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Introducing Petra Collins

Petra Collins is a photographer and visual artist from Toronto, quickly making waves in the art scene with her striking work. She has been commissioned by the likes of Jacques, Platform and Vice magazines for her arresting style of photography that captures the essence of youth and beauty. Petra draws inspiration from the feminine form and her curiousity for sexual exploration and its’ representation in art.

She started using her friends as models, and found she had a knack for casting the perfect girl to portray an image of provocative innocence, which caught the attention of, and subsequently led her to work alongside casting director, Richard Kern (New York City). Her images are strong but yet soft at the same time; slightly dark with a vintage and nostalgic feel to them, like a visual journal of a young woman.

Not only has she begun to establish herself in the world of photography, Petra is also a founding member of an international, all-female photographer collective called “The Arduous”.

Did I mention she is only 18?

To view more of her photography visit petracollins.com

Written by Keesha Williams.