team Up Foundation’s revitalization of the Scarborough YMCA basketball court (the same gym that I attended for basketball lessons), put a good feeling in my heart knowing that the kids were being taken care of. I even had a bonding moment with Scarborough’s own Jamaal Magloire which was very special to me. It means a lot when an organization such as the Toronto Raptors gets involved with the community in helping further development of the youth with something as simple as updating a basketball court. I thank the Raptors and the MLSE Team Up Foundation for throwing a great party, and 1 LOVE T.O. for the opportunity to blog about the experience. It was a lot of fun, and I only wish well for the future of this event. It only continues to prove that there really is 1 LOVE in T.O.

“That’s My Word & It STiXX”





For more info: mlseteamupfoundation.org

Posted by Contest Winner & Guest Blogger @MR_STiXX

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